Life in a small town

My Old Friend The Blues

001-sunshine-on-lieth“My Old Friend The Blues”, a tune performed by the Proclaimers back in 1988 on the album “Sunshine on Lieth”.

Originally written and sung by Steve Earle on the album “Guitar Town”, his debut album, released on March 5, 1986. In my misspent youth I rather enjoyed his tunes while driving night car, but our paths have diverged mightily.

However, I still find the tune quite evocative of the mood I am in at times and prefer the Proclaimers cover of it. Today I discovered, to my surprise, that it plays fine through iTunes, but unlike virtually every other album I have in my library it cannot be copied and inserted into a post. What gives?

001-guitar-town-300x300In the meantime, the Proclaimers YouTube version is here:

and Steve Earle’s version is here:

“My Old Friend The Blues”

Just when every ray of hope was gone
I should have known that you would come along
I can’t believe I ever doubted you
My old friend the blues
Another lonely night, a nameless town
If sleep don’t take me first, you’ll come around
‘Cause I know I can always count on you
My old friend the blues

Lovers leave and friends will let you down
You’re the only sure thing that I’ve found
No matter what I do I’ll never lose
My old friend the blues

Just let me hide my weary heart in you
My old friend the blues

sometimes this old tune just says it all from where I’m sitting.




Always remember, “Be charitable in your judgements, and never take yourself too seriously”