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Hope & Fraternal Charity … pride and ranting and prancing …

Sacrament of Tears”, Adrian von Ziegler, from the album “Mortualia”, 2012.

150625-N-SN160-356 EVANSVILLE, Ind. (Jun, 25, 2015) The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, join their signature Delta formation with the Canadian Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds, for a photo shoot over Evansville, Ind. The Blue Angels are scheduled to perform at 68 demonstrations at 35 locations across the U.S. in 2015. (U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael Lindsey/Released)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (Jun, 25, 2015) The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, join their signature Delta formation with the Canadian Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds, for a photo shoot over Evansville, Ind.  (U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael Lindsey/Released)

This is not a “Feel Good” post. This is more of a cranky, uncharitable, old man post, and its about 5000 words, so way too long for easy reading, but at least it’s a personal purge so I can relax and sleep. If you are looking for a snappy 1000 word  “Feel Good” post you will have to look somewhere else.

So the Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron are cleared for action again after a months long grounding due to an unexpected crash of one of their antique aircraft. Above is an inspiring image from 5 years ago when no one had an inkling that we would all willingly, at the command of our Progressive Overlords, and accompanied by the chattering chorus of their gibbering minions in the media, walk in lockstep into the metaphorical ovens of their COVID terrorism, and BLM, and ANTIFA, which inform our every action these days.

Love Trumps Hate …

All these new terrors are just so much more terrifying than all our old fears of “Global Warming“, “Climate Change“, islands of plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean and all purpose Gaia worship. Now instead of sacrificing our economy to Gaia we willing sacrifice our entire way of life and our freedoms to the deadly “Casedemic“.

I am curious who can tell me just when was the last time anyone anywhere actually saw or heard reported any statistics dealing with “DEATH“, and “Actual Hospitalization” because of “Real Symptoms“. Anybody? Anybody?

Come ON class … probably 4 or 5 months at least since ALL the media and ALL the authorities and ALL the universities, and ALL the Social Media pundits just gave up on “DEATH” as the scare tactic of choice.  NOW the NEW WORLD ORDER refers only to “CASES”, and “OUTBREAKS”, and “HOTSPOTS”!

And all of these stats are based on a “test” for a “possible Virus” that is of questionable value at best, even when testing for bacteria – a much larger and easier identified target, and this notorious unreliability of the “TEST” has all been common knowledge in the medical and clinical research community for over 15 years now.

As usual, size matters, Bacteria are waaay larger than Viruses which have yet to be proven to actually exist since all research extent fails Cox’s tests. We haven’t even proven the existence of the critters we are blaming all this Casedemic on but we have no problem scaring the shit out of millions of ignorant people.

And the PCR test technique is designed to detect bits of genetic material from bacteria which are millions times larger than the as yet unproven and undetected “Viral cause” of COVID. The “COVID Virus” test is TOTALLY dependent on amplification and detection of amplicons.

Fossil Fools

And we haven’t even established any connection between the yet-to-be-found “Virus” and the “disease”.  But why would the general left-wing “feelings” crowd be interested in anything like facts and truth. It’s way smarter and easier and just more enjoyable to read Karen on Facebook and the rest of terrified control fanatics and then feel all warm and superior ranting about COVIDIOTS who won’t “Mask Up”.

So here is a primer from 18 years ago before the government realized that they could use this “test” to grow Fear uncertainty and Doubt in an easily panicked and lead population of low information voters. “Dammit All”! We have to defeat Trump somehow before Bernie and Bidden die on us, and since we can’t do it with brains we will stampede the herd into voting against the evil overlord Maximus Trumpicus.

He caused all this to just to make money, right, feely people? Better read this article soon before it joins the legion of deleted documentation shining a light on the “Fraud” being pushed on us all. Because that’s what is really going on here … intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.


From the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health we have extracted:  “… The application of PCR to clinical specimens has many potential pitfalls due to the susceptibility of PCR to inhibitors, contamination and experimental conditions. For instance, it is known that the sensitivity and specificity of a PCR assay is dependent on target genes, primer sequences, PCR techniques, DNA extraction procedures, and PCR product detection methods.

Even though there are many publications concerning basic protocols of a PCR assay, including DNA extraction and preparation as well as the amplification and detection of amplicons, PCR detection of bacteria in clinical specimens such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has not yet been reviewed.”

“… In particular, a diagnosis based on detection of a few bacteria in clinical specimens by using PCR must be carefully evaluated technically as well as microbiologically.  …  

Since PCR is based on DNA amplification, false-positive or -negative outcomes may easily occur. …

Since clinical specimens have PCR inhibitors, such as hemin, which binds to Taq polymerase and inhibits its activity (), DNA purification is important to avoid such effects. In fact, inhibitors are detected frequently in CSF specimens (), and boiling of CSF is not sufficient for removal of inhibitors which affect the detection of microbes by PCR (). ….

The classical DNA extraction protocol is based on purification with organic solvents like phenol-chloroform, followed by precipitation with ethanol. The precipitates obtained from CSF containing only a few bacteria may contain too little material and may not be visible. Therefore, handling of these precipitates may require guesswork, particularly during the washing of the precipitates. Thus, it seems likely that the resulting yield of bacterial DNA from CSF with only a few bacteria may not be consistent. …

… Some commercially available extraction and purification kits based on a solid-phase purification protocol are listed in Table Table1.1. These kits eliminate not only guesswork but also labor-intensive phenol-chloroform extraction steps. However, there is only limited information regarding bacterial DNA isolation from clinical specimens, particularly CSF, with these commercial kits.


In fact, the developers of the test themselves in testifying before the Congress clearly stated that the “test” being used to identify “cases” could not actually be used for these purposes because of false positive rates as high as 80%.   So who benefits from all this terror and control, and all these “CASES“?  Well, just listen to the news people, it’s all being done to protect us from a deadly “case count”.  And who pays the WHO and all the other authorities?  They sure aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart, are they?

It is a virtual certainty, based on 60 years of empirical experience, that whenever every source of information and authority agree on something, anything, we can bet anything on that “something” or “anything” being dead wrong. And all this is only possible when there is no moral compass in the culture, when there is no way possible for John and Jane Doe to tell the difference between right and wrong between moral behaviour and immoral behaviour, when it all relative and it just depends on … well … something, you know what I mean?

David Warren

We have lost all sense of “sin” and everything is now reduced to “feelings” and it is all “the other’s” fault.  “Evil” has become “anyone who disagrees with me“, and I have to make sure I am part of the “in” crowd and we all know that I am now the pinnacle, the crowning glory of the universe, right?

David Warren has an interesting take on this phenomenon here.

The image above, of spectacular flight, is a tribute to virtues and abilities now lost to our civilization … courage, will power, determination, grit, hard work, self discipline, and sheer brain power … these virtues may yet return, … but not as long as the shrieking howler monkey tribes occupy the battleground.

These virtues, are all sadly lacking in most of our pink and brown and black and yellow monkey tribes these days, and we find ourselves wrapped in the mad-coat straight jacket of a utterly corrupt and immoral Progressive Socialist government bureaucracy which we can never change.

found on “Being Liberal” … Can’t you just feel the love … Golem loves you precious …

We have in fact, the Bipolar Progressives … the “Two Faces of Golem”, as it were: … on the one hand we have Smeagol, endearing and pathetic, just let us look at how stupid all we COVID deniers are. We just have to be “Handled” with care in order to be brought to the light.

But don’t lose sight of the other half, on the other hand, there is always “Golem” and he is one downright scary “Dude”, and he’s standing right behind you!  

With 1.7 million “Likes” … Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid .. I’d guess that pretty much defines conservatives, right? We are all just afraid and we don’t understand and it is better to just kill us while we are still babies, right? That’s where narrative goes.

So, imagine a universe where authority can be wrong. Sometimes, a person in authority can be mistaken. A person who believes a lie, and who repeats the lie, does not do so out of malicious intent! And yet, he is repeating a lie!

Sometimes people and authorities believe things that are later proven to be untrue and they act on those things with a clear conscience because it’s “for our own good”. If you forced these folks to take a lie detector test they would pass because they actually do not know it is a lie.

There are books, books written as recently as a few years years ago, books you can still find in the library, which include untruths. Did those writers lie to you? No, they’d told the truth, as they’d known it. But future generations discovered that their concept of the truth had been very limited, and knowledge is still advancing. And that is just the mild form of misinformation.

Dr. Jerry Pournelle, 2005

Authority is also often more interested in maintaining itself than determining the truth. A person(s) who clings to his/her authority – which may or may not be based on a known lie – is unlikely to want to do anything to weaken it. This reminds me of Pournelle’s iron law of bureaucracy: any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

I am also reminded of Santayana’s  “those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.” in the sense that the vaults of history are crammed full of “authorities” who viciously resisted any form of change when their beliefs were questioned, and in the end they turned out to be wrong, even dead wrong, but that didn’t stop them from making millions of people miserable, or even dead in support of their lies, in support of their power and greed.

I think we are up against the same sort of situation now when dealing with our health care system, our government, our social programs, the “religion” of climate change, “pandemic, virusphobia and so on and so forth. Government bureaucracies IN AND OF THEMSELVES are fatally cancerous. They just grow back, like cancer, no matter how much we cut out.

Carbon Free Canada … where’s your mask, Boy?

King Ralph made major surgery back in his day and completely eliminated government debt but now we are right back where he started, bigger and more bloated than ever before, and more in debt.

Progressive government is a cancer … It is in the NATURE of public bureaucracies. Government bureaucracies are always and everywhere inevitably fatal. They always kill the host because no economy in history has had a bottomless well of resources for them to take.

Yes, courage, will power, determination, grit, hard work, self discipline, responsibility and accountability, and, yes, sheer brain power, are essential factors in every successful civilization, and as Robert Heinlein once remarked:

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded—here and there, now and then—are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. “This is known as ‘bad luck’. ” – Robert A. Heinlein

He says it so much more elegantly than I, in my grey tribe arrogance, “Viva Grey Tribe!”

You don’t even get a hand launched glider into the air on “feelings” and “emotion” and “fairness”, but it’s plenty good enough for launching Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, Hatred and Corruption, Rapine and Murder.

I mean who the Hell cares about a few more innocent victims when we murder almost a million children a year in North America and pretend it’s all about “Rights” and “Health Care”.

And all of this evil rushing forward amidst a crashing continuous media drumbeat of “feelings” and “emotion” and “fairness”, where literally everything from COVID to rioters killing and burning and looting is the fault of the Police and Trump. Yes! Boy Justin walks on water but Trump is evil, and anyone who doesn’t wear a facemask is a “Covidiot”, and anyone who believes in God is a primitive superstitious peasant.

Yes, “feelings” and “emotion” and “fairness” work very well to launch our current reign of terror, of BLM and ANTIFA and our daily soup of terror and violence and (Evil Overlord Laugh) BWAHA HA HA HAAA our DEADLY Case-demic. It’s really all about “Cases” not deaths, and its enforced by “Social Shaming” … but what about the people who don’t use Facebook???? Oh My …

Who needs a real “killer disease” when we can make up something that “the proles”, the “low information voters”,  will believe totally and wear their little “Slave Masks” and shame the thinking public into going along with everything because of “Social Pressure”, ALL POWER TO THE INVINCIBLE SOCIAL MEDIA MACHINE.


Thugs rampage in the streets of Portland, Chicago, Seattle, smashing and setting fires and looting, for joy and profit, and they are called, on television, “protestors.”” and  … “We find a media that have inverted and given a false account of virtually every issue that arises in our politics and law, from the phony “Russian conspiracy” to abortion, transgenderism, and of course – gasp – “climate change.

The passion over the climate comes from people who have long rejected the notion of moral truth, and taken “the environment” as their religion and as their substitute source for moral righteousness.  This is in part a new paganism with a worship of the earth.  If it shows a lingering concern for human lives, they are the lives threatened by rising waters in the future.

Let’s just kill all those stupid COVIDIOTS while they are still babies … it’s just so much simpler.

But then the question naturally arises:  Why such a concern for humans not yet living, when set against the 800,000 living beings destroyed every year in this country (U.S.A.) in abortions?  And yet, the party that now declares itself the party of “light” and hope, against the darkness of the current president and his administration, finds no darkness in its willingness to defend and promote these killings as a deep “right,” which can brook not the slightest restraint.

As Orwell would have it, “war is peace” and “peace is war.”  Everything is inverted.”


But this is the face of true evil.  The day that the world of ISIS and BLM and ANTIFA (is ISIS still a thing with the media?) and the rest of the shrieking screaming, drooling, Pink Tribe Progressives can put together something even remotely like the Air Demonstration Squadrons we see in my opening picture, or even develop the technology to record a picture like this, then, and only then, will they have joined productive human civilization, ready for the stars. In the meantime it’s all destroy and kill and burn and terrorize, cut them up for parts, and O, don’t forget “feelings”.

Children of Dark or Children of Light? We choose …

Is it not even more terrifying than “Death by Red Bat Flu” to realize that these very screaming howler monkey tribes who believe that 800,000 child murders are a “right” and a “Health Care” issue, are the ones now responsible for implementation and enforcement of our new religion of Masks. They handle all the research, all the results, all the pronouncements, all the information, all the “Proof”, and all the social engineering directed at shaming the actual thinking public into complying with the latest sponsored idiocy.

It is desperately sad to observe that the the old saw often thrown my way over the years in discussions, about being too “black and white” was never truer than now. There are really only two categories of humans … black or white,  darkness or light,  children of GOD or children of Satan.  And the children of GOD are ordered by Christ, our True Master, to love those children of Satan, to love our enemies. And make no  mistake, that is what they are, the earthly manifestation of the Enemy in all his insidious evil.

I hope we can get off the planet before it is destroyed under us by those legions of losers.  Or … alternatively, I hope that at least we, the Remnant, manage to set up independent republics here and there where numbers warrant, our own little Benedict Option with easily defended borders where everyone is welcome.

BUT of course, the iron clad criterion for citizenship is:

#1: Prima Fascia evidence of real life Service and Sacrifice (eg. multi-tour military service with honourable discharge or equivalent non military service – equivalency to be determined by a panel of expert “citizens” and no one else)

#2: The criterion for eligibility for candidacy for political service is “citizenship” and candidate acceptability determined on a scale relating brain power and willingness to work and accept basic subsidiarity and accountability in a hierarchy (no free rides ’cause you’re smart and/or good looking and/or related to someone and/or are a political hack, and so on and so forth). Wanting the position is an automatic fail. Only one position, one term,  per person, per lifetime. No exceptions.

#3: No person regardless of sex, creed, parentage, wealth, or belief system gets an exemption for any reason from #1 and #2. No person covered in #3 gets any say whatsoever in how the republic is run or what kind of programs are offered. Folks covered by #3 get normal respect for human life as normal human beings  and as they have been recognized for, Oh … several thousand years … Natural Law is the foundation of civil law in this republic.

Albertastan Border Security detail…

Any pink tribe emoticons who find they don’t like this setup, or objects to any of the above or decides he or she or it wants his or her or it’s “rights” and “privileges” as our current society recognized same gets an escorted free ride to the nearest border crossing, 1 litre of water, a hamburger, a map showing how to get to the nearest “other” pink tribe place and an solid understanding that if they are still in sight in an hour they will be shot and left for the coyotes so at least some critter will benefit from their carbon footprint.  Well, maybe not shot, just … well, maybe paint balled until they are out of sight.

Now, In thinking about this visceral, rather childish, unloving, uncharitable jingoism which I have just indulged in, I am remembering a Catholic priest friend whom I respect greatly who taught me much. He reminded me that Dorothy Day said something like “How we feel about the least likeable people we know is how we feel about God”. Catholics believe that Jesus died for ALL men, even those we most dislike and despise. If one fails at this test one is failing to follow Christ’s orders… just gotta get up again and keep trying.

Just feel the love …

He (Jesus) was absolutely serious about “Love each other as I have loved you” That is undeniable, but Oh – So – Hard to put into practice in every day life. And the undeniable fact that everything the 90%’ers take for granted was developed by the 10%’ers for their own purposes doesn’t make “loving each other as I have loved you” any easier. I have a huge stumbling block “Loving” those murderin’ savages “as Jesus loves me”.

The actuality and the potential of the mostly reviled and unsung “Grey Tribe” in our society goes unremarked day to day even as they maintain and develop all that makes our modern riches possible and usable. We depend upon them all, utterly, and daily.

And just as an example in passing, who among us, how many among us, knows (or even cares) about a project such as “New Horizons”. Here is more info about this wonderful event and New Horizons.

The Stick Prepares to Jump … I miss ya Dad

Now, I know I am a grey tribe geek. And at times I am an arrogant prick. That’s my curse, my thorn, as Paul put it. I daily live in a reality neither perceived nor appreciated by the majority of those I know, mostly love, and interact with on a daily basis. I have lived more or less comfortably with this hierarchy of ability and perception for all my thinking life, that is, from about 10 or 12 years old on. This often brought me into “differences of opinions with others. My sister sometimes calls me an A..hole … I reply “A man should stick to what he is good at”.

By the time I was about 16 I had learned, with the help of strong “encouragement” from a strict and powerful father, who WAS still in the family and definitely WAS the head of the family, that I had to learn to “play nice” with others, and that regular folks really don’t like having the error of their ways, their own “issues and perceptions” pointed out to them, as when I would tell my father that he was wrong “because …”.

Good Days …

One of his parting bits of advice to me when I left home to join the military at a tender age was “Always remember son, you will have good days and bad days, but,  if you have more than one Ass-hole in your life, it is probably you!

Behave yourself and pay close attention to Sergeants”.  While I often ignored much of my dad’s advice at times, that one stuck with me and has saved my life many times. Another useful bit of advice was “never give up, never give up, never give up”. I miss ya Dad.

Bad Days …

I have had a mostly happy life with my “lower deck mates” regardless of their abilities and shortcomings and over the years have gradually become aware of how I, and we, must appear to our Commander in Chief and his Son. He made us as we are with all our various talents and abilities as well as our lack thereof and our failings.

Looking at all things visible and apparent to me, and the observed state of society these days is seems that being able to think is probably not the only talent that matters, although I believe it is an essential ingredient of any successful society.

I suggest that “thinking” without “self sacrifice and love” is even worse than not thinking at all. Not thinking at all is probably the most common human state these days and has most likely been the common state of most of mankind for all of history. We can see real time evidence of what that gets us in ISIS land and BLM land, and ANTIFA land, these days in full brutal living colour.

Imagine a world where literally every media experience you have is the result of someone putting their magical slant on how they would like things to be.  You don’t really have to imagine it, because that is what our daily lives are made up of here in the west. Pink reality is an accidental side-effect of the grey search for knowledge.

Let’s think for a moment about this web page here. Not just the information and images on the web site, but the fact that the website exists at all and is easily accessible by millions of viewers at the click of a button. WOW!  nh-pluto_charon_color_finalThis image was not dreamed up by some Hollywood graphic artist at the request of his producer or director and realized on his computer. Literally every single aspect about this page, both the contents and it’s accessibility are the direct result of some grey tribe experiment, mostly for purposes having nothing to do with this web page.

All that pink tribe stuff from Hollywood, which we call entertainment, is possible because a large amount of grey tribe stuff was developed to send an observation tool to this location in space and send back information about what is there on the way past to some still further location in space to send still more information back about what is really there and so on and so on … now taking some five hours transmission time. For scale realize that our sun is about 8 minutes transmission time away. 

I spent almost 8 years as a ship’s radioman in the 70’s and I know a bit about radio. Radio waves and light waves travel at the same speed. We used to consider it a long connection working Halifax from Gibraltar on CW (Morse Code for you noobs). These images above and at the site weren’t faked up in some studio but rather were built up from a bit-stream of data travelling at 186,287 miles per second.  The tech developed to do this work accidentally gave us Pandora and all the other Feelings fantasy that so many mistake for reality.

TRIVIA QUESTION:  How fast does light travel from the Sun to each of the planets?

Light travels at a speed of 299,792 kilometres per second; 186,287 miles per second. It takes 499.0 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth, a distance called 1 Astronomical Unit. below I list the light travel times from the Sun to each planet:

Planet    Distance in AU            Travel time
Mercury   0.387        193.0 seconds   or    3.2 minutes
Venus     0.723        360.0 seconds   or    6.0 minutes
Earth     1.000        499.0 seconds   or    8.3 minutes
Mars      1.523        759.9 seconds   or   12.6 minutes
Jupiter   5.203       2595.0 seconds   or   43.2 minutes
Saturn    9.538       4759.0 seconds   or   79.3 minutes
Uranus   19.819       9575.0 seconds   or  159.6 minutes
Neptune  30.058      14998.0 seconds   or    4.1 hours
Pluto    39.44       19680.0 seconds   or    5.5 hours

And all these tools and everything that supports them has to be invented first and developed into a prototype and then turned into a production model and so on just so the grey tribe can conduct their experiment. And the rest is just fallout.

The pink tribe entertainers see an opportunity in these tools developed by grey tribe folks for their experiment. They see an opportunity to produce a product which other pink tribe types will enjoy watching and using and will pay good tax-payers money for the privilege because the experience reinforces their magical thinking.

Because any time one is using something that one does not understand for whatever reason for any purpose that person is indulging in the use of “magic”.  And just like for Harry Potter, there is a cost for everything, but especially for the use of magic. Always remember that we are standing on many shoulders without which we are simply groveling in the mud and the blood and the beer.

The grey tribe does what they do, “to boldly go where no-one has gone before” to borrow a pink tribe fantasy phrase, for the sheer joy of learning and exploring the unknown, to confirm their predictions and expectations or to show where they are off the mark. Supporting and developing all of civilization is just something they do incidentally, on the side as it were, so they can continue to do what really interests them.

The grey tribe types understand that they are searching for the pig, not the lipstick on the pig.  They understand that the pig has some semblance of reality, measurable and provable, and they can build upon what they learn in order better describe the pig, to reach ever more rarefied heights of knowledge and produce still more stuff which trickles down to the pink tribe masses who believe that the lipstick IS reality.

And yet … we once had …

Ralph Vaughan Williams, the Lark Ascending, 1921

before the “arts” were subordinated to a darker power …   and David Warren puts an interesting spin on the Horizon event here.

So it gives me pause to realize that I am seriously expected to love these pink tribe folks as Jesus loved me. He created the pig and the lipstick and everything else from just … well … nothing.  And He had to create “nothing” first because He was everything. That kind of love is truly something awesome … truly beyond human comprehension.  Kinda puts all our pride and ranting and prancing around in perspective.  Dust to dust and all that.



. –  .-.


Disclaimer for the nit pickers: “We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately”.


The Inner Struggle

“Spirited Away” and living a lie …

So, in the interest of removing distraction and helping “silence” (see my last short post about silence and distractions) I am not including music tracks or pictures in this post.

In my ongoing thoughts about this life, this world and this society in which I find myself living, I have gradually become aware of the importance of not “living a lie”. I have become aware of the importance of understanding my true place as a human being in the universe, amongst everything visible and invisible, for all eternity, of understanding what constitutes my “reality”.

I will look first at what I perceive to be the “common”, that is “generally accepted”, morality of our modern progressive society, that is the “normal world” which we “advanced” westerners live in. What I am “on about” in this post is my understanding of the perceived logical inconsistency, the inherent lie, of the popular Modernist Progressive western worldview, namely, that all morality is nothing more than a difference of opinion.

Lest I be accused of doing the “Straw-man” thing here, let me be clear that what I understand as the Progressive world view is the view espoused by the self described “Left” or “Liberals”, based on almost everything I hear and read these days from mainstream media communication and news, and everything appearing on Social Media these days such as Facebook (as an example, check out the Facebook page “Being Liberal”).

As a result of these observations, it seems that the Progressive world view can be summarized as:  “We, the sophisticated modernist progressives (self proclaimed Brights) believe that our point of view is correct, and all others are wrong … our opinion is the right opinion, …  because we say so,  and if you disagree with us then you are obviously stupid, and perhaps, absent provable stupidity, then even evil“.

If that summary of the Leftist view, as I understand it to be, is not the current common belief of all Progressives everywhere then I have failed utterly to find any evidence of something different. So, since the accepted view seems to be that “all morality is relative”, and I have a different view than the current Liberal mainstream, I am faced with a logical contradiction, namely that I am either OK with having different views because all views are of the same value, or I am stupid or evil or both because my views are different from the mainstream.

I don’t think that I can be both right and wrong at the same time for any particular values of right and wrong, because these two positions are logical opposites and I manifestly cannot be both “OK” and “not OK” at the same time. Moral relativism holds that anyone who believes that others are wrong are themselves wrong by that very definition of moral relativism.

Therefore I cannot be stupid or evil because I disagree with the manifest view of mainstream morality, in fact I must be at least as “right” as anyone else, whatever their views, right? Did I miss something there? …  Anyone? … Anyone? I think C.S. Lewis touched on this in his article about “Bulverism“.

So can I assume that I am alright with my understanding of the current modern worldview, that is, all moral views are simply a difference of opinion, and I am OK, right? If there is something else besides “I’m OK, You’re OK” in modern morality then I guess I totally missed it somewhere along the path. If I did miss something important, if that is the case, then “My Bad” and please point me in the direction that shows something different.

Otherwise, on with the discussion of why it’s a mistake to accept logical inconsistencies, and even outright lies as the basis for one’s life. The 2 items of interest here are the area of popular entertainment (most of the post), and the area of abortion (as a short case study in illogicality).

First lets look at popular entertainment. The subtle misdirection and illogicality of this review of the film “Spirited Away”  might be missed in the beauty of the film itself, but is actually a gentle effort to direct us away from Truth towards the worship of man as the summit of all and sole arbiter of what is good. Because of the subtlety it is all the more dangerous, layering humanist philosophy onto a beautiful entertainment.

Often our modern adventure movies are set in strange worlds and climax with a battle between the forces of good, represented by the hero or heroine, and the forces of evil, represented by the stranger, the odd, or the mean-spirited — for example, a witch, sorcerer, power-mad ruler, or someone else who uses their power inappropriately (for example the Star Wars series or Marvel’s super hero films). The “common man” (that would be us) seems to have little difficulty with being “for” good, and “against” evil. It just seems like common sense, right?

The modern intellectual view, however, seems to be that these scenarios make it all too easy for filmgoers to cheer for the good guys (with whom they quite naturally identify) and boo the bad guys (stand-ins for everything they don’t approve of). The assumption appears to be that it is somehow wrong or misguided to cheer for good and boo evil because there is no intrinsic difference between good and evil.

The sophisticated view seems to be that to indulge in this sort of partisanship is simplistic and the refuge of the deluded. In this purportedly flawed view of reality, the world is seen as the stage for dueling dualisms, an “us” versus “them” narrative where it is perfectly acceptable for one side to completely obliterate the “other”.

Ironically, this seems to be especially true of reviewers and filmgoers who are opposed to any discussion of the existence and manifestations of evil, (the absence of good) all around us every day and in our own lives and the lives of others. They seem opposed to any divergence of opinion which might threaten their view of man as the pinnacle of all things and the sole arbiter of the “good”.

This error is rooted in the greatest and the favorite lie of all the modernist, progressive lies, and the fundamental evil of our modern western world, the moral relativism of “I’m OK, You’re OK”. In this deception, any “evil” is given a pass in the guise of being of being simply “different” cultural values, rather than being the object of legitimate discrimination between evil and good.

This results in the dressing up of a variety of deviance, perversion, criminality, or simply “evil” activities as nothing more than the “other and the “different”. It is definitely NOT all about differentiating between “good” and “evil”, and of course, only the ignorant and unenlightened would object to important causes such as the de-facto defence of NAMBLA, or perhaps the “Right to Choose” option championed by “Planned Parenthood” under the supposedly constitutional sobriquet of “Freedom of Choice”.

When this “view of reality”, this “moral relativism” is expressed in a popular movie is this just harmless entertainment? Or does this plant the seeds of doubt about the acceptability of moral relativism. Is calling entertainment which draws clear lines between right and wrong “simplistic storytelling”  that is contributing to the creation of “hostility” a truth of a fabrication?

Doesn’t this vilification of clear moral delineation actually support the modernist worldview that prejudice and hatred (of evil) are two diseases of the mind in which we project our feelings of fear, resentment, self-disgust, anger, alienation, and paranoia on others whom we perceive to be different (especially strangers). In other words is knowing the difference between good and evil actually an evil because in actuality there is no difference that matters. Because in this progressive modernist morality, good and evil are just different points of view!

Does not the presentation of “hospitality”, “empathy”, and “self-esteem”,  as antidotes or as “spiritual practices” depreciate the true spiritual virtues of “compassion”, “sacrifice”, “forgiveness”, “charity”, and “love of neighbor” and in reality render worship to man, and man’s “common decency” as the defining measure of good and evil.

Doesn’t this slight of hand, this lie, overturn the actual roots of man’s “common decency” illustrated in the two thousand year old religious understanding of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity or Love, and compassion and love of neighbor all of which are tied up in “sacrifice of self” and are anathema to the Modernist Progressive view of morality.

To turn things on their head and acclaim a movie as “sometimes a movie gets it right”, and point to a godless celebration of humanist values like the movie “Spirited Away” is a perversion and a lie. Because “Spirited Away” is, in fact, an excellent movie and an excellent story. This is an English-language version of a Japanese animated film by acclaimed filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. In the film a ten-year old girl named Chihiro becomes lost in an alternate universe and must find within herself the pluck and the love to endure a series of dangerous tests before she can go home.

The wonderful story in “Spirited Away” is the sugar coated distraction on the pill of evil contained in the explanation of “good” springing fully formed from the human being. To claim that “It will remind some viewers of Alice in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” (because) “it is nothing short of wonderful to have a female protagonist on screen who engenders our empathy and support” deprecates and ignores the importance of the satire in the original work “Alice in Wonderland”, and “The Wizard of Oz”, ignores the true intent of these works and replaces the message of the originals with some shallow reverence to some “superior” politically correct progressive feminist ideal.

This is the fundamental error of believing that “all religions” are the same, also known as “Syncretism” and of equal relevance to the modern sophisticate, that is to say, not relevant at all since we now worship ourselves as the summit and sole arbiter of what is good and what is evil, and of course whatever we like or desire is the good and anyone who disagrees with us is evil or “not good”.

This flies in the face of the previous exposition regarding “judgement” and “discrimination”, the progressive’s immediate prequel condition that prejudice against any “other” or any “different” is in fact evil is immediately thrown away as they then dive into a rationalization of why they are the exclusive purveyor of what is “good” and all others are “evil.

The trap inherent in Syncretism is the denying of absolute truth, or of any truth, the oft misquoted Pontius Pilate “What is truth?” other than whatever I say it is. According to the Gospel of Wikipedia, some religions may have syncretic elements to their beliefs or history, but adherents of so-labeled systems often frown on applying the label, especially adherents who belong to “revealed” religious systems, such as the Abrahamic religions, or any system that exhibits an exclusivist approach. (the implication being here is that Abrahamic Religions are “exclusivist”and therefore questionable at best).

Such adherents (presumably to the Abrahamic religionssometimes see syncretism as a betrayal of their pure truth. By this reasoning, adding an incompatible belief corrupts the original religion, rendering it no longer true. Indeed, critics of a specific syncretistic trend may sometimes use the word “syncretism” as a disparaging epithet, as a charge implying that those who seek to incorporate a new view, belief, or practice into a religious system actually distort the original faith.

The consequence, according to (The Authority) of Keith Ferdinando, is a fatal compromise of the dominant religion’s integrity.[1] If one is unfamiliar with Professor Ferdinando then this reference, in this context, might be an acceptable appeal to authority for the validity of Syncretism, but even a passing acquaintance with his work would give this the lie.

Non-exclusivist systems of belief, (like modern progressive humanism)  on the other hand,  feel (reasonably) quite free to incorporate other traditions into their own whenever and however it suites their desires. In other words, adherence to revealed traditional Truth is a quaint superstition now superseded in our modern secular society.

Within that secular modern progressive society religious innovators often create new religions syncretically (New Age, Masons, some Protestant sects, Wicca, Pantheists, Scientology, Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now” movement, etc.)  as a mechanism to reduce inter-religious tension and enmity (seriously?), often with the at least partly intended effect of offending the original religions in question (but who cares about those superstitious savages).

Such modern religions, however, do maintain appeal to a less exclusivist audience (like we modern sophisticates where all Truth is merely fashionable opinion). Even the use of the term “audience” relegates religious belief to the sphere of “entertainment”. In other words, it is evil to point out the evil in the “other” or the “different” unless it is we the “good guys” pointing out the evil in those who disagree with us.

This “syncretic entertainment” argument employs the same logical subterfuge as the argument for “choice” enabling the rationalization of murder under the guise of abortion and the mother’s “right to choose” because the fetus is not a human but simply a piece of undifferentiated tissue. The big lie surfaces again with the case for abortion, in which it is an article of faith that “something” is “not something” unless and until we make an exception when we need it to be “something” rather than “not something” so that we can make handsome profit selling the “something”.

But at the same time as the child is described as “simply tissue” the abortionist is very careful in dismembering that child to insure recovery of undamaged organs which same organs are are then sold on the market to the highest bidder as “Human” organs of great value and for great profit for the abortionists and their companies.

That wonderful logical reality slip is where pointing out evil, drawing attention to evil is itself evil in the form of prejudice. Except that this sin is just A-OK when it is the progressives themselves painting all who disagree with them as evil, then it is all just fine, just like the explanation of the murder of a child as “simply the disposal of a piece of “undifferentiated tissue” which somehow miraculously becomes a few moments later, by some transubstantiation of the satanic abortion industry, a “human” organ for sale to the highest bidder.

This is the signature work of the Prince of This World, and his children follow his ways … “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44),

And this big lie, dressed in many little truths and facts, but twisted at the end into this perversion of logic, this ability to say one thing in support of one’s views regarding what that person finds desirable, and then immediately turn it all on it’s head and say the exact opposite a moment later as if somehow there is no connection, no logical connection, between the one and the other is the signal sign of the work of evil and the is the fundamental platform of the humanist progressive worship of man as the pinnacle of all things.

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Amoris Laetitia and Auschwitz …

Twilight And Shadow”, Howard Shore, from “Lord Of The Rings

A couple of posts ago I posted a long article on the moral controversy surrounding the subject apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis. This post is another where the writer has articulately pointed out the significant moral equivalencies between the Pope’s memo and the Nazi program of extermination – the final Solution.

Go there. or read it here, or if you roll that way, just ignore it, along with abortion and euthanasia and all the other nice progressive amoral planks of our modern progressive society. Your call.


According to AL, a conscience may “recognize that a a given situation does not correspond objectively to the demands of the Gospel” but sees “with a certain moral security … what for now is the most generous response”.

Let us examine how this moral principle might apply in situations of organised and industrialised genocide. A man involved in the extermination of Jewry, for example … if he were to decline to collaborate in any more murders, not only might he be subjected to discriminatory responses, but his family also might suffer grievously. His marriage might suffer!

Is he, perhaps, required by the Bergoglian moral principle of “what is for now the most generous response” to try, gradually so as not to be noticed, to reduce the number of Jews whom he kills each day? Or might Bergoglianism mean that he should do his very best to see that they die less painfully? Or should he attempt, again without drawing too much attention to himself, so to work the system that in three months time he gets transferred to duties which involve him less directly in extermination … like, for example, harmlessly organising the train schedules?

I am aware that my questions lay me wide open to an accusation that I am either an unbalanced crank in making an equivalence between well-mannered habitual adultery among the nice, if rather gleefully rutting, German middle-classes, and genocide; or ‘antisemitic’ for illustrating a moral priple by talking so calmly about something as vile as what Nazi Germany did to the Jews.

It is my view that such an accusation by such an interlocutor would in fact amount to an admission that Adultery is not really sinful … that it is, well, perhaps not technically in accordance, quite, with the book of rules, but it is not really wrong. Cardinal Coccopalmerio has in fact said something rather like this.

It is also my view that a mortal sin is a mortal sin is a mortal sin is a mortal sin. And Mortal Sin is the area into which, like several fair-sized and unstable bulls in a very tiny china shop, Bergoglio and his cronies have strayed. And by sanctioning what Fr Aidan Nichols has neatly called “tolerated concubinage”, I do not think they will bring a single murdered Jew back to life or even save a single victim in future genocides. In fact, quite the contrary. Do we save lives … or marriages … by chipping away at the Decalogue, or by shoring it up when it comes under threat?

A person, you tell me, may well know a rule yet be in a concrete situation which does not allow him or her to act differently. So …. if this does not also apply within genocidal situations, where can it apply?

A person’s long involvement, you tell me, in sinful actions may well so habituate him to those actions that the subjective sinfulness, as AL claims, is radically diminished … yes; I happen to agree with you there, and, like all confessors, I am mindful of this when I sit with my ear against the grill. But you won’t forget, will you, that somebody who has been killing Jews for a couple of years might also well be in such a condition. And the tribunals which judged War Criminals after 1945 don’t seem to have taken this laudable casuistic principle into their jurisprudence.

Bergoglio’s ‘jesuitical’ campaign to circumvent Veritatis splendor paragraph 80, as well as Familiaris consortio, is both a moral and an ecclesial disaster. If Bergoglian ‘moral principles’ prevail, then, as Fr Aidan Nichols has accurately put it, “no area of Christian morality can remain unscathed“.




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There is ALWAYS a way to rationalize evil in our progressive nation.