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People! It’s a “Figure of Speech” … Sheepdogs and Donkeys (end)

“Somewhere In Neverland”, All Time Low, from the album “Don’t Panic”, (2012)

Hey! Wake up! A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two. It is therefore considered more rhetorically powerful, or punchier, than a simile.

A metaphor is a type of analogy and is closely related to other rhetorical figures of speech which achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance – including allegory, hyperbole, and simile. In the case of the use of “sheepdog and wolves” for which bringing it into fashionable usage I am indebted to Lt Col David Grossman and others,  it is an allegorical metaphor, rather in the same vein as the old “3 little pigs” stories in the children’s fairy tales.


Nobody believes for a second that certain types of humans are really like wolves and others are really like sheepdogs and others are like sheep, although the “AHA! Gotcha!” fervor with which all the usual suspects jump on it’s use tells me that they might just be fans of Being Liberal.

They really, really, really can’t handle it, when us guys do to them what those guys do all the time to us. I bet they had their own “airport moment” back in the 70’s. Maybe it gave them a sore throat … Awww.

Anyway, we need more emphasis on donkeys and less emphasis on sheepdogs. And while we are pointing fingers, the ongoing misuse of the “R-K” “behaviour theory” on certain websites is particularly annoying. Just because the kinda folks that put out sites like “Being Liberal” misuse stats and indulge in pseudo-scientific jargon to sugar coat their BS doesn’t mean it’s OK for the good guys to do it, any more than it was OK for the allies to put Germans in gas chambers just because the Germans put Jews in gas chambers.

My own bias’s are on full display in this post, obviously exhibited in the links I chose above. I acknowledge my bias’s and I own them. There are things in my life that, in retrospect, after 7 decades, I am not proud of and would do differently if I had a do-over, but my views of the LEFT of all stripes, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and all the running dogs of evil in this world are deep seated, lifelong, and to change them I would have to surgically remove my brain.

Our cultural polarization of people by simplistic linear viewpoints based on whether or not we disagree with the person in question is the biggest product of the left in history. It is just another manifestation of childish cliques, and the school-yard hate phenomenon we all saw while growing. Simple BS presented because the writers feel that the audience is too stupid to know the difference and would agree anyway. Don’t do it! Rise above the temptation to join the evil in the cesspool because it’s easy and not fair that they do it. There’s always lots of flies on shit.

My bias’s are rooted in my passions and my pride, even my apologies are couched in “Yes, but …” terms. I am still attached to “being approved of” even by those who I understand could never approve of me in any way, shape, or form, as long as I hold the views, and beliefs that I do. But, I keep pointing to things and events which are undeniable, and hence unforgivable in some circles. I had one of these moments last February, 2019 here. Again, I apologize for offense given, “But Still It Moves”.



A Two Coffee morning, courtesy of “Photo Electric Synergy” another Canadian Facebook site.

Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately



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