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BHO January 17, 2017 …

“Anduril”, Howard Shore, from “The Lord Of The Rings” soundtrack album (2003).




On the one hand:

hollywood suit …  Mr. Obama’s notion of America was that into which he wanted to change it. The America of the Founders or the tradition did not much interest him.

Indeed, this America was what had to be changed to make the world safe for the America that he was out to re-found, one that looked pretty much like himself. And, to give him credit, he succeeded in many ways.

His Muslim and community organizing backgrounds were both traditions that had almost nothing to do with what we once understood to be Western civilization, with its unique American gloss. …” James V. Schall, S.J.

On the other hand:

001-a-orc… This is not an audit of Obama’s presidency, his flawed domestic and foreign policies, his strengths and blunders, his failed promises or his enduring victories.

Rather, it is an appreciation that in my lifetime I was able to see a majority of America rise above our poisoned legacy of racism to embrace such a man as its leader. Of course, the death rattle of white supremacy lashed back with ferocious anger.

ZombieWe’re about to witness a democratic transition of power from an eloquent, dignified politician to a short-tempered, thin-skinned, temperamental, anti-Muslim vulgarian who can muster petty, insulting tweets against civil rights icon John Lewis, his own intelligence agencies and the musical Hamilton, but whose tiny fingers can’t type 140 characters to criticize Vladimir Putin….   ‘ Wajahat Ali

And now “a majority of America” after experiencing 8 years of “such a man as their leader” have changed their minds about “Hope and Change” and voted “so long, and keep the change”.   insha’Allah, no?

It seems that whenever the Democrats don’t get their way they are so thin skinned that they immediately turn to temper tantrums, petty, insulting and vulgar vilifying of everyone who doesn’t share their own tiny narrow view.

Isn’t that the very definition of a Troll? Got the zombie from the site: Being Liberal”. Drop over there and check out the “Troll Parade”. 

The atmosphere is not suffering from warming it is suffering from a glut of virtue signalling that is attempting to shut down literally everything resembling reason and thought. I think C.S. Lewis called this “Bulverism“.

But, then again:

001-a-lordoftherings_return_02” … We can appreciate how far our nation has come by electing its first biracial President, but can we just be honest?

Elevating race above all else gives us the legacy that Obama is leaving behind—a nation more racially divided than we’ve seen in decades and a government less transparent with each passing year.

Barack Obama is no Messiah, and his failures will be felt for generations to come.

Mainstream media has done, and will continue to do, all it can do to mythicize his Presidency. National Urban Myths League, there is too much crucial work to be done to help those in need for you to be writing works of fiction. ”  Ryan Bomberger



001-a-lotr-frodo-hobbitsWe’re Baaaack … There are only two sides in this eternal battle.  And we have a lot of work to do … it’s time to scour the Shire.