The Inner Struggle

Daily Duty …

I Am In thy Hands, O Mary”, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Doctor Scott Piper, Sir Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP & Sr. Maria Miguel Wright, OPfrom the album “Mater Eucharistiae”, (2013)

The Virgin Mary (detail), Gietzrwald, Poland 1877

The Virgin Mary (detail), Gietzrwald, Poland 1877

When I have learned to see my duty in the light of faith, I shall realize that my daily duties, as they present themselves to me moment by moment, and under various aspects, are the expression of God’s will.

I think this truth is sitting right in front of my face and residing in my soul if I am honest with myself. It is expressed simply in a solid, detailed way in the manifest duties of my state and circumstances of my daily life.

The “duties of my state” determine particularly how I must act on a daily basis so as to be always in conformity with the divine will. That divine will which asks me at this moment that certain task, that duty, that pious practice, that act of love, of charity.

If I know how to do this with fidelity and constancy, I shall really know how to seek God in love.

So, in reality, when I fulfill my daily duties to the absolute best of all my abilities, promptly and with attention, even dedication, I am praying in each and every moment “Thy will be done, Oh Lord, thy will be done”.