The Inner Struggle

Sincerity …

“A Dhia Ghleigil” (Oh Glorious God) Noirin Ni Riain & The Monks of Glenstal Abbey, from the album “Vox de Nube”, 1996

A Colloquy:

O Lord, if I wish to reach You, who are the Way, the Truth, and the Life, I must travel the road of truth, without any pretense or dissimulation, renouncing reason that is darkened by self-love and human respect. I must act with simplicity, wholly dying to myself and to creatures.

Teach me, O eternal Truth, how to act sincerely and frankly. Let my soul, simple as a dove, fly to You to build its nest in Your heart, and nourish itself with the knowledge of You and of itself; thus despising its own malice, it will find nothing in itself to satisfy it, and therefore, it will be unable to stay far away from You, not finding where to repose outside of You.

Teach me to walk in the straight path of truth without stopping, but always advancing, hurrying and running swiftly, in order to follow You. eternal Truth, my guide and my way.” (St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi, from the book “Divine Intimacy” Meditations on the interior life for every day of the liturgical year, by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.  .pp 827).



I fall quickly, I am quickly overcome, easily disturbed and discouraged. I have nothing in which I can glory but many things for which I ought to humble myself, for I am weaker than I am able to comprehend.