Life in a small town

Spring is here …

The last week or so has been absolutely perfect with lots of sun and temperatures in the double digit plus side of zero.

Bow Island Seeding rig

Seeding at Bow Island Alberta

All the farmers are going gangbusters getting their fields cleaned up, many are just bailing the old crop from last year to use as cattle feed.

Seeding in Australia

Seeding in Australia

Now they have to get all the seeding done before we get another patch of wet weather. That seeder rig on the left looks pretty big, especially up close but the Aussies have us beat by a country mile. I have read they can do 2000 acres a day with rigs like the one on the right.

The real beauty, however, lies in the back country away from the wide open flat lands is even nicer. A friend sent along some pics of his last stroll along the Raven River,  which almost perfectly encapsulate why I live in the country, far, far, away from any city. Things are just starting to green up around here.

Raven River May 03 2017

Raven River May 03 2017 MeadowRaven River May 03 2017 TroutRaven River May 03 2017 still ice in placesCheers,