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Good Morning!  I have managed one coffee, full caf and hot this AM so far.  Monday has turned into our Saturday over the last thirteen years because of course we are open for business on everyone else’s Saturday.

I found an interesting Facebook Post at (link appears below, I think, maybe) about COVID-19 testing which casts some light on what is going on with all the “Testing”.

Now, in the past I have posted that I believe that our political masters have attached such importance to testing because it is a prime metric and motivator for generating FUD amongst the “mostly” credulous voters whose approval they depend on.

I believe that probably a high nineties percentage of both our political leaders and even our health care workers have no clue about what “the tests” are actually testing, and what “the vaccines” are actually doing when administered.

I emphasize “I believe”, because I am referring to my own unscientific opinion about what is going on right now. I have previously posted that physical distancing and the current Red Bat Flu hysteria isn’t for your protection, it’s for control of your freedoms and removal of your human rights.

This whole Chinese Communist Red Bat Flu plandemic magical distraction (like magicians use when they tell us to “look over here while I pull a fast trick over there”), is all simply to acquire our consent and acceptance of draconian restrictions of our freedoms which we would otherwise never agree to.

Can anyone remember “1984”? Big Brother knows best …

We would never agree to such infringements of personal liberties if we were not fear mongered into surrendering our freedoms. Once you give away your rights, you don’t get them back. Our government will never willingly return rights and freedoms, once surrendered. Wake up Sheeple!!!!!

People, and the government leaders and the talking heads, unfortunately continue to lie to themselves, and to each other. about the truth, because they don’t want to believe they are being duped by government bureaucratic support bodies, “briefing note” and “presentation writers”, regulatory agencies, and of course, the mainstream media.

This revelation would be too much of a bruise to their fragile egos. This is why my sisters get so upset with me whenever I ask them for sources so I can follow up on whatever they just said to me.

It’s not that I just don’t understand”, it’s that “I understand perfectly and I don’t agree with your narrative, your “Truth””.

I have posted the contents of the link below this short Facebook leader because I believe that “Facebook” actively distorts and redirects the Facebook experience in an attempt to force viewers to “buy into” the Facebook narrative and to discredit posters who disagree with that controlled narrative.

Anyway, if you want to avoid the whole Facebook experience the full article is posted below this short Facebook feed.

Fake News? Anybody? Anybody? Is this bi-location? Can we walk at both beaches at the same time and just skip all that fly-over country?

I have reposted this linked article here because “Facebook” makes if “difficult at best” to follow up on many items of interest which do not march in lockstep (Sieg Heil Mein Facebook) with the accepted meme and narrative of the Howler Jungle NAZIs.

You will always be able to find articles here posted in full with no tricks and misdirection and ads and popups and screaming anti-(fill in your own blank) poop throwers, and the rest of the “Fake News” zombies..

So here is the post “In Plain Text” sans all the control and misdirection imposed on Facebook followers by Sauron and his zombie minions.

” … The polymerase chain reaction test (PCR)is a method used broadly in molecular biology to make millions to billions of copies of specific DNA from a small sample at a rapid rate.

During the current plandemic, it is seen as the golden standard of testing viral sequencing, which sways the amount of “confirmed” cases and the draconian measures that follow as a result of the infectious, case fatality and death rates.

Let’s look at the history of this test. PCR was invented by the American biochemist Kary Mullis in 1983, when he was working for Cetus Corp, one of the first biotechnology companies. Mullis was awarded a Nobel prize under the field of chemistry in 1993 for his invention.

So how does this test work? A DNA polymerase is an enzyme that polymerizes new DNA strands. The majority of PCR methods rely on thermal cycling, creating molecular reactions through cycles of heating and cooling, causing temperature dependant reactions, thus amplifying a specific region of DNA strands.

I won’t get into too much specifics but I will outline the individual steps common to most PCR methods which are as follows:

1. Initiazation
2. Denaturation
3. Annealing
4. Extension
5. Final Elongation
6. Final Hold

The Menace of The Herd … The Age of Man is Over …

At every cycle the DNA is doubled and after 30 cycles, a single copy of DNA can be increased to 1 billion copies! Unfortunately, the accuracy of this test is inadequate because it is a non-specific test, has sensitivity to contamination and the results can be determined by the amount of cycles done, leading to outcome based deceptive figures.

In fact, just the smallest amount of faulty amplification can lead to misleading or ambiguous results, and furthermore, if you run cycles enough times, you can get anyone to test positive! That sounds like a great way to support a false narrative for a hidden agenda wouldn’t you agree?

Another interesting caveat is that the inventor of the test (Kary Mullis) stated that we cannot prove infectious etiologies or diagnosis of an infectious disease, and that it was a surrogate test only. In Mullis’s testimony, he stated that “the tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

So lets summarize:

1. We have a non specific antibody test that returns 80% false positives.
2. Those who do have a true positive are immune by definition according to vaccine logic of immunization.
3. The amount of cycles sways the results.
4. PCR tests for genetic sequences rather than actual viruses.
5. The test cannot rule out co-infections.
6. The test cannot indicate whether the virus is causing the symptoms.
7. There’s no proof that correlation equals causation therefore positive results are obsolete.
8. Based on the aforementioned, the numbers, stats and models are invalid.
9. Based on the stats being invalid, the measures employed are even more invalid.
10. The long term models of socioeconomic damage have not been addressed or acknowledged.

Here is the main point everyone needs to grasp: if the testing is faulty then the numbers are deceptive, if the numbers are deceptive then the pandemic alarm is unwarranted, if the pandemic alarm is unwarranted, then the goverments, regulatory bodies and media outlets must be held accountable for their unscientifically based decisions.

Lastly, viruses or exosomes are the result of an illness, not the cause of an illness. Know the cause and we can prevent the effect from ever occurring which would save our medical system from overburden in addition to saving our tax dollars, which are funneled into the sick and disease management structure based on the collective choices we make that impact our health status.

Question “the test” people! The truth of the matter lies in the testing methodology, and the truth will set us all free.”

That’s it in a nutshell. (for now. of course …)



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