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Can’t Ya Just Feel The Love?


“Desolation Row”, Bob Dylan, (1965)


Election Protests in Oregon Love-In

The Donald stated that he believed the election process was rigged – that certain coastal elites and academics  and their charges unduly influenced the outcomes of elections by processes “not entirely open” and, dare we say, even “illegal”.

Dead voters? Hanging chads? Busing voters to the poles? Transporting ballots to the poles on behalf of voters? Intimidating voters by stationing thugs outside poling stations? Bomb threats and other questionable activities against polling locations? The list is endless.


Election Protests California Love-In

In the aftermath it sure appears that he was right, right down the line. It sure appears from the outburst of all the protests we are seeing via the media (who are blaming it on Trump) in the heart of KoolAide land.

Those same coastal tribes are now so upset that the “riggers” were unable to hijack the process enough to affect the outcome. The “riggees” just ignored the mainstream media meme and turned out in droves to vote for the “Great Satan.” The millions of voters in flyover country just stepped up and told the ruling elites and the academic drones and the media vampires to F.O.D!


Election Protests Texas Love-In

This figurative spit in the eye of the establishment and their minions has driven legions of worshipers of the Great God Tash completely frothing barking mad.

Have you ever noticed how these paragons of womanly liberal virtue always have their mouths wide open? Why do you suppose that is?

orcsSo ladylike … so attractive … so liberated. Just look at it!  Every damned picture of protest! Liberal Women with their mouths WIDE OPEN! Go figure… Such beautiful little orcses …


Election Protests in Georgia Love-In

And of course they have to finish their latte, unfriend every Facebook contact who supported Trump, and ensure that their protest message signs are grossly misspelled in the most lurid fashion.

But then they can immediately turn  to extremes of violence, shootings looting, vandalism,  and rhetoric we have not witnessed since the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968.


Las Vegas Love-In

This behaviour is their signature sign, their tribal trademark, their leitmotif, by these works shall you know them.

Wherever the Left gather violence and evil soon follow.

Trump has sworn to drain the swamp in Washington, but an important first step would be to close all the morally doubtful schools and universities and remove the academics who run these puppy mills of progressivism and produce these legions of zombies.


A Liberal Love-In

Right now they are especially easy to identify, both the sites and the perpetrators.  Simply take attendance in every lecture hall and close every institution where most  students and professors are absent. After the ground of this weed infested field is plowed up, salt it with a black list ban on any of the perpetrators both student and professorial ever working at any job or receiving benefits of any sort, anywhere, any time, in the good old U.S.A., eh?


More Love for Those who Disagree with Liberals

Who knows? They obviously don’t want to live in the “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”  Maybe they will find employment with Al Jazeera protesting the elections in Iran or Syria? I would actually pay to see THAT video.

That would free up vast amounts of valuable resources and positions for those who want to contribute to the nation, rather than wishing to destroy the custom made tit they have been sucking on all their progressive lives, and which has kept them fat and happy in their self worship at the expense of millions of truly good folks who have had no recourse for 6 decades.

When we look across all the locations of strife and disaster around our modern world, all around our planet, everywhere we see these same faces – Except that in those places they are actually running the show, not losing elections, and it only takes a few moments of observation to see how well that turned out.


Philadelphia Love-In

At any given moment we are only a vote away from the progressive tyranny taking over, The tyranny of self worshiping “I am right no matter what and any one who disagrees with me should be eliminated, right Hillary? OH LOOK! MORE OPEN MOUTHS!!!

Just look at the faces above – see any love there? See any compassion? See any fraternal charity? See any desire for peace on earth? – you GOT it!!! Nothing but hate for anyone and everything which does not agree with their views. Every lovely little unshaven prettily made up young student face just praying their little hearts out for the Liberal Final Solution.

looks-just-like-the-middle-eastRefusing to face this reality doesn’t change anything. We still get the Gulag and the Work Camp at the end of EVERY Liberal road. There is no path to compromise which does not end in a death camp. This is the Liberal solution “The Final Solution” to every view which disagrees with whatever they believe in.


Gestapo Concentration Camp

Every dead person in this little black and white picture would have voted for Donald as the lesser of two weevils, and all the smiling faces above put them there with malice aforethought.

Don’t take my word for it, just browse on over to “Being Liberal” to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this cloaca of vitriol which passes for Liberal “thought”. Just taste and see what Liberals want with every fiber of their being – and they want to do it to you!


Vandals having a Love-In in Portland while demonstrating the inevitable results of all Liberal thought.

They want to destroy everyone who dares to disagree with their point of view. All the millions of “yous” who didn’t vote for Hillary.

All of US! All the millions and millions of bitter clingers, and evil military industrial complexers, and every

policeman, every fireman, every plumber,

Aragorn leads the allies to the Black Gate in an attempt to distract Sauron from seeking out Frodo, Sam and the Ring. But Sauron's army is much larger, and Aragorn is losing the battle. Their hopes rest with Frodo.

Trump supporters find themselves under surprise attack in their peaceful democratic homeland

every pilot, and  surgeon, every electrician, every farmer, every mechanic, every housewife, every member of the military, every gas station owner, every shopkeeper … just think about the sheer magnitude and arrogance of it!

Every living soul in the Grey Tribe that keep their little pink buttocks out of the fire and nosed into their dinner every day of their useless polluting lives need to be eliminated. Well who knew?  And here we thought this was a democracy that prided itself in justice, fairness, and rule of law.

Later Gater … Gotta swamp to drain, eh? (and I’m not even American – although lots of my relations live in flyover country, USA)



Ortona Cimitero Canadese – final resting place for the D-Day Dodgers, right Lady Astor?

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw The torch;

be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow …


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