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Good times in the headlines …

Spirited Away – The Sixth Station”, Joe Hisaishi, from the film of the same name, (2008)

In the headlines – I find myself pleasantly surprised so far  – by the “Trump Transition Team”.  After a veritable tsunami of bat shit horse twaddle on all sides from the horses asses and the kissers thereof in the mainstream media about how this “team” was in total disarray, it appears to be manifestly not the case, in fact they are as wrong about this as they were unanimously and totally wrong about Trump being unelectable. (Memo to   JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, MARK MAZZETTI and MAGGIE HABERMAN, better get you resumes tuned up)

It becomes clearer daily that ANYONE who is still getting their point of view from the MSM is truly certifiable and should be locked up “for their own protection” in a “Lodge” with a higher level of care. They are patently not capable of pouring breakfast cereal from a box and adding milk so they will probably starve to death before too long if Mr. Trump is not patient with the American equivalent of the Social Services Department.


General Mattis, retired in 2013 after leading Marines for 44 years.

Meanwhile, in the real world …  Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause … It is starting to look like like President Trump is deadly serious about putting together the best administration the U.S. has witnessed since – since – Geeze, I haven’t been alive long enough to remember things looking this good this early in the game. There was General George Marshall of “Marshal Plan” fame but that was before my time.

I’m hoping like hell and praying like crazy that Trump can find equally qualified candidates on the economics/economy side of the equation because that whole rat’s nest is what will sink him if he can’t clean it up and get folks working again. My interest is that a strong Alberta economy is intimately linked to a strong U.S. economy regardless of what Rachel and her thugs in Redmonton believe.

It will be interesting and entertaining to see how it all plays out. One thing is for certain, better buy stocks in knickers manufacturers as there is likely to be a huge run on panties when progressives everywhere start soiling themselves in earnest.

We are told that President Trump might be considering appointing Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense. So please, Mr. President, just hold off on the axe there at social Services for now and start with the Department of Education. We don’t want to precipitate a disaster of national proportions as EMS tries desperately to clean up the mess, until the (possible) new Secretary of Defense  can call in the Marines to help with the cleanup.

Yes, we are talking about Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis who appears to be in the running to lead the Pentagon for President-elect Donald Trump, according to reports.  Trump’s transition team announced on Friday that Mattis would be meeting with the President-elect on Saturday.

A person involved with the transition told Bloomberg that Mattis was being considered, along with retired Army Gen. Jack Keane, who met with Trump on Thursday (and declined the position).  Mattis declined to comment when reached by Business Insider. If this appointment materializes and if General Mattis’s career are any indicator, we would have the most effective U.S. Secretary of Defense in decades.

The former four-star general retired in 2013 after leading Marines for 44 years. His last post was with US Central Command, the Tampa, Florida-based unified command tasked with operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as more than two-dozen other countries.

Mattis, 66, is something of a legendary figure in the US military. Looked at as a warrior among Marines and well-respected by members of other services, he’s been at the forefront of a number of engagements. He led his battalion of Marines in the assault during the first Gulf war in 1991 and commanded the task force charging into Afghanistan in 2001. In 2003, as a Major General, he once again took up the task of motivating his young Marines to go into battle, penning a must-read letter to his troops before they crossed the border into Iraq.

Extremely controversial amongst all the chestless progressives inhabiting the beltway, academia and the MSM, he would nonetheless be a welcome change in a position that has been more political than defense oriented for far too long.  To Marines, Mattis is Chaos, his call sign and nom de guerre. According to interviews with more than a half-dozen officers who know him well, Mattis is an iconoclast and innovator who strove to outmaneuver the enemy on the battlefield, paralysis in Washington and the “yes, sir!” culture of the military.

Others, particularly civilians, consider the former Camp Pendleton-based commander controversial or brutish, based on statements such as one Mattis made in San Diego in 2005 when he proclaimed he liked brawling and shooting some people — like the Taliban. “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap around women for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway, so it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them,” he said.

Well, shucks ma’am, I betcha if it was some tit blessed career academic feminist being slapped around every progressive howler in the universe would be praising him to the heavens. Trick question: “How many sheep can hide behind 1 sheepdog?” Yea, right, thought so. Ain’t no progressives in Afghanistan ya know.

Seriously folks,  even David Warren likes this guy… what’s not to love.



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