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Thoughts on Polite Canadian Society … December 24th 2018

Oboe Concerto in D Minor”, Adagio, from “The Ultimate baroque Album”, (2004)

A Big Red PC Nothing

Hey! Last rant of the year! WOOHOO! So its December 24th, Xmas Eve, 2018, quick everyone, hop out there and get your last minute shopping done. There might be some unexpected bargains to be had.

And to keep us “in the mood” to spend, all the elevators, and broadcasts and malls are playing canned Xmas pop tunes by long dead performers because they are “classics” and of course no one records anything like that anymore, the tunes are all out of copyright and so these old sappy pops are the least expensive way to add a warm nostalgic mood to an otherwise sterile landscape of commercial wealth transfer.

So much for Christmas and Christianity. Not much “Merry” in a Canadian White Xmas. What’s on my mind these days is the macro spectacle of the greatest civilization the world has ever seen essentially committing mass suicide by drowning itself, and up close and personal, the micro spectacle I watch first hand as a herd of “#Me To” Canadian Lemmings stampede to be the first over the cliff.

Our Polite Society of self righteous “Nice” people is in a huge mad rush to drown itself in the PC pool of self worship, for example here is just one reality check which it is almost worth one’s life to mention in Canada these days … just one colossal spasm of self delusion about reality and the consequences of its actions and inaction.

At the local level we vocally demand recognition of self worth by virtue of our own breathing and pulse, each with our own unique “minority victim of something” status. This seems true for everyone unless one has the misfortune to be a white Anglo male descended from that cabal of “Dead White Males” who actually built the Western Civilization we all now take for granted as “normal”.


Is this courage or cowardice?

If you fall into that “minority” then bigotry and persecution and slander about you is just A-OK and we are supposed to “Check our Privilege” before we open our mouths in self defense. Of course any defense offered is immediately branded as “Hate Speech”, so what’s the point of even trying. What a “Brave New World” we face.

Meanwhile, on the international stage, where New-Age secular humanists rule the world, the New World Order in action, at the international level, we meekly kiss the dirt and confess our guilt every time some new politically correct mouthpiece accuses us of some mythical crime.

Unless it’s one of Mr. Trump’s Tweets in which case we scream and yell and jump about like frothing toothless chickens because he is just another American A-hole, and all right minded people know that’s the truth.

Sigh … truly, “The ride of the Poltroons” indeed.

Now that working Alberta has rolled over and died and urban voters are reveling in their new socialist paradise of common misery I probably should take my sister’s advice and move to Texas.

And in case anyone missed it, these days we are so advanced here in polite Canada, that we have human rights by virtue of our physical location, a mere liberal centimeter deciding life or death, deciding whether the pulse and breathing noted above should be snuffed out by dismemberment and dissection, or, by regulation, an identical “person” found 1 silly millimeter away from the first in the right direction is now “worthy of being allowed to live as long as they are useful to the state.


hate, hate, hate, hate

Unfortunately, as soon as that utility ceases by virtue of age or illness or handicap, the person once again enters a tenuous existence where they can find themselves terminated any moment by reason of quality of life judgements by anonymous government bureaucrats at Health & Social Services.

We embrace this self deprecation motif domestically in our espousal of “Human Rights Tribunals” and “Hate Crimes”, and tyrannical political correctness.  We accept being the victim of local and international atrocities because our chestless leadership, both in the secular and in the spiritual world have taught us, and continue to teach us, that this is the deserved result of our own iniquities. Meanwhile they avidly pursue their own daily deviance of choice under the banner of the rainbow coalition of Gaia worshiping naturalists

We, as a culture, are found guilty of “cultural genocide” by the “Star Chamber” of the progressive secularists and must pay for our sins. We are NOT being robbed blind by the Global Warming cabal, the animal worshiping Vegan conspiracy of brain death, the socialist pirates and gangsters taxing us to death to support their gang of tapeworm voters bleeding out our once healthy economy, and we are most certainly not being raped, tortured, abused and killed by Islamics in the name of the Religion of Peace.


My “Precious” opinion

This is all a deserved punishment,  and we are told in every venue that we deserve it because of the way we and our ancestors acted and the values we embraced, those values of “dead white males”… and our leaders and media accept it and agree? How did we get here, what poison have we been drinking that justice and truth should be so turned on it’s head that we accept this evil as our just due?

I once wrote a post replete with acid comments regarding religious denominations as socials clubs, no more, no less. I might have added an allusion to factions as in “fractious parties” within a common  tradition. The foundational beliefs of which factions, a “cornerstone” so to speak, is that ALL other factions, and clubs, are illegitimate because we and only we hold the one truth. My morality is my morality and no one else can legitimately criticize me without being guilty of a hate crime.

Where did brotherly love go? Who is my neighbor Lord?


Everyone Knows It!

Unless I want to criticize someone else in which case it is just OK because after all I am a victim of hate because of your criticism and targeted and rationalized retaliation is NOT hate but rather some variation of retribution and restitution. What happened to standing up for Truth, for protecting the weak and unfortunate, for consoling the lost and loving the unlovable?

A necessary corollary to this “one truth” platform is that we must, at all costs, discredit and/or destroy all other points of view, lest some courageous loudmouth ask why the emperor has no clothes. ESPECIALLY, in the domain of religious clubs, the original one holy catholic and apostolic church, MUST be discredited in order to ensure that our new “self” worship club and it’s beliefs are never called into question historically.

Your Dying Heart”, Adrian von Ziegler, from the album “Requiem”, (2011)

ISIS atrocities 3

But we are basically good persons

Everybody Knows It!  From this wellspring of charity spring such “factual’ gems as: “Well, everyone knows that:  “Nuns (Catholic religious) punish unwed mothers and do abortions in their “nunneries”and cover them up” and the Pope is the Anti-Christ”.

What does one do when one is handed this wonderful little scrap of bigotry and malice,  courtesy of a close Baptist relative who is a general all purpose “bigot and hater”, but especially of what she thinks of as “Catholics” (being merely the common self serving protestant or baptist caricature of Catholics).

Of course, when handed this offal we are expected socially to nod and smile and politely “pretend” to go along, because of social niceties. Of course the statement is so egregiously outrageous and provocative  (as intended) that we cannot hold back our response, our questioning after specifics, our feigned consternation, our distress as we ask pointedly which network that was reported on.

That reaction makes us the bad guy, the A-hole in the room.


St. Peter’s, Rome

So we all descend into this moral pit of hatred and lies, calumnies and retaliation, and the all purpose immorality founded on “I am basically a good person“. Given the utter lack of “goodwill” as in “men and women of goodwill”, or “people of goodwill” within our own society, communities, and families is it any wonder to see the state of the world.

If we can do this to “the least of these, our brothers” how much more easy is it to continue to commit these ever increasing atrocities against anonymous others who we barely consider human. Kill them before they vote, kill them when they get too expensive to look after. And everyone pretends not to notice that whenever bad behaviour and “ill will” are tolerated you inevitably get more of it, expanding exponentially from the local to the global.


Which Side Are We On?

Looking at the consternation and panic and mawkish grief reported in the media and associated with “terrorist” attacks, or even politically correct celebrations of deviance, we have to understand, even the blindest of us, that at some level all the “good behaviors” that we verbally associate in an offhand way with “western civilization” are, in fact, a facade, a sham and a lie. If good behaviour is “in” us as part of our nature then nothing evil is our fault, is it?

We are NOT guilty! Of anything. Institutional evil has given us a false sense of being guiltless and free of sin, following mutually acknowledged rules of behaviour we can go through life sleep walking under the assumption that the rule of law, good order, and good government are naturally human and stem from human qualities of “goodness”.

In reality, this folly leads inevitably to desolation and destruction. We are NOT worthy! Our natural proclivities, our concupiscence, incline us towards evil thinking, evil beliefs, and evil behavior. Our culture is steadily marching in lockstep down a path to acceptance of abominations and immoralities the practice of which would have been anathema and worthy of imprisonment and death even a couple of generations ago.


Hacksaw Ridge

The effort of our fathers, the “Greatest Generation”, was perhaps the very last outpouring of Western Christian Civilization, demonstrating a willingness to stand against what was recognized as evil; identified as evil; and dealt with as evil; whatever the cost.

The term “The Greatest Generation” is the title of Tom Brokaw’s 1998 book profiling members of this generation, stemming from his attendance at the D-day 40th anniversary celebrations. In the book, Brokaw wrote, “it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.” He argued that these men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.”[1]

Today, we are knowingly, willingly returning to a pre-Christian civilization where it was perfectly OK for Rome, in 70 AD, to send half a dozen legions to Palestine to slaughter over a million folks because of “civil unrest”.  But Rome wasn’t just the big bad guy some folks like to portray, handing out punishment in isolation and solely responsible for the atrocities.

The Jewish nation brought down the retribution of Rome on itself because of the way the leaders and people were acting for the 70 years before the Roman boot crushed the lawlessness. Strange to think that it has been about 70 years since “The Greatest Generation” made their sacrifice to turn back the tide of evil.

Even stranger to consider that the liberal world leaders of the day in their fatigue and concern for their political hides stopped short of ending evil by letting Communism continue to metastasize globally. They took the easy way out and didn’t finish the job even though their military leaders strongly recommended continuing until ALL the enemies were ended.


Destruction of The Temple 70 AD

Just for a bit go over and check out the account of Flavius Josephus here, and here, regarding the destruction of Jerusalem. Pay close attention to the actions of the protagonists. It is worth the time in order to understand the parallels between then and what we are witnessing in the world right now.

The parallels are chilling in their similarities to the conduct of the leaders and the people of nations in this day, and the media just can’t get enough of it, reporting every atrocity which supports their narrative while ignoring thousands of others which don’t make the grade. Are you one of the true believers in the fantasy that it can’t happen now?

We have spent the best part of the last 400 years steadily divorcing ourselves from the vital Christian roots of our civilization, the roots that fed us the understanding of what good behaviour actually was.

We are steadily morphing into a graceless, de-sacramentalized, self centered dog eat dog world, a world which Jesus Christ and his teaching came to move us away from by way of the church and the grace of the sacraments.

The source of all goodness came to us in the likeness of ourselves and spent his life teaching us how to behave, how to live together, how to care for our brothers, how to live in God’s love.


Delacroix, Eugène, 1798-1863. Christ and the Disciples on a Raging Sea

He created a lifeboat to survive the stormy seas of human existence and we reject that lifeboat, believing our own narrative in preference and climb out of the lifeboat.

We try to swim away on our own power, continuously trying  to do this thing on our own and with our own values and agendas, utterly blind to the spiritual and physical carnage around us.

We just keep swimming while ignoring the lifeline continually being offered to us.  The Sharks are having a field day!  Wake up people!



03-pool-of-worship Self worship is the root of all evil, not money.