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It’s the Economy Stupid …

Ballad Of A Thin Man”, Bob Dylan, from the album “Highway 61 Revisited” (August, 1961)

Reviewing our Year End financials prior to discussing it all with our accountants. It appears that we lost money this year, the first year we have made a loss since year one of this pilgrimage.

Fortunately it is all still in the “paper loss” part of the ledger where the amortization of assets exceeded the net profits for the year. So far we can still pay the bills and put food on the table.

Alberta Premiere Rachel Notley

Alberta Premiere Rachel Notley

Two years into an classic NDP economic massacree and looking down the road I wonder how many more years of losses we will have to face while Rachel and her merry band of communists do their level best to destroy any semblance of an economy in Alberta, which Province once supported the healthiest economy in Canada.

One wonders what the “have not” Provinces will do (under Canada’s generous re-distribution scam) now that the Province which they were sucking the blood from has become a have not Province as well.

There is no Province left in Canada with a positive economy (that is, an economy in surplus) so is this the place where the Socialists discover that taking other peoples production only works as long as there is someone producing. Anybody? Anybody?

Move over E.U. and Venezuela, we need some room on the Group W bench for Canada. It should be an interesting time watching the biggest spending government in the history of Alberta implode as it tries to come to grips with running out of other peoples money. Interesting, that is, as in May you live in interesting times.

Carbon Tax, Electrical Generation Companies closing half their generation stations, Oil industry departing for more favorable venues, “Might as well move to B.C. now,” I heard one oil exec say. “If we’re going to get screwed, at least we’ll have an ocean view.”, royalty reviews, higher taxes on business. Hello, Saskatchewan and North Dakota, said the oil companies to Alberta — don’t let the door hit you in the face on our way out.

Now, let’s look at expenditures. There’s already $103 million to education, plus a reversal of all cuts announced by the Tories (much of this goes to pay teacher salaries, the highest in the country for the lowest quality of education). Then there’s keeping open the costly young offenders’ centre in Calgary, which, will now leave two half-used, expensive facilities staffed with government employees.

4 horsemen of the ApocalypseAnd then there’s the restoration of 1,600 were-soon-to-be-laid-off employees of Alberta’s health-care system (the most expensive, and among the worst performing in the country). And 2 years of new NDP hiring all taken together is heading past the 3000 new government jobs level. That’s why Edmonton booms while the rest of Alberta is in it’s death throes. But that is where the votes are, right Rachel?

That’s just the start of the many campaign promises now being fulfilled on the backs of producers. These include tuition freezes, lunch programs, smaller classes, more health-care coverage, a cut in school fees, more beds, more home care in case you don’t want those beds, job creation for unemployed youth, support for wind power (German Companies are singing) and small breweries (AUPE loves their beer, right?) — just basically more of everything.

What’s noticeable about this equation? The ones who generate the wealth, who take the risks, and make the investment — those on the black part of the balance sheet — are in the dumper, while the gains are all to the mainly unionized, revenue-draining red side of the balance sheet.

AUPE is running Alberta. Does this all sound like the kind of expenditures you would make when all the economic indicators the rest of the universe uses to make smart decisions about budgetary issues are all pointing in the other direction? Obviously, it is easy to spend other people’s money and of course, maybe, maybe, even the Socialist NDP sincerely believe they are helping people …  they take their collective actions all “with the best of intentions” … but as C.S. Lewis opines:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
– C.S. Lewis

Not exactly the 4 horsemen but for a modern western economy, totally dependent on energy and exports it is about as close as one gets.



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Sober Second Thought … part 4

Rachel KnotleySo here we are covering and commenting on the 29 commandments , aka platform planks or statements of what the NDP will do about what they see as problems in Alberta.  We are doing this in four posts because we believe that 10 commandments at  time is plenty for any man.   The first post was basically a short intro to the latest Alberta Election Results.

In case you missed the memo, Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP carried the day and virtually wiped out the incumbent PC’s “Peace Be Upon Them”.  So we see a good example of even the worst disaster having a silver lining. Now lets continue.

The 29 Commandments of the Alberta New Democratic Party  – Part 4 – Commandments 21 through 29 … :  Again we note, that for some reason, the references listed by the CBC for theses position statements have all been removed from the web. I wonder what that’s all about?  First time in over 20 years of doing research on the web that I have found virtually ALL online references relating to party positions and plans completely removed like they sent a clean up squad.  Anyway, here we go again, part 4:

21. Only individuals should be allowed to donate to political parties. In Alberta, the NDP, Liberals, and the Wildrose all support enacting a ban on contributions other than from individuals. Source: Should political donations from corporations and unions be banned in Alberta? http://globalnews.ca/news/515457/should-political-donations-form-corporations-and-unions-be-banned-in-alberta/. Agreed!

22. MLAs who change parties should be required to immediately seek re-election. Representative democracy should allow the voters to determine the political hue of their representatives. Floor-crossing violates that fundamental principle of democracy. Source: Should floor-crossings trigger byelections? http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/The+180/ID/2653673651/ Agreed!

23. Public sector workers in Alberta should not be allowed to strike. Bill 45 allowed the PCs to fine Albertans for saying or writing anything the government perceives to be a “strike threat,” and imposed crippling fines on unions that were unmatched anywhere else in the country. In January, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that a worker’s right to strike is constitutionally protected and as such, many of Alberta’s laws which ban strikes are likely unconstitutional. “This government cannot be trusted to treat the hard-working men and women of the public sector fairly. Bill 45 directly violated the fundamental principles of collective bargaining, democratic process and respect for public employees and repealing it ensures public sector workers and their families will not be bullied,” said MLA David Eggen. Source: Repealing Bill 45 long overdue. http://www.albertandp.ca/news/details/repealing_bill_45_long_overdue  Coming soon to a Province near you!!!  Province wide public sector strikes – why work when you can just threaten the rubes and get more – yea, just send someone with a bat.

Satan24. How much tax should corporations pay? As Alberta deals with falling revenues from oil prices, Jim Prentice and the PCs are putting the largest corporations ahead of Albertans and services for kids, seniors and families by saying no to any tax hikes for corporations. That’s just wrong. Rachel Notley calls for the largest, most profitable corporations to pay their fair share. Source: Fair taxes, not service cuts. http://act.albertandp.ca/faircorporatetax  Raising corporate taxes

25. How much should wealthier people pay in taxes? Instead of making hard-working Albertans pay the price for PC mistakes, we need to protect our future with a sustainable, fair revenue system where very wealthy Albertans and corporations pay their fair share. Source: NDP finance critic Brian Mason releases statement on Q3 fiscal update. http://ndpopposition.ab.ca/news/post/ndp-finance-critic-brian-mason-releases-statement-on-q3-fiscal-update#sthash.Z9BOPaHE.dpuf.  “Wealthy” folks should pay more taxes. So what’s wealthy Rachel, anyone making over 50,000 a year?  How about no tax free allowances and stipends for government officials and office holders?  Any comment on that?  Still no comment on that … Rachel?  Rachel?  ya still there?  Hello?

26. Alberta should adopt a provincial sales tax. The New Democrats will not support a sales tax while corporations and very wealthy Albertans continue to get off scot-free. The NDP continues to call on the PCs to protect our key public services, to scrap the flat tax and introduce a progressive taxation system where every Albertan pays their fair share. Source: 43 years and the PCs still can’t get it right. http://ndpopposition.ab.ca/news/post/43-years-and-the-pcs-still-can-t-get-it-right-mason#sthash.erb41OlW.dpuf.  Raise taxes on people that make more than I do!  Hell, raise taxes in general, its the only thing the party of ENVY knows how to do well.  Well, it sure worked well for every other province and country that has tried it in the entire history of Socialism.  Gee, this is sure going to be fun.

27. All Albertans should be taxed at the same rate, no matter how much money they make. Instead of making hard-working Albertans pay the price for PC mistakes, we need to protect our future with a sustainable, fair revenue system where very wealthy Albertans and corporations pay their fair share. Source: NDP finance critic Brian Mason releases statement on Q3 fiscal update. http://ndpopposition.ab.ca/news/post/ndp-finance-critic-brian-mason-releases-statement-on-q3-fiscal-update#sthash.Z9BOPaHE.dpufTaxing everyone at the same rate is not fair. We don’t care about the math. Math is one of those 7 “Hard” disciplines.  We want to make the wealthy hurt.  We are the party of ENVY!!!!!

28. Routine vaccinations should be mandatory for all students in Alberta schools. [Professor Ubaka] … Ogbogu says if this outbreak worsens the province should revisit the idea of mandatory vaccinations, as is the case in other provinces. Alberta NDP MLA David Eggen agrees. “We would have had the capacity to immunize, to mobilize,” he said Thursday. Source: NDP, U of A prof criticize province’s measles outbreak plan. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/ndp-u-of-a-prof-criticize-province-s-measles-outbreak-plan-1.2628820Why not use the MERCY WAGONS from commandment 16?

29. Alberta’s laws against hate speech put too many limits on freedom of expression. Then New Democrat justice critic Rachel Notley said that the Wildrose’s motion to repeal part of Section 3 of the Human Rights Act endangers minorities in Alberta and represents a slippery slope toward limiting the protection of those groups from hate speech.

“While the task of balancing free speech with protection from hate is a complex one that requires ongoing attention, and while the processes around the administration of this legislation may also warrant improvement, neither changing the act without wide-ranging consultation nor the complete gutting of this provision will help grow inclusion and acceptance in our increasingly diverse province.” Source: Wildrose motion endangers protection from hate speech for gender sexuality. http://www.albertandp.ca/news/details/wildrose_motion_endangers_protection_from_hate_speech_for_gender_sexualityAnyone who disagrees with us is a hater!!!!  Can we call Ezra Levant to testify?



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