The Inner Struggle

What’s Happening?

Reading Mark Mallett,  reading interviews with/about Paul Thigpen,  listening to Dr. John Bergman, and this, what to make of this item brought to my attention by my friend David Warren, thanks David …

and feeling utterly paralyzed with the tsunami of input about what is wrong with my life … HA!

I know, or rather I believe, that these folks do not intend this result in the minds of their readers/listeners but that is the effect I am currently experiencing. Impossible to write about anything with my thoughts in such a hurricane jumble.

Surrounded by legions of mutant howler monkeys who escaped from the Facebook universe. If this were a material war, an actually flying bullets and exploding missiles then some sense might be made of it but this spiritual blitz is more difficult, I cannot even radio “Fire on me!  for there is no physical enemy to obliterate.



just keep walkin …