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Hamachidori“, by Ryutaro Hirota, played by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra & Kazumasa Watanabe, from the album “Konomichi―Favorite Japanese Melodies (Japanese Melody Series)” (2004)

Just a little rough patch

I have managed to get to my second cup … and realize that in all the current excitement it may have slipped under the radar that I am no “expert” in anything except perhaps pointing out that “The Emperor is Naked”.

So here is my first ever “official” disclaimer. I have encountered disclaimers similar to my disclaimer posted below on several sites both public and private, and even on a few government and “Healthcare” sites.

They exist in the same universe which includes “security” warnings at the end of emails to the effect that if the reader is not the intended recipient they must perform an immediate brain wipe, immediately destroy the offending email, and forget they ever saw the email sent in error.

So, in the spirit of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and it’s evil twin Fear Of Missing Out here is the “official disclaimer” of the notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” blog site:



A Two Coffee, two post, morning, courtesy of “Photo Electric Synergy” another Canadian Facebook site.

The information on this social media page and others in this blog site are presented by notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” for the purpose of distributing information and possibly entertainment, free of charge for the benefit and interest of the readers and followers of notmyfirstrodeo. Your mileage may vary.

The information on this social media page and others are made available on the basis that “notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” is providing entertainment, and is not providing professional advice on any particular matter.

The information provided or referred to is not a substitute for professional advice. Other sources of entertainment with different punchlines can be found easily on all MSM sites. Go where you will, and go with God.

Nothing contained on this blog site, notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny”  is intended to be used as medical advice, or professional advice, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or any other affliction, spiritual or worldly, nor should it be used for therapeutic purposes or as a substitute for your own health professional’s advice.

notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance of the information provided on this page and others.   The personal views expressed on this platform are just that, and do not represent the views of my profession.

notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness, perception or interpretation of the information provided. As I used to end my posts with: “We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately”

Content may include the views or recommendations of third parties independent of notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” and does not necessarily reflect the views of notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” nor does it indicate a commitment to a particular idea or course of action.

I have attempted to attribute any and all references that are not my own original thought, if I have missed any it is simply oversight.


So with that all firmly out of the way, here is a short sample of agendas/narratives currently out in the open and moving forward as we hide in our homes and practice the recommended “Social Distancing” guidelines which we have been told by our “fearless” leaders.

Founder of The Communist Party of China greets one of the founders of the Communist Party of Canada. The 1970’s were so much fun.

1. Coming soon to a country near you … maybe even your country. Depending on which country, it may already be there … European Union, Great Britain, as well as Communist China and Canada, for example.

This item is the imminent rollout of mandatory vaccines which will contain a concoction of noxious chemical adjuvants, man-made deadly viruses, nanotechnology, biomarkers, and so forth. Easy to follow up on for anyone with access to the web and a clear head.

2. Next, is the installation of 5G cell towers all across the globe which are currently being deployed with eye witness accounts by the thousands in addition to laws being passed to increase the speed of the rollout of 5G. (They’re justification will be that we need the bandwidth since everyone is now staying at home on their tech devices).

Just follow up on “Where are the largest concentrations of installed 5G technology on the planet?”

3. Then we have human biometrics to verify those who have both been tested and have taken the corona virus vaccine. Companies are currently developing electronic bracelets to verify whether you can leave your home and go back to work. Just follow up on biometric markers in vaccines allegedly being developed by Microsoft, et al.

4. We are witnessing first hand day by day as I write, a global economic reset and a dramatic increase on reliance on governments for handouts, ushering in a widespread welfare state (more than it already is in Canada) and diverging huge class differences between the rich elite, the “Brights”, numbered globally in the thousands, and the poor masses, numbered globally in the billions (that would be us, the stupid peasants, in case you might wonder what I am talking about).

5. Current dramatic increases in the use of digitally backed currency linked to biometrics and social crediting. Everything will be tracked and taxed. We are now being actively discouraged from using cash because “cash carries the virus”. Physical cash will soon cease to exist.

Poster Girl Greta wants you all to get serious about this … Right Now … stop burning hydrocarbons and while you are at it maintain a socially acceptable two meter distance from each other.

6. Social distancing through means of quarantining people, kidnapping them from their homes (as outlined clearly by the WHO), snitches get rewards mantras, phone tips lines, apathetic humans, widespread fear of germs and viruses, destruction of social connection, banning of mass gatherings and protests.

Where did all the “global warming” protests, anti oil, and rail blockades, suddenly disappear to? Government is ushering in virtual reality templates to replace physical interaction at a scale we’ve never witnessed in history before this Plandemic.

7. We are now witnessing the choreographed and managed battle between the forces of evil (Bill Gates, Clintons, Dark Cabal, WHO, The United Nations, The CDC, Hollywood Pedo Ring, Celebrities, the first beast system), and the forces of bad (Trump, His Administration, White Hats, The Military Industrial Complex, Quanon, the second beast system).

We are living in a real-time Netflix docudrama. Neither group – bad or evil – have our best interest, the interests of us little peons, at heart. One will attempt to create an Orwellian dystopia, while the other will promise us a utopian paradise. Both are traps

So there you have it … 7 real time agendas, 7 “narratives” for our entertainment, all while we are thoroughly distracted by the magicians patter, (like magicians use when they tell us to “look over here while I pull a fast trick over there”).



its all so crazy making …