Life in a small town

Passing Interest …

Scooped from a couple of sites I read regularly:

“One of the few things in life you can be absolutely sure about is that, if Management tells you it doesn’t like your Tone, you are getting something right.”

Fr. John Hunwicke

(ed. and if they pay you a lot of money to go away and stop making trouble then you know you are really on the right track)

“Latin is a precise, essential language. It will be abandoned, not because it is unsuitable for the new requirements of progress, but because the new men will not be suitable for it. When the age of demagogues and charlatans begins, a language like Latin will no longer be useful, and any oaf will be able to give a speech in public and talk in such a way that he will not be kicked off the stage. The secret to this will consist in the fact that, by making use of words that are general, elusive, and sound good, he will be able to speak for an hour without saying anything. With Latin, this is impossible.”

– – Giovanni Guareschi