Amoris Laetitia and Auschwitz …

Twilight And Shadow”, Howard Shore, from “Lord Of The Rings

A couple of posts ago I posted a long article on the moral controversy surrounding the subject apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis. This post is another where the writer has articulately pointed out the significant moral equivalencies between the Pope’s memo and the Nazi program of extermination – the final Solution.

Go there. or read it here, or if you roll that way, just ignore it, along with abortion and euthanasia and all the other nice progressive amoral planks of our modern progressive society. Your call.


According to AL, a conscience may “recognize that a a given situation does not correspond objectively to the demands of the Gospel” but sees “with a certain moral security … what for now is the most generous response”.

Let us examine how this moral principle might apply in situations of organised and industrialised genocide. A man involved in the extermination of Jewry, for example … if he were to decline to collaborate in any more murders, not only might he be subjected to discriminatory responses, but his family also might suffer grievously. His marriage might suffer!

Is he, perhaps, required by the Bergoglian moral principle of “what is for now the most generous response” to try, gradually so as not to be noticed, to reduce the number of Jews whom he kills each day? Or might Bergoglianism mean that he should do his very best to see that they die less painfully? Or should he attempt, again without drawing too much attention to himself, so to work the system that in three months time he gets transferred to duties which involve him less directly in extermination … like, for example, harmlessly organising the train schedules?

I am aware that my questions lay me wide open to an accusation that I am either an unbalanced crank in making an equivalence between well-mannered habitual adultery among the nice, if rather gleefully rutting, German middle-classes, and genocide; or ‘antisemitic’ for illustrating a moral priple by talking so calmly about something as vile as what Nazi Germany did to the Jews.

It is my view that such an accusation by such an interlocutor would in fact amount to an admission that Adultery is not really sinful … that it is, well, perhaps not technically in accordance, quite, with the book of rules, but it is not really wrong. Cardinal Coccopalmerio has in fact said something rather like this.

It is also my view that a mortal sin is a mortal sin is a mortal sin is a mortal sin. And Mortal Sin is the area into which, like several fair-sized and unstable bulls in a very tiny china shop, Bergoglio and his cronies have strayed. And by sanctioning what Fr Aidan Nichols has neatly called “tolerated concubinage”, I do not think they will bring a single murdered Jew back to life or even save a single victim in future genocides. In fact, quite the contrary. Do we save lives … or marriages … by chipping away at the Decalogue, or by shoring it up when it comes under threat?

A person, you tell me, may well know a rule yet be in a concrete situation which does not allow him or her to act differently. So …. if this does not also apply within genocidal situations, where can it apply?

A person’s long involvement, you tell me, in sinful actions may well so habituate him to those actions that the subjective sinfulness, as AL claims, is radically diminished … yes; I happen to agree with you there, and, like all confessors, I am mindful of this when I sit with my ear against the grill. But you won’t forget, will you, that somebody who has been killing Jews for a couple of years might also well be in such a condition. And the tribunals which judged War Criminals after 1945 don’t seem to have taken this laudable casuistic principle into their jurisprudence.

Bergoglio’s ‘jesuitical’ campaign to circumvent Veritatis splendor paragraph 80, as well as Familiaris consortio, is both a moral and an ecclesial disaster. If Bergoglian ‘moral principles’ prevail, then, as Fr Aidan Nichols has accurately put it, “no area of Christian morality can remain unscathed“.




Now don’t you dare step out of line my precious … we will get to you in good time. And while you are waiting please visit https://bccla.org/our-work/blog/lamb/

There is ALWAYS a way to rationalize evil in our progressive nation.

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Main Stream Media as Professional Liars …

As a one time subscriber to Pravda in my teens, I understand exactly what David Warren is talking about here. This article is worth the time to read the whole thing. Just teaser excerpted here:


David-Warren” … Here is an example of journalistic fraud, more egregious than usual, but not by much.

The CNN television network juxtaposed two aerial photographs from the same angle, one showing the National Mall full of people, the other showing most of it empty. They explained that Picture A showed the crowd for Obama’s first inauguration, Picture B for Trump’s.

They didn’t mention that Picture A was taken while Obama was being sworn in, Picture B three hours before Trump was. It was the “proof” that Obama had outdrawn Trump, picked up and enthusiastically hustled by all other liberal media — and a knowing misrepresentation. Not one in a hundred who saw it will ever learn that they were had.”


Read More Here



001-a-lordoftherings_return_02“God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless.”  Chester W. Nimitz

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The Elephant Acts …

“Alberta”, Bob Dylan, from the album “Self Portrait, (June 1970)

I would like to think that “The Donald” read my post yesterday, understood it and acted on it, but on balance I would have to admit that I am not that delusional. Over at “LifeSiteNews” we find this article:


001-a-the-elephantWASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – In his very first pro-life action, President Donald Trump signed an executive order today reinstating the “Mexico City Policy” banning government funding of foreign pro-abortion groups like the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

A cultural political football, the policy was first enacted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and was maintained by President George H.W. Bush until it was rescinded first by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1993. Eight years later, President George W. Bush reinstated Mexico City and it was in effect until Barack Obama reversed it upon entering office in 2009.

The Mexico City Policy bans funding to organizations that perform abortions overseas or lobby for legalizing them in foreign nations.

Trump’s pro-life action comes a day after the 44th anniversary of the notorious Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, which along with the Court’s Doe v. Bolton decision, established abortion-on-demand as the law of the land. (read more)


Here in Canada we remain steadfast in our commitment to killing all inconvenient people. The left claims half a million marchers in the “Women Who Kill Children” march which took place yesterday. They also claim that’s about 5 times the number of folks who showed up at the Trump inauguration event.

Those are pretty good sample sizes even if they are exaggerated. They are probably significantly better samples than the national political and social pollsters typically get with their sample leading surveys conducted to prove and support those who hired them.

Let’s assume for a moment that they are accurate in their estimates. That’s 1 in 5 folks decided to attend Trumps inauguration. That would also imply that 4 in 5 folks hate Trump because he is against abortion and think it’s just A-OK to kill babies and old folks.


Blessed Virgin Mary as Bloody Vagina.

1 in 5 seems to be about the observed proportion of folks in the general population who seem to understand the difference between moral right and moral wrong based on their conduct and their expressed opinions.

1 in 5 might just be the proportion of folks in the general population who can actually imagine anything or anyone outside their immediate tweet circle of self worship.

Yesterday I mentioned in my post my thoughts on how we move past this polarization: “I think “Not taking anything personally, even when is is obviously intended to be both personal and as hurtful as possible, is how we get out of this conflict.”

So the first thing that pops into my mind after the initial shock and pain (which was EXACTLY what that little girl intended with her sign) is – Gee, Islam is even more anti-abortion that Catholicism. How come she decided to target Catholics rather than Muslims?

A number of things come to mind – Ignorance? Cowardice?, Hate? Pride? Black Lives Matter but Catholic Lives Don’t? All of the above and more? On the topic of Black Lives I would posit that significantly more black lives are lost every day because black women like the little beauty above choose to kill their children, than from all the other causes put together. And it is white Democrats who have been pushing this Holocaust since at least Lyndon Johnson took office. How wierd and totally disfunctional is that?

It’s difficult not to take this personally and not to imagine evil things. This evil, seen and experienced everywhere, IS personal. Maybe the Muslims have got it right! Maybe we should be praying for the coming of Sharia? And I suppose THAT is my sin – lack of charity and lack of humility.



001-a-lotr-frodo-hobbitsA major Scouring of the Shire is LONG overdue …

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Transience and Immutability … “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

“Aki” Rodrigo Rodriguez, from the album “Inner Thoughts”. (2006)

Thinking tonight about the similarities between events in my own family life and what I observe happening in the world around us. Close held opinions, world views which in some ways reject aspects of material reality which do not fit personal narratives, personal images, personal dreams, personal excuses. Some things seem never to change even in a society where change is the single constant.

I and my lovely wife were once great fans of genealogy,  spending many happy hours tracking down all the little facts and details of lives gone by, facts about how our families really lived, what they believed, what they stood for, what they fought for, what they died for.

Using parish documents, census documents, ships passenger lists, church roles for communities in the old and new world, reconstructing the lives of those who went before, weaving a narrative which goes back long before we were born and weaves us into a fabric spanning space and time, a fabric of belonging.

As in the time of my great grand-father, my grand-father and my father, so too now anything worth doing is hard to do. Anything worth making is hard to make. Anything worth expressing is hard to express. Especially, anything worth thinking is hard to think. So too with finding family information and facts when the prevalent meme is “spare me your facts, … “.

People simply don’t want to hear anything that diverges from their fashionable, comfortable and accepted narrative, even within families where digging up the past is at best greeted with “That’s nice dear…” or at worst, hostility and recrimination about “Why do you want to be digging all that up?”, or “That’s just a lie! …”.


Merchant ships of the type sailed along the New Brunswick coast and area in the period Claude was a skipper. (Late 1600’s)

One family myth was that my mother’s side were DeVans from Belgium, and Pitts from Boston. The documented findings (facts?) show otherwise including  a direct lineage from:

PETITPAS, CLAUDE, schooner captain, interpreter, known particularly for his collaboration with the English. (What? a French traitor, certainly a wanted man in some circles. Ha! I’d guess he didn’t share that narrative).

Claude was the third child of a family of 15, son of Claude Petitpas, Sieur de Lafleur, clerk of the court at Port-Royal (Annapolis Royal, N.S.), and of Catherine Bugaret; b. c. 1663 at Port-Royal, d. some time between 1731 and 1733.

During his youth Petitpas was closely associated in his voyages and activities with the Micmacs in the neighbourhood of Port-Royal, where he lived in his father’s home until his marriage. Around 1686 he married an Indian girl of that tribe named Marie-Thérèse, born in 1668, by whom he had at least seven children (Metis), according to the 1708 census. (Hey Mom, bet you didn’t know we have Micmac relatives.)

On 7 Jan. 1721, after his first wife’s death, he remarried, again at Port-Royal; his second wife was Françoise Lavergne from that town, daughter of Pierre Lavergne, Father Breslay’s servant, and of Anne Bernon. She was only 17; he was about 57. (Cradle robber anyone? Whatever, but definitely French no matter how you slice it.)

She bore him four children.Absolutely shocking! Not a Pitts from Boston … hmmm.  Another myth – DeVan – well actually Devanney, from Sligo, Ireland.  OMG people!  Not Belgian and Anglo American but a shady hated background of lowlife Frenchies and drunken Irish!  Not THOSE people. We don’t talk to Those people. Well, Mum refused to ever talk about it and stuck to her myth, her “narrative” until the day she died.

As in the family so too in the greater world at large. That is just the way things always were, are now, and will continue to be, world without end, Amen.

Our society, our culture, our “civilization” worships the glib, the silly, the foolish, the stupid, the inane, the idiotic, the vacuous, the asinine, the comfortable, and especially the fashionable and/or prestigious, in short, anything which will fit in a twitter post – if it is more of an Opus then you will have to switch to Facebook.

In this dark time, everybody finds themselves burdened under burgeoning behaviour codes on every front, academic, legal, social, political, and family, the Star Chamber of the Politically Correct (known as “human rights tribunals” in Canada), the lawless Dictatorship of Relativism, the Family Cabal, shunning the one who dares to dig up “facts”, or worse yet, Speak Them Aloud! But now THOSE people grab the whip hand and wreak vengeance on anyone who mentions them or disagrees with their point of view.

The sentence of “Pariah” is passed and we are only a short hiccup away from being prosecuted because what we brought up might, potentially, hurt the feelings of unknown members of some vaguely defined, politically or familially favored group.

The dissident pariah loses his familial ties, his relationships, his livelihood, or perhaps, if he hopes to keep them, must submit to public humiliation, apologies all around, and some tightly directed PC course of “counseling,” or “sensitivity training,” or “re-education” on what(ever) constitutes acceptable behaviour and he bloody well better accept this chastisement with good grace and humility or he’s a racist homophobic National Socialist, eh?



Dan Jurac Fine Art Photo of Hoar Frost_DSC2972_-25 degrees Celsius by December 5th. It’s about time, eh?  It is winter after all.



Fort McMurray Fire best news for Liberals and NDP

It appears that the Fort McMurray Wildfire is the best possible news that the Liberals and the NDP could get. Fort McMurray gets closed down by Mother Nature and all they have to do is cut budgets and be slow to respond and PRESTO!  No More Fort McMurray! No more Oil Sands Projects. It really is a socialist enviro-terrorist`s best dream come true.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley chat

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley after receiving news of the Fort McMurray Wildfire burning the town. It`s Karma tweets prominent Notley supporters.

Last month, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley slashed the province’s fire-fighting funds from nearly $500 million to just $86 million. It was the only thing she cut in her massive, bloated budget.

Our hearts go out to everyone from Fort Mac. They have already suffered so much economically — and now this complete devastation.

But to understand how bad it is, you need to know the context.

Last month the NDP brought in the provincial budget. The biggest spending, biggest-taxing budget in Alberta history. Biggest deficit in Alberta history. More than 2,000 new bureaucrats being hired by Rachel Notley. But there was one thing that was cut. Fire fighting.

Last year the province spent near $500 million on fighting fires. Same thing the year before. But in this budget, Notley slashed that budget down to $86 million. Notley cut the provincial fire-fighting budget by 80%. It was really the only thing she cut.

Just hours before the fires, during Question Period in the Alberta Legislature, the Leader of the opposition, Brian Jean, who lives in Fort McMurray, was pleading with Notley for help. As flames engulfed the city, but still hours before the evacuation order, he was asking Notley why she cut firefighters. Notley answered by mocking Brian Jean for — get this — for fear mongering. Fear mongering. Within hours of Notley’s excuses, Brian Jean’s own home was reportedly burnt down and the city evacuated.

Rachel Notley had money for everything else, for everyone else — but not for firefighters. Literally yesterday, as fire was encircling Fort McMurray, Notley told opposition leader Brian Jean, himself a resident of Fort McMurray, that he was just being a “fearmonger”. She said it twice. She laughed at him. Hours later, the entire city of Fort McMurray was evacuated. Jean’s own house reportedly burned down.

More than 60,000 Albertans are now homeless. But NDP activists were gloating. Tom Moffatt, a former NDP candidate, said last night that it was global warming “karma” that the oilsands city burned down.

I’m not kidding. Click here to watch the video and see for yourself — see Notley call Jean a fearmonger, and read Moffat’s gleeful insult.

Hey!  Don`t take my word for it. Look anywhere. This is the true face of the progressive environmental extremists who are now running Alberta and Canada. It will take Alberta at least a generation to recover from these people and their evil, if it ever actually recovers. Notley even had to hire 2000 new NDP workers from out of province because she could not find enough supporters to hire  here in Alberta.




Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately


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The “M” is Silent … part 3 …

Shakuhachi Flute

So as I alluded to in my last post, without the information in these books, the reading of which I am currently pushing as worthwhile ways to spend some time, we quickly become victims of our ignorance at the hands of the liars, the progressive pundits, and the popular agenda setters of NICE.

Lichtenstein-CastleHere in Schloss Bernhart WE have bestowed OUR Imprimatur, that is, pronounced these writers to be worthwhile authors, uncontaminated by the progressive herd, and truly worthy of our consideration but your mileage may vary depending on how satisfied with the pablum provided by the MSM.

For sure, of course, if you are just completely happy with the daily media narrative and don’t want to think about the moral implications then God be with you and I hope you get a major wake-up call soon. I suspect if you got this far then you don’t fall into that particular slot, you know, the “They have eyes but will not see, they have ears but will not hear” crowd.

So we are still looking at History and no account would be complete without mentioning Warren H. Carroll‘s “A History of Christendom” in 6 volumes. This series is the only comprehensive narration of Western history written from the orthodox Catholic perspective still in print. How would a historical narrative read if the author began with these first principles: Truth exists; the Incarnation happened? This series is essential reading for those who consider the West worth defending.

Eternity’s Sunrize

Besides at least a general knowledge of History we also need some reasonable understanding of Economics and the way economies actually operate, as opposed to the delusional fantasies currently fashionable amongst our political masters. To this end, and given the veritable tsunami of publications purporting to be about “economics”, I will limit myself to listing authors I am personally familiar with.

In a sort of alphabetical order we have Claude Frederic Bastiat, Jesus Huerta de Soto, Niall Ferguson, Milton Friedman, Hans Hermann Hoppe, F.A. Hayek, Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Ron Paul, Adam Smith, Thomas Sowell, David Stockman, Addison Wiggin.  All of the above authors are readily and inexpensively available in electronic editions on the web. I will not even bother linking sources because it is too easy to just Google them all.

What other areas are essential to make sense of the Augean Stables that pass for social, philosophical and political commentary these days? Well, again, rather than list titles I will just list authors in a sort of alphabetical order starting with Whittaker Chambers, G.K. Chesterton, Dinesh D’ Souza, Nicholas Eberstadt, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Hazlitt, Immanuel Kant, Peter Kreeft, Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Eterne de la Boetie, Mark David Ledbetter, C.S. Lewis, John Locke, Thomas Paine,  Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Eric Metaxas), John Henry Newman, Albert Jay Nock, Alex De Tocqueville,

The Beatitudes

So, that`s the short list of essential reading to understand what we see and hear around us every day. When everything seems confusing and doesn`t seem to make much sense you are not deluded or stupid. It IS confusing and senseless because the people reporting everything don`t know any better – that is, they themselves don`t actually know what the heck is going on either and they are just spouting whatever the teleprompter is spinning. And the folks writing for the teleprompter don`t know what they are writing about either, they are just writing copy to please their handlers.

Hell, if you can read a teleprompter, and are a member of a visible minority you can be President!  In our culture, who needs to know anything like history or economics, or even the difference between right and wrong.




Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.