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Fasting … Part Two …

“En Priere”, Bill Douglas, from the album “Kaleidoscope”, (1993)

001-a-fung-5x7-webWell, the Jason Fung diet effort continues. I started on January 17th and immediately proceeded to the 24 hour fast, that is, only eating supper every 24 hours.

I watched my blood sugar start coming down, my energy picked up and I quickly moved into ketosis.  By day 6, I had decided to go to a complete fast, no solid meals, just lots of water, coffee, and chicken and beef broth. After 7 days of liquid only fasting I decided to break the fast and go back to eating supper every day.

At that point I had been fasting for a total of 13 days counting both the 24 hour fasts and the 7 day total fast. I was in heavy ketosis, with ketone bodies at 16 mmol/l, my blood sugar and come down as far as 8 mmol/l, I had dropped 6 pounds, I had stopped all diabetes medications and I felt good.

The only hard part was day 2 during which I was sorely tempted to just abandon it all. I must have visited the fridge at least 25 times that day and still managed to resist temptation.  Anyway, yesterday I started with three small snacks spaced over the day and finished up with a regular supper of steak, scalloped potatoes and string peas.

This morning I find my blood sugar has shot up to 16.8, which on thinking about it is not really a surprise since it is always higher in the morning. I am still in moderate ketosis and I am no longer taking any meds for diabetes.

Yes, I ate a bunch of carbs last night for supper and they are simply the worst for boosting blood sugar. So we will check every four hours and see how the sugars come down today and how I feel going forward.

I didn’t gain any weight but it is definitely back to the no carbs, one high fat high protein meal and the rest broth and coffee and lots of water. I am thinking that I will repeat the cycle I just went through with 6 24 hour fasts followed by 7 consecutive fast days and see where we are then.

So here we go again, and I hope things are easier on day two this time, but it will probably not be easier since I will be going through the same process again. I will keep posting as things develop.



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