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A Paradigm Shift … ?

Hamachidori“, by Ryutaro Hirota, played by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra & Kazumasa Watanabe, from the album “Konomichi―Favorite Japanese Melodies (Japanese Melody Series)” (2004)

Found a new book, and it’s way easier reading than “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease“. The new book is: Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin  – October 9, 2015 by Abram Hoffer M.D. Ph.D. (Author), Andrew W. Saul Ph.D. (Author), Harold D. Foster (Author).

A short quote from the “Forward”:  In “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, Thomas Kuhn says that advances in science do not occur in an evolutionary or straight-line manner. Instead, such steps take place in a series of violent revolutions separated by long periods of relative peace.

During dramatic uprisings, “one conceptual world view replaces another.” These intellectual revolts are not random events. They are promoted by the discovery of significant anomalies: emergent facts that the ruling dominant theory and its supporters fail to adequately explain.

These “exceptions to the rule” are the termites of scientific theory. As they multiply, they become more and more difficult to ignore. The newly infected ruling theory weakens until it eventually collapses. A paradigm shift occurs as another takes its place. While the drug-based pharmaceutical industry continues to control conventional medicine, its support structure is increasingly termite riddled.

Weaknesses are being illustrated by new highly critical books, with titles such as Deadly Medicine, Overdo$ed America, and Death by Modern Medicine. Of course, the drug-based approach to health will not be abandoned any time soon unless society has a viable alternative, waiting, like an understudy, in the wings. There it must be quietly attracting its own, more open-minded supporters.

Hoffer, Abram. Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin (p. 15). Turner Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

Here are a series of quotes from the chapter headings:   … on the other hand, maybe just read the book, eh?



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