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Hamachidori“, by Ryutaro Hirota, played by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra & Kazumasa Watanabe, from the album “Konomichi―Favorite Japanese Melodies (Japanese Melody Series)” (2004)

Konomichi―Favorite Japanese Melodies

Konomichi―Favorite Japanese Melodies (2004)

David Warren has a concise salient post yesterday – and here’s an excerpt reflecting or echoing my long held views on “gubm’nt”:


… The task of government, in the course of a natural catastrophe, is to maintain order and provide the simplest possible traffic directions to the response. For the most part this must necessarily be neighbour helping neighbour.

Relief efforts on the national scale need some coordinating, too, but they should be drawn from military and other “fixed assets” — from organizations that should themselves be designed to respond, nimbly and flexibly, to any kind of trouble.

A bureaucracy that does nothing but wait ghoulishly for the last widely-publicized disaster to repeat itself is merely a cash pyre. (ed. … as could be said of any bureaucracy after some time has passed)

With less technology but perhaps more science, public authorities in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus, north China, built canals and reservoirs for irrigation and transport, which also anticipated floods.

They did not e.g. spread suburbs across flood plains, then invent insurance plans to recompense the stupid. An extraordinary event might still overwhelm them, but if survived it would provide hints for general improvement and reinforcement. Prudence anticipates the known, but sensibly leaves the unknown to propitiatory prayer.

This we might do again, some day, should we happen to recover our sanity. Build to withstand what can be withstood, whether the power holds or fails. Go with the grain of nature. Think like engineers, not social workers. Let the people make provisions for themselves, and let them, too, learn from experience.


Lichtenstein Castle

Schloss Bernhart – a humble abode of stone

Too bad the current societal zombie apocalypse has shut down all thought and left only virtue signaling and social programs for the narcissistic inept. It’s all just so … banal.

Banality! Challenge for the ages … domain of the witless, proud tower of the stupid, scan the faces of the crowd at any disaster, hurricane, accident, fire, news report, reality show, Honey Boo Boo … Oh Oh … here we go …  “after 100 years on the bottom of the sea divers were amazed to find the pool on the Titanic was still full …oooohhh …

Harvey, Katrina, what kind of suffering humanity do we find interesting, worthy of coverage … this time … not so many Hollywood Heroes rescuing a photo-op, not so many looters, or signs on rooftops asking for drugs instead of rescue … not this hurricane, not this time.  Hmmmm … I think I like Texas … my kind of people?



command centre - lower bunker - Schloss Bernhart

command centre – lower bunker – Schloss Bernhart

Stardate: 201708301300 ONSCREEN!  Is it sinfully uncharitable to observe that prudent rectitude might preclude giving aid to egregiously short-sighted performers for provably sub-optimal choices with predictable results?