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The Book of Wisdom …

In the Latin Vulgate Bible the Song of Songs is followed by the Book of Wisdom. The Greek Bible has it after Job, which in turn appears after Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song. It is a book that was written in Greek and therefore does not appear in the Hebrew Bible.

In the tradition of the Latin Church this text is usually entitled “Book of Wisdom” (Liber Sapientiae). In the Greek Churches it has been called “The Wisdom of Solomon” (Sophia Salomonos). Except for a few ecclesiastical writers between the third and fourth century the Latin and Greek Churches have held the book to be inspired.

Luther and other Protestant Reformers of the sixteenth century, followed the Jewish practice and excluded Wisdom from the Canon, relegating it to the Apocrypha.

To dispel any possible doubt, the Council of Trent included in its list of sacred, canonical books (1546); the First Vatican Council (1870) registered its agreement with that list.  (from the introduction to “The Book of Wisdom”, Navarre Bible (March 2004).

So Wisdom does not form part of the Canonical Bible books of the Protestant persuasion, I don’t think any of the many denominations embrace The Book of  Wisdom, but it holds much of interest, such as today’s first reading … Wisdom 1: 13-15 and 2: 23-24

Wisdom 1:13-15 Common English Bible (CEB)

13 God didn’t make death. God takes no delight in the ruin of anything that lives. 14 God created everything so that it might exist. The creative forces at work in the cosmos are life-giving. There is no destructive poison in them. The underworld[a] doesn’t rule on earth. 15 Doing what is right means living forever.

Wisdom 2:23-24 Common English Bible (CEB)

23 God created humans to live forever. He made them as a perfect representation of his own unique identity. 24 Death entered the universe only through the devil’s envy. Those who belong to the devil’s party experience death.[a]

So, in spite of what we may have heard at some funeral service somewhere, Death is definitely not part of God’s plan. But it is very much a part of the devil’s plan and of the plans of those in the devil’s company.

Truly by their fruits shall you know them, and death is the hallmark of their party.

Happy Canada Day



Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day, home, home on the range … where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.