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In Nomine Jesu Christi … Binding Prayers for use by the Laity

The Times They Are a Changin’, Bob Dylan, 1964

So the biggest sellers in my store these days are toilet paper and condoms. Go figure. We have no coffee shops, no fast food restaurants, no night clubs, no basketball, no hockey, no football, no baseball, no concerts, and no social gatherings … I wonder if this woman on the couch beside me is my wife????

Something to think about while you are “self-isolating” because of the pandemic. A binding prayer for use by the laity:

“In the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God, we ask Thee to render all spirits impotent, paralyzed and ineffective in attempting to take revenge against anyone of the members of the Auxilium Christianorum, our families, friends, communities, those who pray for us and their family members, or anyone associated with us and for whom the priests of the Auxilium Christianorum pray. We ask Thee to bind all evil spirits, all powers in the air, the water, the ground, the fire, under ground, or wherever they exercise their powers, any satanic forces in nature and any and all emissaries of the satanic headquarters. We ask Thee to bind by Thy Precious Blood all of the attributes, aspects and characteristics, interactions, communications and deceitful games of the evil spirits. We ask Thee to break any and all bonds, ties and attachments in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Or, in Latin:

“In Nomine Jesu Christi, Domini et Dei nostri, Te deprecamur efficere omnes spiritus esse impotentes, paralyticos, debiles in conatu ulcisci in ulla membra Auxilii Christianorum, familias, amicos, communitates eorum , pro nobis orantes familiasque illorum vel quicumque additus nobis et quibus sacerdotes Auxilii Christianorum orarent. Ligamus omnes spiritus malignos, omnes potentias in aere, aqua, terra, igne, sub terra vel ubicumque viribus suis utantur, et ullam copiam satanicam in natura et ullos emissarios pretorii satanici. Ligamus, in Pretiosissimo Sanguine Jesus, omnes attributa, idos, vulticulos, adjuncta, interactiones ludusque dolosos spirituum malignorum. Fregimus ulla et omnia ligamina, et adplicationes in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen”

Father Chad A. Ripperger, Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity (pp. 95-96). Sensus Traditionis Press. Kindle Edition.

Life goes on, and a year from now everyone will be pretending they weren’t freaking out in March and wondering how to deal with all the new babies …Hehehe.



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