Life in a small town, The Inner Struggle

Thy will Be done …

“ゆりかごの歌”, William W. Spearman IV, from the album “Beautiful Japanese Songs” (2006)

Stole my title today from another site I visit regularly by a young lady with bipolar. Seems appropriate when my busy world is filled with daily crosses and my prayer life is beset by aridity and the temptation to just chuck it all.

Pope Pius XI“The man who prays looks above to the goods of heaven whereon he meditates and which he desires; his whole being is plunged in the contemplation of the marvelous order established by God, which knows not the frenzy of earthly successes nor the futile competitions of ever increasing speed; and thus automatically, as it were, will be reestablished that equilibrium between work and rest, whose entire absence from society today is responsible for grave dangers to life physical, economic and moral. ” –Pope Pius XI

“grave dangers to life physical, economic and moral” …  pure prophecy coming from a Pope who wrote this in the 1930’s. Frenzy and futility just pretty much describes exactly what we see in daily live all around us.



Desert Walkempty oneself of every trace of belief in one’s “goodness”.