Life in a small town

Palm Sunday, and Holy Week … (without churches)

The Beatitudes”, from the album “Biscantorat – The Sound Of The Spirit From Glenstal Abbey” – The Monks of Glenstal Abbey – (2009)

Glenstal Abbey House

Yesterday I traveled around to various small shops in our local area. Found, to my surprise, that there is a common silver lining to this pandemic panic, that being that, courtesy of all the “nonessential services” being closed in all the larger centers.

Folks are returning to the shops which they used to frequent decades ago before everyone decided to go to the nearest city to visit McDonalds, and Timmy’s, and Wendy’s, and Superstore, and Walmart, and so on and so forth.

Social distancing and restricted access have left folks without a “activity” destination.

Of course, I still have a problem with Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being classed as a “non-essential” service along with night clubs and sports events, while liquor stores and marijuana shops are staying open as “essential”.

Seems deeply perverted from where I sit, but that is the Canadian way, eh? Maybe it’s because the Liquor stores and Marijuana shops are government sponsored avenues of moral dissolution but church worship is the enemy … that’s very Canadian as well, isn’t it?

Just listen to Justin and the rest, and do whatever you are told and everything will be OK, right? So between his Chinese contacts and his Soros instructions he should have all the answers about controlling his population during this Red Bat Flu epidemic.

His marriage is a failure … but we trust him to run the country, and handle the pandemic? hmmmm

And if you have the slightest doubts about anything, just ask my sister, whose current big city opinion is that “This whole thing is really serious and it is caused by people (that would be us rurals) not taking isolation seriously.

She watched a televised 3 hour Ontario government press conference on the weekend and now knows everything that anyone needs to know. She has stopped talking about how she got stranded in Roatan for a while because it turned out that her opinion at that time about the seriousness of the pandemic was wrong.

I guess that is what it takes to get through the BS. All the restaurants closed and no one at the resort, and multiple teams of Honduran military men in surgical masks and armed with automatic weapons, ordering everyone out of the water and off the beaches and off the streets.

Oh well, that was then and it doesn’t matter now. Now it is all the fault of all those little people out there who never left the country for their vacation, who are not taking it seriously, because it can’t be travelers going on their vacations in spite of all the warnings. Oh, and also … The Chinese have stopped it cold and everyone is recovering over there because they are able to force their population to comply with the isolation restrictions. Good Job  and kudos to the Chinese Communist Party for keeping all the little prolls in line.

Meanwhile, back here in The Shire, for local meat shops, and small country stores, and rural CO-OPs, and family farm businesses, the pandemic has provided a welcome shot in the economic arm as the customers return in droves and are surprised that we have what they are looking for (mostly) or a close equivalent, and they don’t have to spend hours driving and $50 bucks or so on gas to go shopping in a city somewhere.

And things are pretty much unchanged in the rurals, with no line-ups, no serious shortages, and personal attention from people you actually know, and no problems. The smaller the town the safer it is, if your biggest fear is catching the latest plague from some coughing plague carrier. Yes, “The Shire” really is the best place to live. Just ask Baggins.

We Happy Few …

So life in the country goes on pretty much as normal except for the proliferation of plastic counter barriers and a lot of people wearing nitrile gloves because their hands are drying out from using hand sanitizer so often. As my dad would remark, if a meteor struck Toronto nothing would change in the slightest in the rurals. I guess he was right.

On the other hand, as noted earlier, my family relatives in the big cities across the country have started blaming the pandemic on “people not taking isolation seriously” courtesy of the important wisdom and “factual” information from televised government press conferences and the latest terror being passed on by various Health “Authorities” on their local TV channels. So now the Red Bat Flu (RBF) is our fault for not taking their fear seriously, in between blaming everything on Trump.

As I posted previously, we now have a golden God given opportunity to LOVE. Love like never before as humans. This brief opportunity we have before us right now is to pray for the conversion of those who have rejected God’s Love in pursuit of their worship of self, of the “goods and gods” of this world, now showing to be frighteningly thread-bare in the face of the Red Bat Flu.

So how to deal with the scorn and approbation of our relatives and contacts and the rest of our “Betters”? Well, accept the cross. We are being given an opportunity not to act like the elder brother in that parable who is bitter toward his prodigal brother and would prefer justice. No, let us fast and pray that the lost will be found and the blind may see again!

I feel compassion right now for my big city sisters and the rest of the big city relates who know best what everyone else “should be doing”, and all the Social Media opinion makers, the Facebook Monkey Tribes, and all the artists, and writers, and actors, and entertainers, and yes, even all the talking heads and experts so in love with themselves and their own opinions, even if their “original” thoughts come out of a script written by someone much further up the food chain. They seem to be, well, just scared out of their nickers.

I want them to know, if any are reading this, that they are loved with an eternal love. God loves you all. God knew you before He formed you in your mother’s womb, and even though your medical system kills a hundred thousand of you every day, He knew that you would be one of the survivors. I want you to know that God the Father wants to wrap you in His enormous tender arms. Soon, the masks and facades will all fall away and God is going to ask not who you were, but WHO ARE YOU?



its all so crazy making …