Life in a small town

Sipping/Gulping my coffee …


“Alberta”, Bob Dylan, from the album “Self Portrait”, (June 1970)

…and trying to wake up and get ready for work.

My first belly laugh for the day comes from another old Cold Warrior, one of my favorite bloggers. One of my customers yesterday told me of being shouted at in an isle at Walmart by a “male” of indeterminate sex and origin covered up in masks, gloves and close fitting hoody and sweat pants.

“He” loudly accosted her, insisting that she “Get away from him!  Get out of the isle, don’t come any closer!” “He” demanded that she vacate the empty isle so that he could find the product of “his” choice. The world is getting weirder and weirder.

Check out this post if you are grimly in need of a good, dark humoured, laugh on this first warm morning in forever, or so it seems to us Frozen Chosen of the Shire.



its all so crazy making …