About me

So who is Joe and where did my world view come from?

Spoiler warning: if you are a modern progressive secular liberal or democrat you will probably find some of the political and social views expressed in my blog to be any, or all, of rude, insulting, appalling, offensive, degrading, or demeaning or just primitively superstitions and outmoded.

On the other hand, the personal health adventure might be more interesting ’cause who isn’t interested in better health and longer life? But whatever, you’re mileage may vary if Facebook is to be believed.

So you all sleep tight tonight, and know that all us good guard dogs at the pointy end of the stick will keep you safe in this evil world, even though you hate us, because that is just what we do. Also remember that at the end of all things, winter is coming and the long defeat.

So, where from the view and the values … simple … my ancestors were German, Swiss, Irish and French. Mostly they were East coast farmers and fishermen going back at least to the middle of the 17th century according to my genealogy research.

Grand-dad was a Sapper in WW1, Dad was Airborne in WW2, 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion, and both worked for the CPR in communications after they mustered out, so military and working on the railroad was what everyone, all my uncles and aunts, in my family did.

I grew up in a family where Faith, loyalty, competence, pride, selflessness, integrity, courage, discipline, sacrifice, and tradition, were primary family values and were dutifully passed on to all us kids who then went their own ways, made their respective compromises and adapted to this world.

This was all back before the traditional protestant churches tanked and Vat-2 opened the floodgates of humanist progressivism in the traditional Roman Catholic Church. Now, 60 years on, we can all clearly see (if we have eyes to see) what has sprouted from those seeds. Of course “there are none so blind”, and all that.

I dropped out of high school, left home as a know-it-all teenager and spent 8 years NAVY in WW3 (COLD WAR for you non mil types), 10 years D.O.J. Corrections Service,  5 years Regional Health Care IT,  23 years Small Business Owner. Along the way I managed to pick up a business admin certificate, a computer systems technology diploma, a CISSP Certification through IBM, and a Bachelor’s degree in General Arts & Science.

I broke with tradition and went NAVY … the only way is underway, land is just a navigational hazard, and I never worked for the railroad, even though I also worked in communications as a “Sparker” in destroyers. In the Canadian Armed Forces in the 70’s, everyone from every branch, Airforce, Army and Navy, all went through 14 weeks of basic infantry training (boot camp) first, before spending another year or so in specialist training. They wanted to make sure we knew how to take orders and shoot accurately.

14 weeks of infantry was enough for me, I figured it was better to ride everywhere in an outfit which never encountered “enemy civilians” that walk everywhere in the rain and the mud waiting for someone I didn’t know to take a shot at me. I still think it was the right choice even though some of my “liberal” friends tell me I was brainwashed.

I have also worked as carpenter, landscaper, public school janitor, short order cook, college teacher, sailing instructor, stable hand, bulk plant manager, contract administrator, taxi driver and owner, and fuel truck driver among other things. Never been out of work which makes me weird in this day and age when it seems “de-rigueur” to spend a significant part of your career sucking the gov’mint tit.

A Two Coffee Morning, courtesy of “Photo Electric Synergy” another Canadian Facebook site.

So I have now managed to get to my second cup … and realize that in all the excitement it may have slipped under the radar that I am no “expert” in anything except perhaps pointing out that “The Emperor is Naked”.

So here is my first ever “official” disclaimer. I have encountered disclaimers similar to my disclaimer posted below on several sites both public and private, and even on a few government and “Healthcare” sites.

They exist in the same universe which includes “security” warnings at the end of emails to the effect that if the reader is not the intended recipient they must perform an immediate brain wipe, immediately destroy the offending email, and forget they ever saw the email sent in error.

So, in the spirit of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and it’s evil twin Fear Of Missing Out here is the “official disclaimer” of the notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” blog site:



The information on this social media page and others in this blog site are presented by notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” for the purpose of distributing information and possibly entertainment, free of charge for the benefit and interest of the readers and followers of notmyfirstrodeo. Your mileage may vary.

The information on this social media page and others are made available on the basis that “notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” is providing entertainment, and is not providing professional advice on any particular matter.

The information provided or referred to is not a substitute for professional advice. Other sources of entertainment with different punchlines can be found easily on all MSM sites. Go where you will, and go with God.

Nothing contained on this blog site, notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny”  is intended to be used as medical advice, or professional advice, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or any other affliction, spiritual or worldly, nor should it be used for therapeutic purposes or as a substitute for your own health professional’s advice.

notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance of the information provided on this page and others.   The personal views expressed on this platform are just that, and do not represent the views of my profession.

notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness, perception or interpretation of the information provided. As I sometimes end my posts with: “We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately”

Content may include the views or recommendations of third parties independent of notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” and does not necessarily reflect the views of notmyfirstrodeo, cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny” nor does it indicate a commitment to a particular idea or course of action.


I have attempted to attribute any and all references that are not my own original thought, if I have missed any it is simply oversight. Someone somewhere commented “too many links”, and my response was and is: Someone once said of Mozart “Too Many Notes”. So there you go … the Blogosphere is still more or less free, so go where you will while we still can



Just a little rough patch, the only way is “underway”.

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