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Spirit/Soul … Outside Time & Space

Gandalf StudyLast post we established the case for the generally accepted existence of the soul/spirit as a partless whole existing outside time and space. Probably this post will be easier to understand if you read the previous post first, to which I linked above.

“Mother Of Sorrows”, Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles, from the album “Lent At Ephesus”, (2014)

It appears to me that the first necessary step to understanding reality is to accept and totally embrace the existence of our soul and to adopt, as our natural view of reality, the soul’s view of reality. Essentially we have to embrace living in our material shell as a soul, occupying the shell and looking at and thinking about the material plane as a soul … which is actually what we really are.

Souls, occupying no space, do not exist within material reality. What we mean by this is to say, that souls exist outside the material universe filled with material beings and lots of “stuff” which is made up of agglomerations of parts as discussed in the previous post.

It is necessary to become comfortable thinking about everything from the point of view of our soul, which is in no dependent way connected to the material universe in which our parts reside, but rather to begin to routinely, as a matter of habit, look at all material things from “outside” so to speak. Only in this way can we start the process of detaching our “self” from the material existence that the “self” has lead throughout our material life.

We are told that God is a “Spirit” and it seems that the only way to approach intimacy with God is to understand and accept reality as “spiritual”.  We can only approach the “spirit” God” as “spirit” persons. As long as our total reality is centered in the material universe as the only reality, we experience extreme difficulty detaching from the things of this world and a concomitant difficulty growing closer to God.

When material parts are regarded from a perspective outside material reality, from a soul’s point of view, a spirit’s point of view, the material parts are rendered less essential to existence and less essential to reality. The parts, the worldly goods all become merely unessential artifacts, experiences and feelings which become easier to set aside since they are no longer the center of our physical universe and are merely observed to exist in the physical plane.

When material reality is observed from outside the material plane, as a spirit observes the material universe, objects in that plane become dramatically less important than when the material is the center of our existence and the essential center of our lives. When the self identifies itself with it’s material possessions and it’s status in the material plane it is hugely difficult to “give up the stuff”.

None of the “stuff” has anything to do with God and it fills up that place in us which God would like to fill, in fact, asks us to fill with Him.

This train of thought has been on my mind now for months. These ideas are only now starting to coalesce into a coherent structure which is why I am writing all this down now.

More to follow as more develops and appears on my mental white board …



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