Politics and Economics

Pop Quiz! … Which Country Are We Talking About?

Foreign donations for personal benefits, selling access to government, expense scandals.

As the (Progressive Left’s)  moral and ethical standards plummet, so does their approval rating.

A new _____ Research poll shows the Progressives are down almost 10%.

Citizens aren’t happy with (political leader’s) cash-for-access scheme, and how he’s raised cash for the _____ Party or the _____ Foundation.

And now (political leader) admits to being lobbied, and lobbied often.  Usually by wealthy donors, who paid big bucks for face time with him. Here’s some of what we know about the Party’s cash-for-access scheme:

  • After meeting (political leader), a Chinese Communist billionaire donated a large sum of cash to the _____ Foundation.
  • Another attendee, got government approval to open a bank, days after meeting (political leader).
  • Since (political leader) became leader of the _____Liberal Party, foreign donations to the _____ Foundation skyrocketed from $0 (annually) in 2013 to $535,000 (annually) in 2016. (a more than 500,000% increase, right?)
  • Back at home, domestic donations to the _____ Foundation have more than quadrupled (400%) from $172,000 to $731,000 since 2014.

Are foreign interest groups and big donors skirting the Elections _____ rules?

Are certain individuals making donations to the (political leader’s) Foundation, once they’ve reached their legal political donation limit?

Perhaps that’s a question the Ethics Commissioner can ask (political leader).

After all, National Newspaper reports she will interview (political leader) on the matter.

In fact “It is the first time in a decade the “house of government” independent ethical watchdog has asked a sitting (political leader) to defend his integrity.” – National Newspaper, Dec 15th, 2016

The Party have shown we can’t trust them to keep election promises.

We can’t trust them on the economy or our tax dollars.  So can anyone trust them when it comes to their high priced fundraisers?

Enough with the corruption and sleaze already! And NO, it is NOT Clinton or Trump we’re talking about here.




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