The Inner Struggle

I Am The Truth …

Our precipitous decline as a culture and as a society is directly derived from our departure from Truth. The death of truth is the direct consequence of the worship of self and the near universal adoption of the modernist heresy of moral relativism.

O my Jesus, true light, drive away the clouds of ignorance which come from my evil nature, and give me the grace to seek the truth with a sincere heart and to love it; for You, the Incarnate Word, are the Truth.

Be the only light on my path, the only Master to guide my steps. I need You, eternal Truth, to liberate me from the slavery of my frailty and wretchedness, and from the passions which often blind my conscience and hinder me from complete adherence to the good and the true which You teach me.

Your truth teaches me that You are He who is, and that I am one who is not; that You alone have worth, and that I have no value; that You are All, and I am nothing, and if there is any good in me, it is a wholly gratuitous gift from You.”  (St. Elizabeth of the Trinity 1880 – 1906) ,

I just finished watching the following YouTube video featuring Ravi Zacharias and Dennis Prager with Jeff Foxworthy, on: The Death of Truth, The Decline of Culture Q&A.  I feel compelled to share since every fiber of my being cries out that these men have something important to share with us all. It is about an hour long and is absolutely worth every second of that time …



The truths Jesus taught are so important and essential that, to know them or not, to believe them or not, is a matter of life or of death. His doctrine is not optional, it is essential.