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Enemy of the State … or Public Enemy #1

It is considered provocative and even rude in fashionable circles, amongst the brights, and bureaucrats, chattering classes, the myriad glitterati of the Pink Tribe everywhere to declaim that Liberal Progressives are the sworn mortal enemies of peace, prosperity, and freedom.

Yet, it is difficult for a thinking person to see it otherwise. As my blog subtitle once noted “cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny”, while all the world denies it, the hard evidence on the ground, the “real” reality of daily existence says otherwise.

Today, reading an American financial newsletter I subscribe to I find an excellent articulation of the disquiet I have been feeling for several years regarding U.S. “interests” and coming on the heels of the election of Progressive Anti-Oil governments at both the federal and provincial level I really want to share this article with you but what you should really do is go look up Byron King, (BK) he writes interesting stuff. I am posting teaser bits here.

It’s been a week since President Obama announced that he officially disapproved the application by TransCanada Corp. to build the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL) project. I thought I’d get over it. No, I’m still perturbed. You should be, too. … The massive, 1,200-mile project would have carried about 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast.” BK

Keystone-e1447444672529What is Keystone XL, you ask?  The simple answer is “It’s a big ole pipe”.  BUT, around here, the entire saga is a glowing neon testament to the truly cosmic stupidity of all things eastern liberal and progressive, in the same vein as The National Energy Program, PETROCAN, CBC and Canadian Windmills.

“In essence, l’affaire KXL has been an unseemly, seven-year ordeal that will go down in history as perhaps the nadir of U.S. comity with our great neighbor to the north. In the end, Obama turned the concept of North American energy security on its head. Obama’s perfidy undermines one of the key economic resources, and sources of national wealth and foreign currency, of Canada. He may as well have told Canada to “Drop Dead.”” BK

Oil sand deposits of western Canada are among the largest single sources of accessible hydrocarbon energy on the planet.  Now, after almost 100 years of research and development (long story), Canada is at a technical and economic point from which that nation is capable of developing these vast resources, in fact they are world leaders in this field.

It’s not as if Keystone XL is some sort of one-off blue sky idea, totally out of the far blue north. The U.S. is already crisscrossed by tens of thousands of miles of pipelines, carrying oil and gas. The U.S. is totally plugged-in to Canada and Mexico, as the map below shows. Indeed, one can barely discern the difference that Keystone XL would make within the current geography of the continent.


Keystone XL is intended to move 800,000 barrels per day, which is well over twice what currently flows through the magnificent Alaska Pipeline, for example. Is it just me, or does anyone else see any inconsistencies in the picture presented here?

AlaskaPipeline-e1447444783580Fortunately, the U.S. only has one president at a time. Obama is president just now. He has his beliefs and his advisers, and he has his handlers just as does our own Boy Justin.

He wants to kill Keystone XL. He beat about the Bush for seven years, and then pulled the trigger just a few weeks before a major climate conference in Paris, which wonderful city is currently being tied up in knots by a bunch of ISIS wannabe’s if the media are to believed, you never know. Is Paris Burning? Who asked that question?

Clearly, the U.S. President is not thinking in terms of “Energy Security” or “National Security” using the logic which prevailed in the national discussion for the last 150 years. He is operating on his own level of thought, marching to his own drummer. He wants to impress the world with his ability to control U.S. energy development. He wants to “lead” on “climate change,” to use his own words. That’s “leadership” in his head in his world.

Eventually, Americans will elect another president, a different president, maybe even a thinking president. Maybe there will be fewer “Low Information voters”. Who knows? Perhaps that next president will have a better understanding of their national interest. Then we may see Keystone come back.

In the meantime, the oil sands are not going anywhere, the “other” pipeline is moving what would have gone to U.S. refineries out east to Canadian refineries, and we are getting 8 or 10 100+ car trains per day of oil tankers  where we might get only 2 8 years ago. They are steadily running past my place about two blocks away. I sleep well hearing the comforting rumble of Canadian Oil staying in Canada as the winter approaches, and the silver lining of all this is that Red Rachel and her merry band of Knottheads are going to wear the blame for the economic catastrophe. Hell, if we are lucky, some of this shit might just stick to Boy Justin’s blankets as well.

May you live in interesting times …




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