Life in a small town

Things to do on Sunday Afternoon …

Things to do on Sunday Afternoon … well, what do you do on Sunday afternoon? I like to take it easy and think about things, and sometimes write about stuff, sometimes read about stuff, and in this case spend an hour watching an interview on Rex TV with Conrad Black.

I don’t know if this link will work for you or not … I have subscribed to Rex TV along with about 10,000 or so others (Canadians?) and I find myself amused and even surprised that there are that many intelligent folks in Canada who are interested in “the other point of view”.

I thought virtually all university educated Canadians were Kool Aid drinking Liberal Zombies who took all their leads from the CBC and Social Media. I guess I was wrong (who knew?). How come I have never met any of these strange chameleon-like creatures in the wild?

Anyway, here is the link:



Someone’s gotta do it …