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Progressive Liberal Virtue Signaling and Infanticide …

Progressive Liberal Virtue Signaling

Some ideas and observations transcend culture. It seems Japanese culture gets some things right, even if they are not generally Christian.

We have an image on left of Progressive Liberal media. As we witnessed here recently in the Covington affair, the media are poisonous. And even those within the local Church, at least in that diocese, are shepherds who jump to judgment and throw their lambs to the wolves of the morally bankrupt media in a display of virtue signaling and in fear of being politically incorrect.

The media, social and otherwise, go to great lengths to NOT report truth. The  MSM and their owners and handlers, supported and fed by our wonderful, wholesome social media with it’s horde of Howlers, will literally do anything and say anything as long as they can portray Christians, and especially Catholics, in a bad light.

And it is not limited only to Christians as targets, we watch them leap to judgement every day, on every front, they are truly equal opportunity haters. The contortions they go through to paint their enemies in a bad light defy reason.

Demoness and severed child’s head

On the right we see a Japanese print of a Demoness and a severed child’s head. O how many of those demons and demonesses, all unnoticed, walk our streets and labor away in our bureaucracies.

The murderers in our “health” systems, our elite political leadership and our corrupt bureaucracy, are in fact simply the living embodiment of the NICE evil of our polite contemporary society. Evil in action all around us every day destroying life at every turn and in every way.

O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.