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Morning Prayer …

The Beatitudes”, from the album “Biscantorat – The Sound Of The Spirit From Glenstal Abbey” – The Monks of Glenstal Abbey – (2009)

Just a couple of morning prayers, or useful anytime to maintain the presence of God and to stay focused on our purpose in life. The first is a binding prayer taken from the Auxilium Christianorum, found here, or in this book, or on my post here, for part 1, or here continued in part 2.

So, the prayer:

“In the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God, we ask Thee to render all spirits impotent, paralyzed and ineffective in attempting to take revenge against anyone of the members of the Auxilium Christianorum, our families, friends, communities, those who pray for us and their family members, or anyone associated with us and for whom the priests of the Auxilium Christianorum pray.

We ask Thee to bind all evil spirits, all powers in the air, the water, the ground, the fire, under ground, or wherever they exercise their powers, any satanic forces in nature and any and all emissaries of the satanic headquarters. We ask Thee to bind by Thy Precious Blood all of the attributes, aspects and characteristics, interactions, communications and deceitful games of the evil spirits. We ask Thee to break any and all bonds, ties and attachments in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”


The second prayer is simply to say “Yes!” to living in God’s Will. I found this prayer in a Mark Mallett post “Our Lady’s Little Rabble” and it spoke to me since I have been often asking, in my head, exactly the same question. The part of the post starts with “This is all to say that Our Lady’s Little Rabble is not necessarily special… just chosen. And she is inviting you. What must you do? The first thing is to simply, right now, say “yes”—fiat.

… and to pray something like this (I modified it slightly for reading comfort):

“Lord, I present myself to You right now, as I am.

And my “as I am” ( is more ) is like Matthew as he sat at his table collecting taxes; or like Zacchaeus hiding up in a tree; or like the adulterous (woman) laying accused in the dirt; or like the good thief, hanging by a thread; or like Peter declaring, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”

To each of these, You accepted their “Take me as I am.” And so, with a firm act of my will, I offer You now all that I am, as I am. In this way, I also take Mary as my Mother, she whom You have placed, after You, at the head of Your Celestial army.

With that, Lord, I pray: “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” (to be living in “the Will of God”)”

From Mark Mallett’s “Our Lady’s Little Rabble” post.



The Angelus, JEAN FRANÇOIS MILLET (Museo_de_Orsay, 1857-1859)

Just us peasants here in the Shire, “fly-over country” any-town, any-where.