The Inner Struggle

Be Not Afraid …

It is not really complicated. The snares of this world are a multiplicity of worries and fears and distractions, but it is not really complicated. It is so easy to be distracted and distressed by the message of our senses, by the agitation and distraction of the “outside”.

What is more, as is said in the book On the Spirit and the Soul (of St. Augustine), to ascend to God means to enter into oneself. He who entering within and penetrating his inmost nature, goes beyond himself, he is truly ascending to God.

So let us withdraw our hearts from the distractions of this world, and recall them to the inner joys, so that we can establish them to some degree in the light of divine contemplation. For this is the life and peace of our hearts—to be established by intent in the love of God, and to be sweetly remade by his comforting.

But the reason why we are in so many ways hindered in the practical enjoyment of this matter and are unable to get into it is clearly because the human mind is so distracted by worries that it cannot bring its memory to turn within, is so clouded by its imaginations that it cannot return to itself with its understanding, and is so drawn away by its desires that it is quite unable to come back to itself by desire for inner sweetness and spiritual joy.

Thus it is so prostrate among the sense objects presented to it that it cannot enter into itself as the image of God. It is therefore right and necessary for the mind to raise itself above itself and everything created by the abandonment of everything, with humble reverence and great trust, and to say within itself, He whom I seek, love, thirst for and desire from everything and more than anything is not a thing of the senses or the imagination, but is above everything that can be experienced by the senses and the intellect.

St Albert the Great ‘On Cleaving to God’

Be of good cheer …


Dan Jurac, Fine Art Photo of Hoar Frost

Dan Jurac, Fine Art Photo of Hoar Frost

It is darkest just before the dawn … be not afraid … take everything to Christ … the Cross rises above everything.