About me

Where did my world view come from?  (spoiler warning: if you are a modern progressive liberal or democrat you will probably find the views expressed in my blog to be any or all of rude, insulting, appalling, offensive, degrading, demeaning, or in the words of my beloved sister in law “You are nothing but a Red-Necked Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal from Fly-Over Country!!!!”).

I love you too babe, and sleep tight tonight knowing that all us good guard dogs will keep you safe even though you hate us, because that is just what we do. Also remember that at the end of all things the last Centurion laid his shield in the heather and took a barbarian wife. You only have to read history to know that those days are coming again. Winter is Coming!

So, where from the view and the values … simple … my ancestors were German, Swiss, Irish and French. Mostly they were East coast farmers and fishermen going back at least to the middle of the 17th century.  Grand-dad was a Sapper in WW1, Dad was Airborne in WW2,  1st Canadian Special Service Battalion.

I grew up in a family where Faith, loyalty, competence, pride, selflessness, integrity, courage, discipline, sacrifice,  tradition, were the primary family values and were dutifully passed on to the kids. Unfortunately both my sisters went on to university in the 70’s and 80’s , abandoned their stupid parents, and embraced Liberal Progressive Atheistic Narcissism as their new religion.

My Dad’s line was Methodist, and Mum’s  was Roman Catholic – a pretty scandalous couple in their day but very independent thinkers to their death. This was all back before the traditional protestant churches tanked and Vat-2 opened the floodgates of humanist progressivism in the traditional Roman Catholic Church. Now, 50 years on, we can all clearly see (if we have eyes to see) what has sprouted from those seeds. Of course “there are none so blind”, and all that.

I dropped out of high school, left home as a teenager and spent 8 years NAVY in WW3 (COLD WAR for you non mil types), 10 years D.O.J. Corrections Service,  5 years Regional Health Care IT,  17 years Small Business Owner. Along the way I managed to pick up a business admin certificate, a computer systems technology diploma, a CISSP Certification through IBM, and a Bachelors degree in general studies.

I have also worked as carpenter, landscaper, public school janitor, short order cook, college teacher, sailing instructor, stable hand, bulk plant manager, contract administrator, and fuel truck driver among other things. Never been out of work which makes me weird in this day and age when it seems “de rigueur” to spend a significant part of your career sucking the gov’mint tit.

My interests are diverse and include history, economics, philosophy, religion, shooting, karate, security, sailing, painting, reading & writing, global & local politics, IT & programming, online gaming, logic and rhetoric. Married to my first wife for 41 years with 1 adult daughter. God is great, Beer is good, people are crazy.

Pet peeves:  WOG’s, REMF’s, any and all progressive humanist management types, socialism, unrestrained capitalism, any thing or program or person that sees human individuals as cyphers or resources to be expended and/or used up and thrown away when no longer needed. Any and all of the above telling me how I should live my life “For my own good”.


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