Life in a small town

Momentary Aside …

Anduril, Howard Shore, LOTR, 2003

I  must take a break from blogging since I am preoccupied with recovering my momentum in completing my Corporate Year End(s) recently lost due to my broken ankle and my temporary invalid status.

Therefore I must stir my “stumps”, leave my comfortable library lounge and return to my Server Workstation in the “bunker”, another lower level space of my vast stone establishment, “Casa Bernhart”.

No windows or nice views down there, and kind of cold and damp … fortunately I have “electricity” and “electric heaters”  which are far easier to use than fireplaces and coal … thank you my daughter, child of a newer age for your insistence on some 21st century amenities.

While not as aesthetically gratifying as my library, I have access to vastly better equipment and connections in the bunker, where I can maintain and monitor all those process and events by which my family and I draw material sustenance from the dark world outside my castle walls.

So, while I am away dealing with the trivial details of material existence I give you links to pleasant distractions over at David Warren’s site, starting with his April Fool’s day post, and then his Back to the Land post. Enjoy!



Note to self: For Today …