Life in a small town

An Ideological World

Sorry for the long hiatus in posting but I find myself neck deep in Year End accounting and IT security/credential issues with my now 9 year old graphic arts desktop running Windows 7. Don’t want to give it up but probably should.

Recreational reading found an interesting article over at “The Catholic Thing“.  Here is a short excerpt :

“… The world that most people now live in is an ideological world. It is a world whose limits and configuration are assembled from their desires of what they would like to be, not to what is.

A reason for this preference of ideology can be proposed. To be a consistent ideologue, we must first figure out a way to disconnect our minds from things. Much of modern thought from Descartes on has assisted us in this doubt that we can really know things that are. The trouble with existing things, including especially human things, is that, left to themselves, they are already definite kinds of things. They do not themselves configure what they are, but something did.

It is to this latter reality of what things are to which our minds are normally directed and which they know once they have encountered and identified them. Today those who hold revelation to be true are told that they must bring their “ideology” up-to-date. What is meant is that the revelation that is directed to things must be replaced by the ideology that sees no relation between things and mind….”

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