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We are taking this seriously …

Ballad Of A Thin Man”, Bob Dylan, from the album “Highway 61 Revisited”, (1965)

Greta wants you all to get serious about this … Right Now … Oh Well ….

While my Eastern relates are angry and muttering about all this being caused by we, in the west, who are not “taking all this seriously” we have found an interesting CBC report.

Yes, I do look at the CBC site occasionally, because, as we all know, a broken clock is right twice a day. And if the CBC is reporting on it we know it must be true, right?  They are reporting “Why are so few Albertans in hospital with COVID-19? Here are some possible explanations”

Especially, check out the charts about half way through the report for “Hospitalization rates for COVID-19, by province” and “Intensive / critical care rates for COVID-19, by province”. I guess those easterners just need someone to blame and grumble about and it couldn’t be anything to do with them rich folks insisting on taking their foreign tropical winter vacations earlier this year.

My suspicions are that Alberta is relatively problem free because we burn more hydrocarbons and the Red Bat Flu doesn’t like our high CO2 levels … or something like that … makes as much sense as anything else from Social Media. So after that, it seems that Alberta is the place to be in 2020.

So the future is bright, once the rest of the country collapses under the weight of the deadly plague now acknowledged as a weaponized virus from a Chinese biolab in Wuhan (where, not surprisingly, we discover there are no bats in the wet markets… who knew?)

We will see what the future holds. These days we are not sticking our noses outside our store and everything is happening online or not at all. I have no idea when our Masters will release the prisoners but some spokespeople are saying end of May? Who knows.

What is really happening is everyone is afraid and there are as many varieties of afraid as there are people out there. Social Media (Facebook etc.) seems to be what folks are now paying attention to. They don’t care about a rational understanding of facts. They don’t even know how to start looking for information and determining what might be reasonable and close to “facts” is another order of magnitude away.

Social Media (Facebook etc.) and the MSM talking heads, seem to be the only thing that folks are now paying attention to. They don’t care about a rational understanding of any facts. This all reminds me in many ways of the 70’s. Remember Swine Flu? It was also Caronavirus. But at that time our Masters and our Leaders and all the “Experts” were telling us that nuclear holocaust and a global winter were what we needed to be afraid of.

I spent the 70’s in the military, deployed against the commies over 300 days a year. That was life. The reality was that the biggest danger to humanity then was the Left, the Socialists, the Fear Mongers, the Merchants of Fear in the media and academia and industry, the Communists everywhere both in our own country and abroad. and the left wing nut-jobs in politics.

Remember Papa Doc Pierre, who, after working as an intern in Moscow, became one of the founders of the Canadian Communist Party who switched from CPC to NDP and then to Liberal because he eventually understood that no-one in Canada would be interested in “revolution” and no Canadian would or could vote him into power outside the Liberal party, the Natural Governing Party of Canada.

Out here we are truly taking this all seriously, in our down home redneck way.

It seems that absolutely nothing they shrieked about then came true, and the outcomes that did come about had nothing to do with the “solutions” they forced on us. Millions didn’t die, at least not from Global Cooling, and the world didn’t freeze up, or burn in a global nuclear fire. So after they realized how stupid that looked they switched over to Global Warming, and One World, and GMO’s, and government enforced Vaccinations to cure everything and cover their asses. That’s why government gave Big Pharma a special exemption from liability and prosecution relating to damages from vaccines. Yes, we are taking all this seriously.

It was, just like today, all about “The Sky Is Falling!”, to convince us little peons to go along with whatever their agenda was. Now it’s everyone staying at home because of a virus which we have been living with since the 70’s. We know or should know, that the World Health Organization is owned lock , stock, and barrel by the Communist Party of China. Yes, we are taking all this seriously.

We know, or should know, that the majority of the entertainment industry is tied at the navel to the Chinese market. Who knows where it will end, but we do know for sure that if all the media and entertainment industry were not heavily invested in China they might be spinning a different tale, and no one would be taking any notice of the morally bankrupt WHO. Yes, we are taking all this seriously.

David Warren posted a little flashback trying for colorful perspective in a black and white 2D world. Recall the meme of the 70’s:

“Did I know, I was then told, that the superpowers had enough A-bombs to vaporize everyone on the planet ten times over? — provided they were efficiently deployed, and we all held still. But as I argued then, there were other terrifying threats to human life.

There is, for instance, enough water in the planet to drown everyone four thousand times; there are enough matches to set fire to every wooden building; enough kitchen knives to murder all the husbands of the world; enough hairspray (if drunk) to poison all their wives; enough pillows to smother the entire population of Asia; enough pencils to put out everyone’s eyes; enough fishbones to choke the combined population of France and Italy; enough ties, belts, suspenders, and pyjama draw strings to hang everyone over the age of forty; enough cigarettes (if eaten) to make everyone in Africa south of the Sahara throw up; enough stairs for all the toddlers in the world to fall down; enough statues to crush the inhabitants of the fourteen largest cities in the American Midwest; enough piano wire to garrot three-quarters of the population of Roumania; enough frozen lamb chops to club to death the entire Scottish aristocracy.”

you’re not taking this seriously!

Granted, the weight of human suffering. Granted, that we all progress to biological death, after a brief illusion of invincibility. But would it be entirely irresponsible, to dance our way through the interim? Even while the vultures are circling in the sky?”

David better be careful … he may find himself on the receiving end of a witch burning by mobs who are shouting “You are not taking this seriously!” So “Let us Express Ourselves”.

Yes, we are taking all this seriously.



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