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Luisa Piccarreta’s Mystical Visions (1899 – 1926) …

Some of Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947) mystical visions (1899 – 1926) of chastisements to come:

Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947)

Nota bene: Concerning the many chastisements Luisa beheld in mystical vision that will purge the earth and purify mankind,  noteworthy is «fire». Fire will come from the center of the earth (L. PICCARRETA, II, August 2, 1899; ID., VIII, January 2, 1909; XIV, October 27, 1922) and also from the sky (XIV, September 1, 1922; XII, November 2, 1917; VI, October 20, 1905; XI, April 3, 1915) to overwhelm mankind and make him believe that God exists (II, October 7, 1899).

Fire will strike evildoers, but those who are good and live a life of simplicity will be spared (II, August 10, 1899). The fire that descends upon earth will damage crops and man’s nourishment (IV, April 22, 1901; IV, May 22, 1902), and will flare up in certain countries (III, July 30, 1900).

Further purging the earth and man is the «sword» that represents wars (IV, March 22, 1901) and revolutions (XVI, March 22, 1924); the united forces of «fire», «blood» (XI, May 25, 1915), «water» (XIV, April 6, 1922; XV, July 14, 1923) and «wind» will spill out of their boundaries to destroy a great part of humanity and bury man (VII, April 17, 1906; XI, December 5, 1916; XVI, March 22, 1924; XVI, April 8, 1924;), while those who live in the Divine Will have dominion over these elements (XIII, January 3, 1922);

A star of black fire and blood that appears to represent a comet (II, March 18, 1899); peals of thunder, lightning (II, August 10, 1899) and a terrible hail (II, March 13, 1899; III, July 9, 1900);

Earthquakes that annihilate entire cities (XIII, December 22, 1921; XVII, August 9, 1924; XIX, September 5, 1926), and swallow up mountains and men (VII, April 17, 1906), thereby causing a good part to die (VI, June 19, 1904);

Volcanoes that inundate countries (II, March 18, 1899);  sudden deaths and contagious diseases (XII, October 16, 1918). 

As a result of said chastisements the Vatican will be shaken in part (IV, October 10, 1900), but in the end the nations will turn back to God (XII, October 16, 1918).

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