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A Sea of Blue … a look into the future

Just a couple of points on what the future might hold for long suffering Canadians. Always remember of course that it is always possible, even maybe likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by some egotistical snafu by some loudmouth. However we can always pray.

Here is where we were in 2015 …

Canada Provincial Governments May 5th 2015

and a couple of nights ago Alberta did this:

A Sea of Blue … Alberta Election April 16th 2019

So now Boy Justin faces a Conservative Canada everywhere in West and Central Canada, and the voters are thinking this:

Canadian Voter Intention – IPSOS POLLING

And Boy Justin is telling Canadians that they need to tighten their belt and start paying the Liberal Carbon Tax  while ignoring the SNC Lavelin scandal … it makes you think … hmmm

Estevan Carbon Sequestering Operation …

We have had the technology to burn Coal as cleanly as Natural Gas since at least as far back as the late 70’s. Alberta alone has enough coal to meet all the energy needs of North America for the next 400 years at current rates of growth.

That’s not counting our oil and gas sector and that fact that we are a perfect environment for building and operating Nuclear power plants and selling cheap Canadian energy to the demanding U.S. market.

But none of that would put money into the pockets of the Liberal Party and their environmentalist backers like Hungarian Billionaire George Soros … Ever hear of the Tides Foundation?  Tides Canada is a major Liberal Party backer … who knew?