The Inner Struggle

Messages from the Right … the bullies are scrambling to protect “their” schoolyard from those who are “different”.

Ballad Of A Thin Man”, Bob Dylan, from the album “Highway 61 Revisited”, (1965)

A number of my recent posts have been focused on the distraction, drama and noise with which “the world” and the Father of Lies, the Lord of This World, strives continuously to keep us away from reality and focused on the self love and self interest of this world.

This noise and distraction is not one sided, but employs streams of noise from all parts of the spectrum in the never ending river of distraction.

For example, this morning a message popped up in my inbox from a writer and blogger who I used to subscribe to who espouses a point of view which I am sympathetic to and have been since I was a teen.

Now, even though Canada has pretty well shut down ALL discussion in a tidal wave of leftist propaganda, it still seems that our southern brothers in America are still able to muster an articulate response to evil.

But the distraction and noise of this discord is even more apparent now that I am starting to see my love of my own opinion and those who agree with me as just another worldly attachment distracting me from the Truth.

Hey, Al

Hey, Al, doesn’t censorship smell funny, do you suppose that censorship has a Carbon footprint?

So here is an example of “noise and distraction” in action … a far cry from Robert Cardinal Sarah’s writing about “silence”.

First it was censoring conservative content on Google, by downplaying content they disagree with as “not generally accepted“.

Then it was censoring conservative content through the “Web Of Trust” spyware ratings system, branding content and sites they disagree with as “dangerous”  and redirecting browsers when they are searching.

And now we have YouTube actively censoring conservative content on YouTube by the following means (some of this content is from an email in my inbox this morning):

Hi everybody, it’s Bill Whittle here with some disturbing news: There has been a zombie outbreak of unknown size at YouTube!

The Zombie army of clueless Social Warriors ...

The Zombie Army of clueless Social Warriors …

These brain-dead zombies are being QUARANTINED by YouTube Censors, who systematically see to it that conservative common sense DOES NOT GET VIEWED!

YES! Unbelievably,  YouTube is ACTIVELY attempting to prevent their target audience of zombies from being exposed to any opinion which they disagree with …

WTF guys, wasn’t I just writing about exactly this logical and moral disconnect in the two posts about the Left hating anyone who disagrees with them and their moral relativism?????

How do they do it?

Clueless Haters

Clueless Haters

Well, in many cases they simply tell the sharing algorithms to suppress conservative messages, meaning they don’t get shared among subscribers as frequently. Because they don’t want the “Useful Idiots”, the hate bigots screaming their message on the streets, exercising their “Right” to free hate, to ever get a clue.

They suppress conservative videos when people search for a topic. They restrict certain videos — on the Korean War, or the Electoral College, for example — with a “YOU MUST BE 18+ TO VIEW THIS VIDEO,” guaranteeing that very few young people get the message.

More Clueless Haters

More Clueless Haters, gotta keep the herd restless …

And they also quarantine the left-wing zombies by de-monetizing conservative content. The self appointed herders of this hate stampede don’t dare let the street cattle bellowing their thoughtless chanting to ever get the whole picture.

Gotta keep them stampeding down the streets in the world of their dreams. Just have to prevent them from being exposed to any other view and everything will develop according to plan.

They isolate their target audience of sensitive young minds by inserting their opinion that this content is “NOT SUITABLE FOR MOST ADVERTISERS”.

They thereby actively discourage advertisers from sponsoring any content they disagree with – and you maybe thought I was exaggerating in my posts about how the Left reacts to differing opinions.  That demonetizing process looks like this:

From Bill

From Bill



And why is YouTube doing this?


So I’m asking you to join us in getting into these quarantine zones and inoculating young people while there is still time.

We have to buy page views that used to be free to us, because these self-described socialists at YouTube will censor a message they do not like but they will still take our money.

We are winning hearts and minds out there. They have George Soros and his billions.

I have you.

Become a member today, and we will whip these Social Justice Zombies out of their boots (and out of our throats).

Bill still seems to be able to get a different point of view out to the folks in spite of the huge opposition of the Left and the Socialist Progressives who have been so successful in monopolizing the media message, the “socially responsible narrative” as they so fondly describe their point of view … here is just a bit of one of Bill’s recent emails:

Fellow American,

We began this week by paying homage to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We paid tribute to all those who lost their lives on that day which will live in infamy, when radical Islamic terrorists struck at the very center of American strength and power.

We remember those who perished, including the first responders who sacrificed their lives in order to save the countless innocents who were trapped in the Twin Towers and the courageous and fearless heroes who confronted the hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93.

These individuals were the epitome of what it means to be an American.

It is our duty to never forget that day, when the whole country stood still, shellshocked by what was happening. The events of September 11, 2001 may fade away from the mainstream, but they will remain as fresh as ever in the minds of all patriotic Americans.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at

Here is a review of this week’s videos.



Hating Protestors in Philadelphia

Screaming Hating street cattle in Philadelphia

Is this (on the left) what we want? Or is it this on the right?

Hobbiton, near Matamata, North Island, New Zealand