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 David Warren says it so much better than I – go read it all at:

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is so much more classy and worth reading in full than my mud fight here.torches_and_pitchforks


“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the pundits,” as Dick the Butcher says, except, I think he may have said “lawyers.” No matter, they are all alike.

… what all revolutionaries must do, to win over the drooling masses (is) promise to abrogate the least convenient physical laws, and then deliver stuff for nothing. … lighting them up with the prospect of good stuff for free, once the wealthy and high-born had been denuded. It is the underlying principle of every progressive party …

las_vegas_nevada_kid_crawford_of_las_vegas_chants_during_a_proteest(and) All parties today are essentially progressive, as (are) all the mass media — both Left and Right.

One feels sorry for the little demons prancing about the streets of Portland, &c, in response to the election result. Thanks to the brainwashings administered to them in media and academia, they truly believe the slogans they are spouting. Fortunately for the rest of us, few of these people can function once they exit the “virtual reality” in which they are mentally encased. They cannot even organize riots effectively. It will be hard for the media to keep them stirred, given the alternatives of pot and fornication.

… by slashing wages, and eliminating entitlements, America might well become competitive again. But “Punch” has been, like the Obamanation before him, promising everyone everything both ways; and the Law of Contradiction cannot be abrogated.Those pundits could not even see that Trump might win the election. … And now everyone wants to kill them, too.

So just what is this “incurable elitist” suggesting?

Live. Work. Act decently. Pray. Remain buoyantly aloof, and do your own thinking.

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