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Coronavirus Update … From a Western Canadian Perspective…

These days there seems to be a flurry of changes taking place in the insurance industry pointing to industry evaluations regarding causes and “medical risks” associated, in some cases, with “Red Bat Flu” and perhaps with vaccines. And maybe it is just relating to the meltdown of the global economy. I am just bluesky’ing this based on observations and conversations while I am renewing my coverage during these “Times Of Crisis”.

And I have had chats with a number of brokers and company representatives while trying to weave together coverage for various risks, I have observed that I am not getting the same “risk” story from insurance experts as I am getting from “Health experts”.

COVID-19 is not the cause of every risk and the definitions of disease risk are so imprecise that it probably can’t be calculated in any meaningful way. These days the medical disease theories seem to be as precise as reading the entrails or the tea leaves, Of course, not everyone thinks there is anything of value in these thoughts and maybe they are right and I am just paranoid.

A Two Coffee Morning, courtesy of “Photo Electric Synergy” another Canadian Facebook site.

The story here is just a commentary on my observations drawn from my reading and digging over the last 6 months, and email and telephone chats, and comparing media reports with academic reports.  We all can’t do “coffee breaks” together anymore because of “Social Distancing” so this is just an Op-Ed bit of Kaffeeklatch chatter. Skip it if you wish.

It’s interesting and informative to be sorting out our insurance needs right now because I get to read up on what the insurance industry is doing about exclusions. These people are most definitely NOT stupid and the exclusions are excellent “Red Flags” about what is a real risk and what is a fraudulent or bogus risk promoted by a government panic attack and the Medical establishment’s “Blood in the Water” reaction to our current “Plandemic Model” of population control.

Actuarial statistics are way more reliable “tests of reality” than “Karen on Facebook”, or the Deputy Minister’s briefing notes. It’s gratifying to discover that the “exclusions” seem to line up with what some (rebel) Health researchers and (rebel) doctors are saying about the current health model and the alleged connections between “Virus” theory, and “Germ” theory and our current medical model of pathology.

The health researchers talk about no current or past research meeting Cox’s Model tests for validity and that the whole establishment has jumped on the “Fireman” model of disease, that is “we find fireman at the scene of a fire” and after some hocus-pocus dressed up in multisylabic baffle-gab we jump to “Fireman are causing fires, therefore we should be vaccinating against firemen”.

Trust us, we are “Making Sure” …

And vast sums of “public” dollars are flowing into finding an ass covering “solution” to the Pandemic Terrorist’s claims.

I have been reviewing the exclusions and also asking other insurance people about what is excluded, and I like what I am hearing because it tells me that the Insurance industry is also suspicious of this whole Plandemic global phenomenon.

Translating what I am hearing  from contacts in the medical world, the blogosphere, and the insurance world, it appears that the whole pandemic scare is just that, a scare. So what could “they”, (The Royal “They”) be trying to scare us into … ?

What do you think about it all? I am reading a new book, “What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong” which has given me another lens through which to observe the current medical system within which I work every day.

It’s a disturbing, even upsetting book, about “assumptions”. Remember the old saw about “We know what “Assume” does … makes and ass out of you and me. Well, we assume a lot when we “Trust Authority” more than we trust God.

Yes some people are sick, some are very sick, and some are even dying, but what ever is causing it nobody has a clue and it’s all just speculation and panic and ass covering. And the stats (such as they are) don’t support any conclusion about “higher than normal” death rates and illness rates.

Virtually all sources have switched to just reporting “new cases” which includes any positive test result regardless of symptoms, and almost no one is currently reporting COVID-19 deaths.

So far, a CBC News tally of COVID-19 deaths based on provincial reports, regional health information and CBC’s reporting stood at 8,863. BUT!  In Canada, in a normal year, that is to say, every year, medical errors account for (at leaast) 28,000 deaths yearly, according to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute which campaigns to reduce that number. Errors are said to be the third leading cause of death in Canada after cancer and heart disease, and every minute and 18 seconds someone is injured from unintended medical system harm.

So far, according to a mortality analysis by Johns Hopkins University’s Corona-virus Resource Center, about 6% of the nearly 1.7 million people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus in the U.S. have succumbed to the disease. That’s 102,000 deaths attributed to “Coronavirus related disease”. But also according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, same as in Canada.

These are the “lowest number” conservative documented “reported” numbers with some authors claiming that at least twice that many deaths due to medical misadventure go unreported to protect the medical establishment.

So way more people in Canada and the U.S.A. die every year from “Medical Oopsies” than from anything related to “Coronavirus”, the purported cause of this particular “Red Bat Flu”, and the causal relationship has never been even remotely proven. Do the math … the real threat here is the Medical System. People are dying of COVID-19 because they went to the hospital when they developed symptoms.

Even the inventor of “the test” whose work won him a Nobel Prize,  has testified before Congress that this type of “test” cannot be used for testing what they are claiming to test because it doesn’t actually “test” for any virus but rather for DNA snippets that are “theoretically” associated with the existence of “theoretical” viruses which might be associated with some disease symptoms, and the more times the test is repeated (recooked) the higher the likely-hood of a “Positive”.

It’s all about “Positives” and those organizations with higher positives are getting higher funding, … even when those positives are not translating into actual symptomatic sick people. So far, there has never been a “virus” ever proven to actually “cause” any illness. In fact, if we dig deep enough there has never ever been any “study” proving any direct causal disease connection for any “pathogen”, ever, since antibiotics and vaccines were first invented back in the days of Pasteur and the boys. The medical establishment just knows this to be true … it must be true, what else could it be?

We are close to having a Vaccine for COVID …

So, on the one hand, we have a “Medical Model” which has given us a swirling soup of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about who, what, where, when, how, we are all being killed at a great rate by Red Bat Flu, and we have applied widespread Draconian controls on all our populations in every country, to shut down the planetary economy in a desperate attempt to “Blame Trump for everything” and establish a coordinated “One World” authority to “Get Us All Working Together” as Dr. Fauci says.

And that’s all just for unproven suppositions regarding the Plandemic. There have been an unprecedented number of flags run up an unprecedented number of poles to see who all will salute the new “We Have To Control EVERYTHING” crowd.

On the other hand, we have hard data conservatively underestimated regarding “medically induced deaths” from various reliable sources, which outnumber the alleged Red Bat Flu deaths by a factor of  around 300% at least (proven deaths directly attributable to Medical misadventure.

And we not only are not doing anything about the Medical Misadventure but we are not even talking about it. It would seem that the entire death rate from Red Bat Flu is directly associated with people being exposed to the medical system, in fact one might be able to make the case that the medical system caused the Red Bat Flu deaths with greater certainty than that it was caused by a “Germ” or “Virus” the existence if which is still unproven.

If it looks like a Crock, and it smells like a Crock, and it sounds like a Crock, well … prove it’s not a Crock!

I just heard a story from a reliable participant that in order to get into our local hospital the “victim” had to answer a questionnaire of 40 or so questions to “Prove” that they were healthy. This reaction seems counter-intuitive when thinking about why hospitals even exist. Shouldn’t we really be “isolating people from the medical system” to save 300,000+ lives a year in North America?

My take away from this whole kerfuffle is to just go along, say “Yes Minister”, “Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full sir,”and just keep on doing what we think is right (aka common sense) and not worry about things the way the government would like us to worry. Passive Aggression and “Social Resistance” goes a long way towards mitigating the debilitating effects of the “Medical Terrorism” rampant in our society these days.

If it looks like a Crock, and it smells like a Crock, and it sounds like a Crock, well … prove it’s not a Crock! What does “government” do when “consent of the governed” goes away?



Just a little rough patch, the only way is “underway”.