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Human Performance and Cancer as a metabolic disease …

I have happily found a new information stream of interest regarding health and fitness. For a while now I have been following up on and reading about Cancer as a metabolic disease rather than a genetic disease. I wrote about it here under the topic of “Models that work”.  I also mentioned this here, and here, and here, and here. I have personal friends and close relatives who are currently dying of, or have just died of cancer. I have a great personal interest in this killer and the politics and economics swirling around it.

The elephant in the room when it comes to cancer is our Research and Medical treatment system’s extraordinary failure to make any progress in 50 years of “War on Cancer”.  With literally billions sunk into this bottomless hole of terror we still routinely accept that something like 98% pf cancer sufferers won’t last 5 years. This appears to me (in my Homer Simpson simplicity) to indicate that the current model is NOT WORKING, (DUH!) and we are simply barking up the wrong tree. It is not a stretch to conclude that there are other interests wedded to this model and keeping us on this track rather than a genuine desire to cure cancer. Would we need a Department of Health if everyone was healthy? Hmmmm.

So what about the “Human Performance Outliers” Podcasts with hosts Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter. In this episode (#40) Professor Thomas Seyfried joins the show. Dr. Seyfried breaks down cancer as a metabolic disease. He explains how cancer thrives and what mistakes we are making in current cancer treatment. Check out Dr. Seyfried’s book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. This podcast is a great motivator to take up reading Dr. Seyfried’s book agan. Check out the podcast and see what you think:


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