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A couple of things today, short and sweet (“Thank God” says my reader (s))

First check out an excellent post over at David Warren’s blog entitled: “the downside of killing people”. Well worth the time, especially for Canadians who may not have noticed that it is now legal to kill folks in Canada now, not just babies who have no say.

The other point is to adjust a possible misconception or error (on my part) I chatted about three or so posts ago here and here, concerning the point of view of the Spirit. An authority who I respect highly (and thank for his generous direction) has commented:


Some of your assertions have a dualist slant to them. So there is a seeming metaphysical difficulty in your take on human spirit.  Soul and human body are intimately united. The soul, being the kind of thing it is, though spiritual and therefore immortal, is a little “out of sorts” without the body.

I don’t think you can, therefore, say the spiritual soul is outside space and time without qualification. It is spiritual and therefore not quantifiable but it “animates” a particular body located in relation to other bodies.  It is immortal, so not time bound as to its persistence but it is created in time, coming into being with the body it vivifies. 

As far as the spiritual is concerned, yes, the quality of the immortal soul is all, in the end, that matters.  The body will return to dust.  However, the sanctification of the spirit is in, many instances, the sanctification of the body and of the material.  Conversely, the sanctification of the body, because of their unity, is the sanctification of the spirit or immortal soul.”


This is an important qualification, and one which raises it’s head immediately as you begin thinking about God, Infinity, and His “All-ness” when regarding our spiritual “Not-all-ness”. I am headed in this direction and I apologize for not having adequate words in my vocabulary to describe what I am thinking (yet).

More to follow as it appears on the White Board of my mind.



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