The Inner Struggle

The Feast of The Holy Innocents … December 28th

The Feast of The Holy Innocents celebrates the memory of the children King Herod ordered to be killed in his attempt to kill the infant Christ.

I am not the only observer of the horrifying modern parallels of this historic occurrence.  Ireland recently joined the queue of those nations who have decided that it is perfectly OK to murder our inconvenient children. How much longer before they start murdering their inconvenient elders as well.

Another articulate voice raised in defense of the helpless innocent is Fr. Hunwicke over at his “Mutual Enrichment” blog site. In “Holocausts and Holy Innocents” he makes a poignant remark on what was once significant difference between Ireland and Britain, and the soon to be disappearance of that significant difference.

Then it dawns on you why there aren’t any. Rather as, just after the cattle trucks had rumbled off to the East, it must have been strange … and then disconcerting and very frightening … to wander round a German town and miss the Jewish faces. Ugly, isn’t it, that the role performed in Nazi Germany by Gestapo or SS is performed in Britain by members of Caring Professions whom we each of us have to visit, especially as we get older, for our aches and infirmities.

Sounds a lot like Canada to me.