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David Warren opines that: “Representative democracy is a system, by which a nation is divided into rival factions, invasive of all private life. It is a way in which self-interested politicians can be elevated above all other classes, and enabled to divide all spoils. It is a means by which (all) the mortal sins can be advanced, using the keys of pride and envy to open all the rest.”

I really cannot find anything to object to in that brief synopsis. My latest personal experience of government involves the Canadian Revenue Agency concerning my “late” corporate taxes, the minor sub species of bureaucrats in the same agency specializing in the collection of GST (VAT for Europeans) remittances from corporations, (also late), and another species altogether, an NGO going by the sobriquet “Alberta Recycling” 100% funded and directed by the provincial socialists to force their agenda for cleaning up the planet down the throats of small business people.

Now, as one can imagine, they all want their pound of flesh and they all each believe that their particular list and check box and file is THE MOST IMPORTANT CAUSE IN THE UNIVERSE. They each received my reply in which I explained my situation (just one guy doing everything as opposed to thousands of folks doing little or nothing and bitching about it at coffee break) and laid out my particular schedule of tasks and the priorities which dictate the order in which the tasks shall be performed and when their demands will be met.

Not surprisingly, the Canada Revenue Agency needed an explanation with supporting documentation laying out why my taxes were late and what I was going to do about it. The answer was “my taxes are not late”. In fact they were paid with the following cheques # etc. etc. AND these cheques were cashed, AND just like every other year for the last 8 years you knobs decided to apply these cheques as installments against next year’s taxes instead of choosing to pay off the exact amount outstanding on last year’s taxes.

EucratWhat kind of human being, faced with a payment in the amount owing for an outstanding amount chooses to ignore the obvious, deposit the amount in another account for next year and then commence dunning the tax payer for the “late” amount?  What kind of human being does the same thing year after year after year?

What kind of human being, year after year, revisits my GST account with the same litany of “it’s late, explain with full supporting documentation what you are going to do about it”. And year after year the same explanation that the accountants calculate it after my year end is complete  because in my retail business most of the products I sell are GST exempt and we can’t just plug in the tidy easy Revenue Canada formula for GST based on gross sales.

And then there is the NGO … folks who are employed by government funded NGO’s (isn’t that an oxymoron?) must be the ones who could not get hired directly by government. That is a whole new category of black hole. And this particular black hole, going by the name of “Alberta Recycles” absolutely believes that THEY are more important than Revenue Canada. They are demanding that I register (after doing this for 8 years) because I am a “paint retailer” (where were they for the last 8 years?). In my history, the NAZI’s were very big on registering everyone and setting up lots of lists, and eventually they started using these innocent, reasonable, registries to assist in deciding who got to visit a “work camp”. “Arbeit macht frei” should ring some bells with some folks although I seriously doubt if any of the elite who recently approved the new Canadian Euthanasia legislation would have a clue.

So, “Alberta Recycles” mandate is to police the recycling of and the environmental “levees” related to paint and tires, and the recycling of these items. They wanted me to register (!!!) and fill out all their related forms and report sales, etc, etc, for a product line of aerosol paints which I stock exactly 36 cans of and perhaps sell $100.00 per year. After having their priority in the food chain of government requests explained to them and having clearly explained that I cannot get to their request (command) before I finish my year end (same for the rest but I acknowledge that the rest are slightly more important) their  next demand was for an accurate timeline of when I would be ready to meet their demands.

Well, duh! What part of “I am extremely busy handling requests which are WAY more important that yours” are you having difficulty understanding?” I am simply not able to provide some NGO with an exact timeline because I do not know what events will come up that will affect the time line. I cannot predict the future and I am not going to try. The answer ends up being “I do not sell aerosols in my retail business and I am not going to register and fill anything out or report anything or have anything to do with you. So long and thanks for all the fish.”  I took the 36 cans of spray paint (84 gram size) off my shelf and added more gift ware from stock and I will just use the paint myself in my own various projects.

And the tail continues to wag the dog, for ever and ever, world without end. Amen.




Always remember, “Be charitable in your judgements, and never take yourself too seriously”