The Inner Struggle

Year-End Done.

wheat-harvest-timeDrinking a large can of Sapporo beer and listening to YouTube:

The day is crisp and clear and harvest is in full swing – perhaps another 2 or 3 weeks to completion.

One would expect some kind of relief having completed the most onerous task of the year. Not so, I’m already embarked upon the journey of the next year end for 2017 – one third of the way towards completion already – by the time I am done this one I just may be doing things monthly. Wow. To be up to date every month. What a concept.

The Muse is dead!  Long live the Muse!  How does one write without the frisson of emotion and the spice of anger to fuel the engines of our discontent. How can one fire up about what is wrong as I see it when I no longer feel the fire engendered by righteous anger?

It is easy to be at peace when everything is going along the way one wants it to. It becomes considerably harder when one sees things moving away from what one considers to be “right”, “honest”, “just”, when one perceives all the daily hypocrisy and deviance, corruption and lies, dissembling and egregious misrepresentation of reality such that material and observable reality is denied in favour of a policy agenda(s) that have no congruence with the observable world. So I guess what I am trying to do here is to construct an intellectual framework of understanding for a new way of looking at reality, for a way of considering reality and everything in it but absent anger and judgement.

Morning Dew,

A good priest I know tells me that my discontent is directly related to my “lacking trust in God” and being unwilling to submit MY WILL to God’s plan. My judgements regarding the conduct of others and the rightness or wrongness of observed human behavior are MY judgements, not God’s.  But I cannot possibly know and understand the totality of God’s plan for the universe and for the humans creatures that exist in it solely because God wills it. How very presumptuous of me to believe, even for a moment, that I know how things should go and what should transpire within God’s plan.  Lack of trust in God

Charity holds primacy among the theological virtues, because it (along with grace) is the constitutive and essential element of our spiritual life – our “supernatural” life. Charity is the virtue which will survive life into the eternal because it is the one virtue which bears no trace of imperfection. Faith and Hope imply some lack, something missing, and have no part in eternity. When that which is perfect is come Faith and Hope have no further reason for existence.

Christ gave us, as the foundation of all law, the precept of love of God, but He also gave us the precept of love of neighbour, and He expressly said that it is “like” to the first (Mt 22,38.39). Christ has bound these two commandments, “love of God” and “love of neighbour” so closely that the one cannot exist without the other.  This is because love of neighbor is not love of the creature, the created person, in himself and for himself, but is rather the love of the creature for God’s sake, because of its relation to God, because it is created by God.

Christ considers anything done to one of his creatures as done to Him. Just as a father wants to be loved and respected not only in his own person, but also in the person of his children, so God wants to be loved in His creatures as well as in Himself. So we get to fraternal charity, as an extension of love of God, an extension of our charity towards God, the creator and father of all persons, embracing all men in relation to God, their Creator, and their Father. Love of neighbour is truly inseparable from love of God.

More to follow as I build this construct …



coptic-desertAlways remember, “Be charitable in your judgements, and never take yourself too seriously”