Life in a small town

Big Brother Knows Best …

Greta wants you all to kill yourselves … Right Now … Oh Well ….

The cold is making me cranky. This morning is is -25 degrees celsius here with a 30 Kph wind. Must be caused by Global Warming!  Too many people burning fossil fuels trying to stay alive and keep their livestock sheltered. But what do we know?  All our social betters certainly don’t hesitate to inform us what we are doing wrong and how we are screwing up the world.

David Warren writes:… But the bubonic plague, as noticed in London, returned in much the same form, seventeen times between 1348 and 1666. It had already visited Europe in the time of Justinian, and returned frequently between 541 and 750 AD, each time carrying away thousands and millions of those late Byzantine-Romans, and bystanders throughout and beyond the Mediterranean. We still have no vaccine, incidentally; and it is still not dead. Only Communism can approach the aggregate body count.

His marriage is a failure … but we trust him to run the country? hmmmm

Now our political masters, having rested and considered their creation “Democratic Socialism” and “found it Very Good”. They have decided to combine the ever present Virus plague, which has been killing us for thousands of years, in whatever mutant variation is currently popular on Social Media, with the deadly 20th century disease of Socialism because obviously it works so well absolutely everywhere it has been tried.

China, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland, Bulgaria, Chile, Venezuela, Britain, Italy, Canada, … coming soon to a country near you!  Maybe even your own country? And we can always rely on the young to do it to the old, right? Burn the witch! Kristallnacht,  The Great March, The Cultural Revolution, the 60’s,  A whole lotta thinkin’ goin’ on.

Of course abortion and euthanasia have always been effective tools of the left to destroy societies and peoples wholesale, and there would be no need for abortions and eventually euthanasia if we all practice rigourous “Social Distancing”, right?

WHAT?  You’re pregnant? WHAMMO, double jeopardy! We can authorize both an abortion AND a mercy killing because you obviously violated the new “Social Distancing” rules.  Nah, couldn’t happen in this day and age, right?

Some of my customers are holding forth that COVID-19 is a very good thing because “the world is overpopulated anyway“. I wonder how many billions of souls we will be able to condemn to Hell in the 21st century, with the help of the latest virus combined with social welfare programs directed at “quality of life” and  an absolute lack of a moral compass in the millions of voters who are just OK with killing half the present population as long as it is the other half, not their half.



its all so crazy making …