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The Walk-back Begins …

WOOHOO! Three cheers for the CBC …

Our Communist Broadcasting Corporation, aka CBC has begun the walk-back. first is a confirmation that there will be no “Social Distancing” enforcement in schools as the “students” aka “Day Care” occupants return to our massive public daycare centres all over the land, but lockers and water fountains will remain “Locked down” and who knows what will happen in all our “Same Sex” school bathrooms.

The second big item of interest is an un-“trump”eted report that of the 176,000 U.S. COVID “deaths” reported so far, it turns out only about 6% were actually from COVID, and the rest are all from all the usual killers like pneumonia and so on amongst all the usual “health compromised”  populations, just like it’s always been for decades,  BUT!!! Cases!!! Watch out for those cases. That’s what is going to kill us all this fall!

Well, Gee!  We might find that BLM killed more people than COVID after all the dancing and prancing and pontification are said and done. Time to start suing the morons so that they can spend more billions of our tax dollars defending their navel gazing idiocy.



OH NO!!! Where’s Your MASK?????