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Truth is stranger than fiction – and why the Pope is not Catholic even though bears still dump in the forest …

Today I have had the great good fortune to rediscover Peter Kwasniewski, at LifeSite News. I visited LifeSite today to read an article on how the late and unlamented NDP government’s jackboot LGBT agenda was being rolled back somewhat in Alberta.

Apparently Jason Kenny, our new Alberta Conservative Premier of the UCP Alberta party has “repealed” the previous NDP government’s draconian LGBTQ indoctrination policies in all Alberta schools (and here you thought California was bad?).

Balrog500ppxIn Canada, “Glorious and Free”, in a previous life (with the DOJ and a very large RHA), I learned by practice how the secular progressive authorities now hide behind “Framework Legislation” and “Guidelines” where all the teeth are hidden in the 1000’s of pages of bureaucratic “regulations” and “notwithstandings” and carefully crafted “loopholes”.

It requires energy and some modicum of intelligence to drill down to the foundational intent of modern legislation and regulations. Most folks (understandably) don’t have the resources to ride herd on our Mandarins and have to “trust” that government bureaucrats truly have the public’s best interests at heart.

But … anything that was voted into existence by elected representatives can be made to perform any function or even the exact opposite function of that envisioned by those who voted for it, and all without minutes or records to provide an evidentiary trail. Tragically it is an established truth today that most folks have more trust in government than they have in God.

What you are about to read, if you are at all interested in the clear evidence of Progressive totalitarianism in action in Canada, will be shocking … shocking, not that Bill 24 is being repealed, but rather that it was ever passed and implemented in the first place. I wrote about it first back on March 27th 2016 and the post is here.

At the time I wrote about it back in 2016 I incurred the vituperative wrath of liberal “friends” and family members, another incidence of being labelled a “knuckle dragging neanderthal red neck” and a “Nazi homophobe”. Sigh … by their works shall you know them. Anyway, here is a bit from that first “Jason Kenny, UCP” article found in full here:


“Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Think back to the year 2000, or even 2010, and imagine someone telling you this: “The law requires every school to set up a Gay Straight Alliance for K–12 children. No exemption for religious belief or parental opposition.

NDP Alberta Education Minister David Eggen

The law makes it illegal for teachers and principals to inform parents about the contents (sexual, ideological or otherwise) of what will be presented to their children at GSA meetings and GSA activities, and about which person or organization will be presenting such materials.

Further, the law makes it illegal for teachers and principals to inform parents about their own child’s involvement in a GSA or GSA-related activity.”

“The government’s official GSA website, directed at K–12 children, has links to vile and graphic pornography. GSA activism in schools is carried out by individuals and organizations that promote a progressive perspective on sexuality that is hostile to what most religions teach about sexual morality, gender and marriage. If the school principal refuses to set up a GSA, the Education Minister can appoint an LGBTQ activist to set up and run the club.”

The law makes it illegal for teachers and principals to inform parents about the contents (sexual, ideological or otherwise) of what will be presented to their children at GSA meetings and GSA activities, and about which person or organization will be presenting such materials.”

When poisons become fashionable they do not cease to killHad you warned people about the above scenario in 2000 (or even 2010) you would have been accused of paranoia and fear-mongering. Yet this situation defines the reality of education in Alberta, thanks to laws passed by Progressive Conservatives (Bill 10, 2015) and the NDP (Bill 24, 2017).

Fortunately, after a successful court challenge by Lawyer John Carpay (president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (, which represented parents and schools in their successful challenge to Alberta’s Bill 24. the new United Conservative Party (UCP) government has now repealed Bill 24, the 2017 law which kept parents in the dark about their own children.


Sadly, the UCP government has not yet agreed to repeal or amend Bill 10, the 2015 law which requires schools to establish, host and facilitate ideological clubs whose message is hostile to what religious schools teach about gender, marriage and sexual morality.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” hovers in my mind when I am tempted to make common cause with my Islamic brothers in dealing with the deviance and perversion which we Canadians are expected to accept without demur in the name of politically correct “tolerance”. Yes, “Tolerance”, that one way street of liberal magnanimity, tolerance which is never extended to any view which strays off the reservation of modern progressive PC perversion. I guess that makes me “Intolerant”, as well as a knuckledragger and a homophobic Nazi. Sigh …

Jason Kenny, 2019

Apparently, Premier Jason Kenney believes (with his predecessors) that children who are too immature to vote, join the military, consume alcohol or even smoke a cigarette should have the legal authority to set up any school club of the child’s own choosing, even if parents, teachers and principals disagree with the club’s purpose. I expect the court challenge will continue until Bill 10 is repealed.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can still mount court challenges to overturn egregiously evil legislation instead of having to resort to IEDs and RPGs. However some folks are keeping their options open in hopes that Jason will make good on his pre-election promises to reverse the NDP’s environmental position and the currently still active anti-energy stance of the new Alberta Government. Money is always more important than Faith, right?

We will know whose side Jason and the UCPA are really on if and when the coal fired electrical plants and the mines feeding them are re-opened and we stop importing coal generated electricity from Montana at much higher prices than we were generating it ourselves with our 5 environmentally destructive coal fired generating stations.

But even more important than the educational outrage which I wrote about back in 2016 is the good fortune to rediscover Peter Kwasniewski. Peter Kwasniewski holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America.

Peter Kwasniewski

After teaching at the International Theological Institute in Austria and for the Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Austrian Program, he joined the founding team of Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming, where he taught theology, philosophy, music, and art history, and directed the choir and schola.

He is now a full-time author, speaker, editor, publisher, and composer.

Anyway, his two articles, his blog posts, are here and here. Both are well worth the read, especially in view of the upcoming (and much anticipated in some circles), atrocity called the “Amazon Synod”.


From the Blog Post by Peter Kwasniewski: “God, being infinite, has so much to give that He must carve out the space for Himself in our souls through mighty trials and tribulations. It’s no game, but the very essence of a love that will not and cannot compromise, that refuses to share space with any unworthy love. I say this regarding the interior life of each Catholic, and each believer’s vocation to witness to the truth, which is the essence of martyrdom.

But there is also a benefit to the Church at large whenever God permits trials of this magnitude, namely, that the truth of her traditional teaching will shine all the more brightly when its enemies have been confounded. Our understanding of the papacy, its inseparable link with tradition, and the outer limits of its deviation will be deepened; our faith will be purified of the extremes of hyperpapalism and sedevacantism.


Mayor Naheed Nenshi, of Calgary, Alberta.

And, last but not least, quoting from an article in the Calgary Herald by the Mayor of Calgary concerning the latest totalitarian outburst by the government of Quebec. But totalitarian legislation is nothing new in Canada.  Mayor Nenshi is quite right to be critical of this legislation but perhaps he is not old enough to remember when the same province of Quebec under Jean Lesage in his “Quiet Revolution” legislated that no young person could graduate high school or be hired to any government position unless they spoke French … English need not apply … and of course any of the French persuasion didn’t have a reciprocal obligation to speak English. Anyway …


… Which brings us to Bill 21 in Quebec. We now have a law in this country (Canada), in 2019, that restricts what job you can have based on your faith. Exactly the opposite of what I believed growing up. There are those who say that this is about religious neutrality. Make no mistake. It is not. This is a law that targets three groups of people: Muslim women who cover their heads, baptized Sikhs and Jewish men who wear a yarmulke.

No other sizable religious groups in the province have to wear anything as part of their religious faith. Those who wear modest dress can simply claim it is their personal style, not a religious garment. Those who have long beards can claim they are simply hipsters. A small cross can be worn under the shirt; a turban cannot.

What this ban says is that people of certain faiths, and only these faiths, can’t be trusted to do their jobs. It tells schools and municipalities that they can’t hire the best people. It says that kids in public schools can’t be exposed to people different than them.


Yes indeed, the Prince of this World is alive and very active in our glorious and free Canada.  I hope you enjoy these reads, leads and ideas as much as I did.



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