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Self Centered … a Self Centered Church? (part 1)

Self Centered … that is to say “Centered on Self”, as in the “Anthropocentric”  thing, the preoccupation of all modern humanity but also pretty prevalent throughout history as well. I am thinking that anything smacking of the “Anthropocentric”  thing pretty much guarantees to be taking away from God. And absent God it is pretty easy to fall into the “Anthropocentric”  thing.

I have come to believe that being “self” centered always comes at the expense of being God centered.  That is to say, anything with even a taste of Anthropocentrism necessarily takes away something from God. So, I am thinking about a church that is “self centered” and about how that focus would manifest itself in the real experience of “church”?

I have written about this before, here,  and here, and other places, in relation to understanding the behaviour of a Catholic congregation as soon as the Mass is ended and the preponderance of evidence is for a significant loss of faith in the Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy eucharist.

If one truly believes in the Real Presence then our particular church and tabernacle cannot be anything other than GOD’s residence in this world … a small part of heaven rendered sacred, become the Holy of Holies of our earthly Temple by the Real Presence. And if we believed, would we act in this manner, this sudden devolution into social gathering or card party, like a picnic or BBQ  with everyone exchanging news and views and talking louder and louder and uproarious laughter and so on.

Would we act like this if we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of an audience with Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, found ourselves suddenly on the floor of the house of parliament in session with His Royal Highness King Justin the 1st presiding? I somehow really doubt that we would, we would be overawed and respectful.

How can we act so differently in front of the Absolute Lord and Creator of the entire Universe, who is so far above these worldly notables as to render them no more than sand fleas on some grand beach somewhere warm. Unless of course that we do not actually believe that He is really there … and that is not Catholic … we are not Catholic … if we reject one of the primary tenets of Catholic dogma.

And this  is the result of 50 years of Novus Ordo, with its emphasis on “fellowship” and a gathering around the table for a “family meal” … and with this “Mass” as theatre in the round and the priest as “Master of ceremonies” , the Toast Master if you will … and 50 years on we have completely de-sacralized the holiest sacrifice, the re-presentation of our Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary.

That, the re-presentation of our Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary,  is what the Holy Mass is supposed to be, not a fellowship gathering. That heresy, that sacrilege, came in with Luther and especially with Calvin. The Lord was out of the centre, shuffled off to the side so as not to interfere with fellowship, for a long time even the tabernacle was moved off to the side on some specious argument that in Rome it was done this way and it was all “In the Spirit of Vatican II”.

And then the sacred language of our faith was utterly replaced by the vernacular and most of the Collects ceased to be about supplication and begging for forgiveness for our sins, ceased to be about being unworthy and begging for mercy, and changed, morphed, into asking God to bless us for our good intentions … no mention of guilt or sin any more … going on 50 years and there is a reason that no one goes to confession now … and no one believes in the Real Presence.

The whole focus of the Mass changed from one of supplication and offering prayers asking for forgiveness with the priest at the front, all of us together facing God in the Holy of Holies and what have we now? Everything that rendered the Mass sacred, conducted in a reverential way as an offering to God has been rendered a mundane Sunday brunch with pancakes and sausage afterwards.

I believe that it’s because Catholics no longer feel they are guilty of anything. They seem to feel that they “deserve” heaven for eternity because they are “nice”, “tolerant”, “good” people. We have ceased to be Roman Catholics and become Roman Protestants, like every other of the 900 or so Protestant denominations … just a breath and a step away from one world “christian” church, a loose association of social clubs for people who like to feel superior and like to go to meet their friends every Sunday. It’s really all about “fellowship”, isn’t it, really all about us.

The modernist understanding of “anthropocentric” involves a big category error, perhaps THE big error, a huge trap, which virtually all modernist secular authorities fall into, along with their acolytes and believers, namely most of our polite western population and perhaps most of the rest of the world. This ERROR is founded on the presumption that there is no god, that god is just a silly superstition and that Anthropocentrism is a model of reality.

But the Truth is RADICALLY different. Is it not wondrously strange how just removing god from the picture turns a really bad thing into a good thing? Man as the centre and meaning of all things, as the pinnacle of meaning and the purpose of the universe? It was not always so universal a belief. Even the Wickedpedia, in the midst of gushing about man at the centre still acknowledged Maimonides.


“Maimonides, a scholar of the Torah who lived in the 12th century AD, was noted for being decidedly anti-anthropocentric. Maimonides called man “a mere ‘drop of the bucket'” and “not ‘the axle of the world'”.[16] He also claimed that anthropocentric thinking is what causes humans to think that evil things exist in nature.[17] According to Rabbi Norman Lamm, Maimonides “thus deflate[d] man’s extravagant notions of his own importance and urge[d] us to abandon these illusions.”[16]


In Canada, the CBC is, for all intents and purposes, the headquarters and agency responsible for all secular humanist socialist propaganda in this fine country, the pablum for the masses as they “speak for Canada”. And in keeping with their mandate, in the 1985 CBC series “A Planet For the Taking”, Dr. David Suzuki , whose doctorate, incidentally, is in genetics, not divinity, explored the Old Testament roots (superstitions) of anthropocentrism and how it shaped our view of non-human animals. Some Christian Protestant proponents of anthropocentrism base their belief on the Bible, such as the verse 1:26 in the Book of Genesis:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The use of the word “dominion” in the translation of the Genesis verse is controversial. Many Biblical scholars, especially Roman Catholic and other non-Protestant Christians, consider this to be a flawed translation of a word meaning “stewardship”, which would indicate that mankind should take care of the earth and its various forms of life.


But these secular modernist views are only viable within a framework which denies the existence of GOD … the acceptance of the idea of “no god” is a prerequisite to the modernist worldview. And we find that in these days, even our church is moving to a man centered worldview, an Anthropocentric view of reality. The signposts seem clear, our church is moving in a direction which leads to prioritizing the things and concerns of “this world” over the things of eternity.

We are now seeing many signposts on the road towards a secular relativist church.  From Bishop Schneider’s book: ” … (in the) words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, which he wrote in 1948 and which are strikingly relevant and significant for the current situation:

“[Satan] will set up a Counter-church, which will be the ape of the Church. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content….

The False Prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit Church. Christ’s Church will be one, and the False Prophet will create the other. The false Church will be worldly, ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches and religions, forming some type of global association, a world parliament of Churches. It will be emptied of all divine content; it will be the mystical body of the Antichrist. The Mystical Body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot, and he will be the False Prophet. Satan will recruit him from our bishops.”

Schneider, Bishop Athanasius. Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age . Angelico Press. Kindle Edition.

And also, quoting again from “Christus Vincit” by Bishop Athanasius Schneider:  “Cardinal Robert Sarah, in his recent book Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse [The Day is Now Far Spent], speaks about the shattering reality and mystery of Judas in the ranks of the clergy.

The first chapter of his book is entitled, “Alas, Judas Iscariot,” where we read the following words: “The mystery of betrayal oozes from the walls of the Church…. We experience the mystery of iniquity, the mystery of betrayal, the mystery of Judas…. The evil of an efficacious activism has infiltrated everywhere…. We seek to imitate the organization of large companies. We forget that only prayer is the blood that can irrigate the heart of the Church….

The one who does not pray anymore has already betrayed. Already he is ready for all the compromises with the world. He is walking on the path of Judas.” However, even in midst of so many clerical Judases inside the Church today, we have to maintain always a supernatural vision of the victory of Christ, who will triumph through the suffering of His Bride, who will triumph through the suffering of the pure and little ones in all ranks of the members of the Church: children, youth, families, religious, priests, bishops, and cardinals.

When they remain faithful to Christ, when they keep unblemished the Catholic faith, when they live in chastity and humility, they are the pure and little ones in the Church. The following words of St. Paul, which aptly apply to individual souls, apply in much the same way to the Church, and to the Church of our days in particular: “If we suffer with him, we shall also be glorified with him” (Rom 8:17).

Schneider, Bishop Athanasius. Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age . Angelico Press. Kindle Edition.


So I guess that is plenty for this post, perhaps too much. Next post is reserved for the clearest statement of Catholic Dogma, in a mere 40 points, that I have ever read, and most certainly clearer than anything of recent memory originating from the Vatican.  See you there if you are still interested …



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Is There Still Hope? I think yes …

“River Flows In You”, Yiruma, from the album “Yiruma Piano Collection” , (2001)

Politics has an insidious ability to sneak past most walls and gates to pollute otherwise fresh vistas …

I turned on my smartphone a couple of mornings ago, and noticed a little paragraph at the bottom of the screen under the heading “Important”.

It was a “important news” notice to the effect that China has now banned Canadian CANOLA imports because of “contamination” or something like that.

I had barely opened my eyes and my defenses were still down absent my first cup of coffee. So I wondered why on earth THAT might be important to “ordinary Canadians” like me?  I clicked on the link … Oh No!

It actually turned out to be an interesting article because even though the underlying tone was pro Liberal progressive, anti Conservative, the Global Network still tries to present all points of view. This is unlike CTV and extremely unlike the CBC, (our version of the BBC) our taxpayer funded, unsupervised and unaccountable, national liberal progressive propaganda ministry for the last 5 or 6 decades. It’s rather like imagining NPR as the only “news” source in America.

(WARNING … anti-leftist rant) “The CBC, (in the manner of Pravda’s role in the Soviet Empire of old), only ever reports items favourable to the Liberals (when they are in power) or unfavorable to everyone else whenever Liberals fall out of favour with our electorate, that very large group of Canadians who have been bought with their own money and fallen under the spell of “tax the rich” and “free stuff”.

Any reasonable person can safely assume that anything reported by the CBC and for the most part anything reported on by CTV is being “made up whole cloth” (fake news), selectively reported, misrepresented, or downright lied about, in the interest of  Boy Justin, the liberal progressive agenda, and the social media narrative. The all important social media “narrative” rules the day and anything remotely resembling facts is always covered up, twisted, omitted, or savagely under-reported to support our “NICE” social media fantasy narrative.”

NazgulEnd of rant … Sigh … this never changes … it’s just like Canadian weather, a brief period of hopeful spring and sun leading up to every election, followed by years of dark stormy subzero despair as the Natural Ruling Party is returned to power with a 30%, first past the post, “plurality” to merrily drive us deeper into the pit in a years long drunken orgy of corruption, deviance and trough training for their gang-members.

I recently watched the beginning of “LOTR” again for the fourth or fifth time … and this time around I was riveted by the overwhelming resemblance of the current Canadian Liberal party leadership to the “Nazgûl” of LOTR. But most likely, in my momentary despair, I give them far too much credit, and they are merely a few low level Orcish lieutenants, rather like Saruman’s servants.

Anyway …. onward and upward … I hope …

I then checked out the comments section below the Global article, which were reasonably OK on both sides, right up until I came to a vicious tirade by some lovely young “lady” (from Toronto?) screaming about “Harper sold the Wheat Board to the Saudis“. Somehow that seemed to be the reason for the current impasse between Canada and China … well Duh!

Generic harpy sharing political views, early 21st century

The only thing she left out were allusions and accusations about “Nazis’. She must have dropped her script.

Why do these “people” always seem to turn up to scream down all reasonably polite discussion with their delusional rants whenever and wherever a forum arises.


I guess this shortcoming might be due to  the bottom line, which  is that Global is just another MSM social media outlet and they agree with the shrill screaming of all the usual harpies.

Color me confused. Aside from the fact that the Conservatives “privatized” the Canadian Wheat Board in more or less the same way that the Liberals (covering up a scandal that occurred under Papa Doc Trudeau) “privatized” Petrocan and shut down their NEP scandal of embarrassment. What is the exact connection again? Anybody? Remember the NEP? Anyone?    (the sound of one hand clapping)

Petro-Canada_logoOh well …  Just to refresh our memories … In 1975 the Liberal federal government created Petro-Canada, a Crown Corporation of Canada (socialism in action).

The Canadian “national oil company” was the Liberal response to the world energy crisis, because they believed they could “fix” the world energy crisis by taking over private oil companies in Canada.

Petro-Canada was involved in the big Hibernia oil find off Newfoundland and was a founding partner in the Syncrude oil sands venture in Fort McMurray, Alberta (that was long before Hollywood came out against the “Evil Tar Sands” while all the usual suspects were all still screaming about “Global Cooling”.

  “Inner Thoughts”  Rodrigo Rodriguez, from the album “Inner Thoughts” (2006)

At that time the Alberta oil industry was overwhelmingly owned by Americans. The United States was also the major importer of Albertan oil. The Petro-Canada Centre (1975–2009) was known in the oil patch as “Red Square” until it was purchased by Suncor.

The National Energy Program (NEP) was an energy policy of the Government of Canada from 1980 to 1985. It was created under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau by Minister of Energy Marc Lalonde in 1980, and administered by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. The NEP included plans for a “greatly expanded Petro-Canada” End of history lesson for today. There will be a pop quiz later.

CWBAnd the private company that the EVIL HARPER and the Conservatives sold the Liberal Socialist Canadian Wheat Board to was a partnership …

G3 Global Grain Group is a joint venture between Bunge Canada (parent Bunge Limited is an American agribusiness and food company, incorporated in Bermuda, and headquartered in White Plains, New York, United States. As well as being an international soybean exporter, it is also involved in food processing, grain trading, and fertilizer)

G3 Pasqua SK

Our #G3Tour2019 is passing by G3 Pasqua, SK. Late last year, CP Rail chose G3 Pasqua’s high efficiency loop track as the site to showcase it’s new fleet of hopper cars. On our loop tracks, they’ll move more grain faster than ever

… and SALIC Canada Ltd., (a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC), formed to invest in Canada’s agricultural grain industry by establishing a highly efficient coast–to-coast grain enterprise).

So 49% American grain traders and 51% Saudi financiers who put up most of the money in the mind of “nice lady” equates to “EVIL HARPER SOLD THE WHEAT BOARD TO THE SAUDIS”

But of course the screamers only ever mention the Saudi’s because it’s not fashionable right now to mention that the Liberals are in bed with their American masters at least once or twice a week (our Tuesday and Thursday night regular?) when they are not busy embarrassing the rest of us prancing around in their costumes on the international stage.

Other than the accident of each event involving the sale of some grain products, I am utterly unable to understand the connection between that “Harper Wheat Board” event, and Canada’s current pissing match with China over questionable arrests of “important” Chinese nationals to placate Canada’s American Security bosses.

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer for Chinese telecom giant Huawei, is accused of skirting U.S. sanctions and accessing the Iran market. (Huawei via The Associated Press)

Now, keep in mind that the above linked article is sourced from our National Liberal Propaganda Ministry and everything they report is suspect.

It is the CBC’s JOB to run interference for the Liberals by saying “Canada Has No Choice“.

The actual  “legal” requirements are listed as:

Under the terms of the extradition treaty, the U.S. could request Meng’s arrest in Canada if she was wanted in connection with conduct considered criminal in both Canada and the United States, and if the offence carries a jail sentence of a year or more.”

Once that threshold is met, the treaty compels Canada to act. Really?

If that is the case, then I have to ask, why have we never extradited all the thousands of 20th century U.S. draft dodgers, and even U.S. Military deserters, or any of hundreds of Islamic terrorists (of course not all Islamics are terrorists) currently living in Canada.

These bad actors are wanted for offenses, including murder, carrying jail sentences longer than a year, in the U.S. and other jurisdictions? According to the CBC we would have had to extradite all these bad actors because “Canada has no choice

crock2ALL of those categories of beings (gender neutral persons) also meet the above legal requirements but they are all still here.  And many of them hold senior teaching positions in Canadian Universities, are drawing down generous Canadian Social Assistance benefits, or living on their generous Canadian pensions, and no-one feels compelled to send any of these bad actors to their just legal rewards.

Well, you know the saying … If it walks like a crock, and it talks like a crock, and it smells like a crock, well what are we to think.

Boy Justin explains: “The appropriate authorities took the decisions in this case without any political involvement or interference … we were advised by them with a few days’ notice that this was in the works,”  YEA, RIGHT, does any observer think that is even remotely close to anything resembling truth in a Liberal administration where you have to get a hall pass from the PMO to go to the can.


Remember Gerald Butts, linked to below amongst those Liberal stars currently departing cabinet … well, here is a quote on the power of the PMO:

The PMO, of which Butts was the senior and most powerful member, is a secretive palace guard. It operates outside public view and scrutiny. PMO staffers are not public servants. They are political appointees, and their role is as much to foster the partisan political interests of their party as it is to coordinate government policy in the public interest.

A number of experts have noted that, since the 1960s, Canadian democracy has degenerated into a kind of executive dictatorship of the PMO. Both Liberal and Conservative elected members of Parliament have frequently complained, in private, about being relegated to the role of trained seals. Their job is to clap when ordered to do so by the PMO.

In the case of Butts, a goodly number of Liberal MPs are quietly cheering at his departure. He was not, it seems, popular with the rank-and-file of Justin Trudeau’s elected caucus.”


Our Parliament and our Senate are exactly the same sort of puppet show that we see wildly clapping when Putin or Xi Jinping enter the house.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, his wife Peng Liyuan, and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, arrive for a gala show to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (front, R), Chinese President Xi Jinping (front, L), his wife Peng Liyuan (2nd row, L), and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (2nd row, R), arrive for a gala show to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Meanwhile, Meng Wanzhou appeared at a bail hearing in Vancouver. That hearing was completely separate from the actual extradition process, which could take months.  Wait a minute? This doesn’t sound as nicely cut and dried as the CBC claim “Canada has no choice”.

Snow”, by Kobudofrom the album “Ototabi”  (2013).

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, By – Erich Saide, CC BY-SA 3.0,

What actually has to happen in this country?  The late, lamented, “rule of law” says that the U.S. has to make a formal extradition request within 60 days of Meng Wanzhou’s arrest and send the supporting documents to the International Assistance Group, the specialized branch within the Department of Justice that handles extradition.

Within 30 days of receiving those documents, the IAG would advise (former) Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould on whether a formal extradition hearing would be justified.

So Canada in fact does have all kinds of choice, hmmm … Under the treaty with the U.S., Canada cannot arbitrarily refuse to issue an authority to proceed. But once the formal extradition is made, Wilson-Raybould (the (former) Justice Minister) can exercise ministerial discretion.

Canada’s extradition laws give Ottawa the power to reject requests that it considers oppressive or politically motivated, a back door known as the “political offense exception.” For example, extradition requests that seek to prosecute people for their race, religion, sexuality or political opinions would be out of order.

This invites allies like the U.S. to ground their requests in unproven “Criminal Charges” from their own corrupt Justice Department, instead of just saying “Quick, we are fighting with the Commies, grab that Chinaman!”. Which is exactly what Boy Justin did to our Justice Department when the Liberals lined up the “deferred prosecution agreement” to help protect their close friends at SNC Lavelin.

OH NO!!! Canada actually does have all kinds of arbitrary choice!  OH NO!!! The CBC lied!  Imagine that! That’s how all those other criminals and murders managed to stay in Canada at our expense safe and sound from any prosecution for their crimes.

Not only does this reek of hypocrisy and double standard but it also clearly points to the truth of the comment that Canada is the largest state in the union, or is the correct term “protectorate”? Sort of like the Virgin Islands, except that no one would mistake Canada for a virgin.

Oh Yea! and what about the Department of Justice and that Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould person?  Yea, what about them and her? Isn’t she that Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould woman?

You know, the woman that Feminist Boy Justin just fired and then muzzled because she wouldn’t immediately bend the knee, kiss ass, and sidestep her Department of Justice to give favoured exemption from the rule of law (criminal code offenses exactly like the charges Meng Wanzhou faces from the U.S.) for pending charges against Boy Justin’s good friends at SNC Lavelin.

Boy Justin must have read some juicy scandal rag story about Bill Clinton and his interns and Boy Justin thought “Hey! Why not me?“.  Imagine the shock to Boy Justin’s sensitive ego when Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould turned out to have more balls than he did.

Sophie Grégoire needs to grow a pair as big as Hillary’s.   Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, is the wife of the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. She is a former television host and is involved in charity work and public speaking, focusing mainly on women’s and children’s issues. Cute First Family … Professional Drama Coach married to a Pretty Television Host. Can’t ya just feel the luuuuv.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

You just have to love the warm fuzzy joy of being Liberal, knowing that all the rules don’t apply to you, they only apply to all those stupid little people who don’t agree with you if you feel like dropping the hammer on them. How can anybody trust the Boy?

Well, some of his team-mates don’t. The fermentation in the Liberal cabinet and the Privy Council is getting so bad that numerous ranking members (the nomenclatura) have left the Liberal Party, some citing irreconcilable differences prior to the Lavelin scandal, and others after the scandal citing the Lavelin scandal.  Who are they? Well, Leona Alleslev, Scott Brison, Jane Philpott, Michael Wernick, Gerald Butts, and Jody Wilson-Raybould to name a few.

It’s  kind of like the Liberals decided that it was better to piss off the foreign pimp twisting their ear, than their local pimp who has their tits in the wringer, alluding to the fact that over 90% of all Canadian trade goes to America.  Who do we trust?

Who do they think they are kidding … choosing between the one twisting your arm or the one squeezing your balls, while posing as the virtuous virgin, is a no brainer, but of course, in Canada, we are not allowed to talk about that part of things are we? Who do we trust? Please, please spare us your Liberal bleeding heart, jingoistic BS, about Canada having no choice. This is all just an economic, political, and (frankly) National Security shoving match between the U.S. and China about who has a bigger one.

001-a-trump-photoJust Getta Life … accept the internationally recognized reality that we,  are and ever have been, living in America’s spare room, and everything we take for granted as adopted children depends on the sugar daddy in the living-room. Get over yourselves … our life is pretty damned good compared to anywhere else in the planet and certainly better than life in China, unless things have dramatically improved since I was in China in the 80’s, no matter how our government tries to skew the model in their favor and to benefit their friends.

At the root of this is that Canadian Liberals are more afraid of America than they are of China … and maybe that is smart and maybe it is not so smart, I can’t really speak to how smart that love/hate/fear relationship between Liberal Canadians and America is.

The chattering classes seem to live in a perpetual “hate America” bubble that they picked up at university drinking the KoolAide from the cups of their American draft dodger professors (remember the 60’s and 70’s? well, … maybe the 70’s, but the 60’s are rather a blur). Of course, the political classes waffle all over the place depending of the venue of their latest photo op.

Mikoto”, by Kobudofrom the album “Ototabi”  (2013)

What is really important, what really matters in Canada?  It sure isn’t even remotely whose spyware lives in our civilian and military electronics, and it certainly isn’t how America feels about who trades where? Unless they are really, really pissed at who we are trading with and what we are trading? Yea, I can see that being important, for about as long as it takes President Trump to pick up his phone and tell Boy Justin to “bend over”.

But some things are undeniably IMPORTANT … Canadian Liberals, for our own good (of course), destroyed the Dairy industry in Quebec, and the Fishery in the Maritimes, and the Manufacturing sector in Ontario, and the Oil industry in Western Canada and Newfoundland, and now they are proceeding to destroy the Agriculture sector in all of Canada, and I guess the next will be Coal and Mining sector in BC which currently exports most of its production to China, and so on and so forth, world without end Amen.

Wailing about “Harper sold the Wheat Board to the Saudis” is just so damned school yard juvenile. Who do we trust?

All of this destruction brings with it 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of jobs lost in “the rest of Canada“. So, please understand a truth, my sweet young “lady” so happy about sharing your political wisdom, on your way back to your clerking job at Chapters.

The net result of your world view and your vote, and all this destruction, is that we, the ordinary people of Canada will feel all the pain. And there is going to be a lot of pain. I doubt your were alive in 1982 but Western Canadians at least, still have memories. And we bitter clingers in flyover country are very close to the tipping point. Who do we trust?

Meanwhile the Liberal elite, after effectively ditching the rule of law on the pretext of saving a couple of thousand of jobs in Quebec, and shilling for their friends at SNC-Lavalin, are driven home to their riverside mansions by their less than minimum wage immigrant chauffeurs and looked after by their less than minimum wage “special status” immigrant servants.

And you, my lovely young Toronto lady, take the bus back to your crash pad in some low-rent Toronto slum like Parkdale, to write some more shrieking comments on your social media tablet, to keep loyally pushing the progressive narrative toward the holocaust.

Now we all know that the best definition of shill is “A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services.” As in Who are you shilling for?”  or “Ignore the n00b, he’s just here to shill”. Who do we trust?

And maybe that all might be enough for Canadians to wake up and “Vote for Change” this October … the same slogan that 4 years ago ushered out the most successful government in the history of Canada during the last election.

Unfortunately there are huge populations of urban KoolAide drinkers like the lovely young lady mentioned above and it is unlikely that the huge percentage of urban tit-suckers in our population will vote against the tit.

On the other hand, in a completely unexpected outburst of sanity we might just vote them out … you never can tell when Canadians might have a moment of lucid thinking, as David Warren, a much better writer than I, explains: “We are secretly quite sane“.

000-Canada DoomedSo we Canadians are stuck watching a cheap remake of “TWINS”, and brooding over our fate.

Sigh … ever was it so … bread and circuses almost always triumph against self discipline and responsibility at first, at least until the system runs out of other people’s money and crashes down taking everyone with it and we get Venezuela, or Eastern Europe and Russia, or North Korea, or even China for the vast majority the 1.4 billion souls who have had the good fortune to be born there.

So I am left feeling animosity towards “city dwellers” everywhere, in the great urban metropolis called Canada. The R.O.U. in rural flyover country have dropped off the political map. And against that animosity I have been reminded by a Priest whom I respect greatly that Dorothy Day said something like “How we feel about the least likable people we know is how we feel about GOD”. That He, GOD, was absolutely serious about “Love each other as I have loved you” is undeniable, but Oh – So – Hard to put into practice in every day life.

So I am ruminating about “suffering” and the sources of same. It seems that suffering would be significantly reduced if only we focused more on improving ourselves instead of focusing on correcting the perceived faults of those around us. Focusing on ourselves and our own faults we would not be so disturbed by the resistance of others to our opinions and desires. And all the upset is about what is really just the “lipstick on the pig”.

Something inside or outside pushes us along and we seek ourselves in everything we say and do.  And yet we are mostly oblivious to that. We meander nicely along when everything is done according to OUR will, but if things turn out against us, we quickly, reflexively, leap to dissension, strife and unhappiness, showing a “preferential option” for confrontation. And the constant static and noise of “the others” is a non-stop reminder that things are unfolding very much against our will and we are in for a very bumpy ride.

So it gives me pause to realize that I am seriously expected to love these pink tribe folks as Jesus loved me. GOD created the whole pig and everything else from just … well … nothing.  And He had to create “nothing” first because He already was everything. That kind of love is truly something awesome … truly beyond human comprehension.  Kinda puts all our pride and ranting and prancing around in perspective.  Dust to dust and all that.



It gets better … there is hope … truly …

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Hello everybody … again. After several days of heavy snow it is now -28 C and with a steady wind putting it at -42 C with the windchill. All the shoveling and driving is done for the day so everything is put away and plugged in and so on. Now we can now hunker down drinking hot drinks and sitting in the sauna and writing emails and such.

Thanks for looking at this note … this one is shorter than some, with only one medical related link.

My point in this note is to reflect on the trustworthiness, integrity and reliability of the MSM, government sources, and even major Medical Journals as information sources when it comes to making up our own minds about the efficacy of treatments for conditions with which we are diagnosed.

My first wife of forty years and I have been digging into this deeply since early 2008 when we first started playing in the sunny fields of being in business in the health care domain. Things have changed for us most dramatically since we were virgin believers in the integrity of our health systems and in the concept of government regulated drug manufacturing.

These days it is looking more like Drug Manufacturer regulated government. For example, back in 2008 we quickly became subscribers to one medical information service then known as the Cochran Group, or The Cochrane collaboration (several years before they started their sad slide to bias and corruption) and we looked at the reliability and safety issue studies related to the efficacy of Statin drugs for cholesterol management) – The Cochran Group looked at all this way back in 2003. Having those sources early on, we were able to look at some data and meta-studies which were not censored by big brother.

Unfortunately the Cochran collaboration has become the paid lapdog for some major drug companies and one can correlate that change to the tenor of the reviews and meta-studies. It really is a clear binary choice … 1. Either the drug industry and healthcare have changed from the “studying patients for profit while suppressing all information” model over to the MSM view of a completely safe patient centered system. or … 2. the whistle blowers and independent reviewers at the Cochran collaboration have been themselves suppressed and bought. Which is more likely? That’s a serious question because it really is a matter of life and death… for us.

Now, that Elysian 2008 Landscape, of sunny meadows and flowers and sparkling brooks with deer and rabbits gently grazing under a lucent sky, has transformed into a post apocalyptic dystopean vision much more reminiscent of the setting of Harrison Ford’s “Blade Runner back in 1982.

We have watched one information source after another taken down by government and Big Pharma, and all references to those sources scrubbed from the Wiki and the search engines. Some of these individuals still fight on using pay to play professional blog-sites.

The question in my mind is “If these people (the whistle blowers) are telling lies about the system, some of them for over 20 years, then why are they not locked up or sued out of existence in civil court?” Serious libel laws exist in all the jurisdictions where they operate.

The usual suspects, about whom these whistle blowers are writing are making billions of dollars annually on this model and spending literally 100’s of millions suppressing studies and data and anyone who objects for any reason. What might be going on? The perpetrators are not helpless victims of an online campaign, quite the contrary.

We subscribe to this blog site:

Dr. Michael Kendrick  and his latest post is of interest to anyone whose doctor is recommending them to start treatment with Statins for “High Cholesterol”.

And here is just a fun CBC site about what is fiction and what is reality and how the two seem to be merging …:

I believe that everyone has to make up their own minds about what to believe and how happy they are with their physical health status quo and folks also have to make up their own minds about the reliability and trustworthiness of established academic organizations (researchers) healthcare organizations (NGO’s and departments) and government agencies (like Canada Health & The Canada Food Guide people).

But we need good data to be able to do this. I guess the bottom line is the reliability of the authorities we accept, which range from chance conversations in the coffee-shop or the supermarket all the way up to major double blind multinational studies and research efforts. We need to think about our sources.

If you are completely happy with your current health, and you sincerely believe that the above mentioned organizations and authorities are truly interested only in our well-being, then don’t worry, be happy. After all, in the log run we are all dead anyway no matter what decisions we make. Personally I would like the run to be as long as possible.

And for the rest of us, carry on … after all, its our lives that are on the line.

The Greatest Generation

Sometimes doing what needs doing takes courage and determination, and a willingness to go in harms way for others.

If anyone is interested, the following snippet is relevant but more detailed than casual reading might warrant …


**** the following is from the Lancet Article****


The following is the fine print Conflicts of Interest Statement from the Lancet paper: Author’s initials in bold capitals here: RO’C, EB, IF, CW, and JS have nothing to disclose. (but)  JF, BM, CR, JE, LB, MK, AT, PR, CP,EL, WK, AG, SY, RC, CB, AK and LB do report significant conflict of interests.

In legal proceedings such conflicts would be such that a lawyer or a judge would have to recuse themselves from cases involving parties in those conflicts. Apparently this sort of conflict of interest is just OK with patient health departments and drug companies.

Commercial organisations in bold below. This is the same paper used as the reason for the firestorm witch hunt of Statin Whistle Blowers in the media and from government sources. Where did the 8000 lives saved come from??????? not clear anywhere … This isn’t really rocket “science”.

Again, this Conflicts of Interest Statement from the Lancet article upon which the firestorm of righteous indignation about putting patient lives at risk and saving 8000 lives, and … well anyway, you get my drift:


Commercial organisations in bold

RO’C, EB, IF, CW, and JS have nothing to disclose. JF reports personal fees from Amgen, Bayer, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, and AstraZeneca, outside the submitted work; and non-financial support from Amgen, Bayer, and Pfizer, outside the submitted work. BM reports grants from the Medical Research Council, British Heart Foundation, and the National Institute for Health Research Oxford Biomedical Research Centre during the conduct of the study, and grants from Merck outside the submitted work. CR report grants from the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation during the conduct of the study; and grants from Merck, outside the submitted work. JE reports grants from the Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation during the conduct of the study, and a grant from Boehringer Ingelheim outside the submitted work. LB reports grants from the Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation during the conduct of the study. MK is an employee of a company that has received study grants and consulting fees from manufacturers of PCSK9 inhibitors and treatments for lipid disorders, outside the submitted work. AT reports personal fees from Amgen and Sanofi, outside the submitted work. PR reports a research grant from AstraZeneca during the conduct of the study; and research grants from Novartis, Pfizer, and Kowa, outside the submitted work. CP reports a grant from Merck, outside the submitted work; and personal fees from Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, Amgen, and Daiichi-Sankyo, outside the submitted work. EL reports grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Amgen, and Merck, outside the submitted work; and personal fees from Bayer, Amgen, Novartis, and Sanofi, outside the submitted work. WK reports grants and non-financial support from Roche, Beckmann, Singulex, and Abbott, outside the submitted work; and personal fees from AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, The Medicines Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Dalcor, Sanofi, Berlin-Chemie, Kowa, and Amgen, outside the submitted work. AG reports personal fees from Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Arisaph Pharmaceuticals, DuPont, Esperion Therapeutics, Kowa, Merck, Roche, Vatera Capital, ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Amgen, outside the submitted work. SY reports a grant from AstraZeneca, outside the submitted work. RC reports support from the Nuffield Department of Population Health, during the conduct of the study; grants from the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council, Merck, National Institute for Health Research, and the Wellcome Trust, outside the submitted work; personal fees from the British Heart Foundation and UK Biobank, outside the submitted work; other support from Pfizer to the Nuffield Department of Population Health (prize for independent research); and a patent for a statin-related myopathy genetic test licensed to University of Oxford from Boston Heart Diagnostics (RC has waived any personal reward). CB reports grants from the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation, during the conduct of the study; and grants from Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, and Boehringer Ingelheim, outside the submitted work. AK reports grants from Abbott and Mylan, outside the submitted work; and personal fees from Abbott, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Mylan, and Pfizer, outside the submitted work. LB reports grants from UK Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation during the conduct of the study.


Life in a small town

Fast Forward 47 Years …

Inner Thoughts”  Rodrigo Rodriguez, from the album “Inner Thoughts” (2006)

 Apollo 15 mission, 1971

Composite of photographs from the Apollo 15 mission, 1971

Thank you BING desktop, for reminding of how far we have fallen.

Those were the days, back when some people actually had hope of something beyond an indexed paycheck and government benefits and union defined smoke breaks and coffee breaks. I remember I was half way through boot camp and had just discovered that most civilians hated the military because we were different and wore uniforms.

And because they were just coming of age after the 60’s and the wonderful epidemic of narcissism which engulfed our polite society, the beginning of the wave that swept away reason and replaced it with “all right minded people believe this” and “anyone who does not think like us is obviously stupid and evil”. All Hail the Glorious CBC! So let it be written, so let it be done!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Apollo 15 was the ninth manned mission in the United States’ Apollo program, the fourth to land on the Moon, and the eighth successful manned mission. It was the first of what were termed “J missions“, long stays on the Moon, with a greater focus on science than had been possible on previous missions.

It was also the first mission on which the Lunar Roving Vehicle was used. A recording of the launch was included in the Sounds of Earth carried by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes. The mission began on July 26, 1971, and ended on August 7. At the time, NASA called it the most successful manned flight ever achieved.[3]

A husband of that time could support a family of 5 in their own home, with a car and a TV and all things needed for a comfortable life for less than C$10,000.00 a year, and do it on one man’s wages with Mum staying home to create and look after the home and “the family”, sewing all our clothes, cooking all our food, and teaching us what we needed to know to become decent human beings. Remember Church, and Sunday, and Sunday School …

The family, the foundation of civilization … now we are considered evil to espouse “one man, one woman, one time”. Sigh, times change, eh? That was then. Back before the religion of the “masses” became football, and golf, and BBQ, well, I guess BBQ was always OK, but wasn’t part of our faith life except in a tangential way.


Texas Humor - from a Facebook group I belong to ...

Texas Humor – from a Facebook group I belong to …

So, the way we live these days is akin to being roomies in a 3 story boarding house, sort of like “Friends”.

Most of us, we the “masses”, live on the first floor and really don’t give it much thought other than to be vaguely aware that there is another floor above us where the sparkly vampires, the know-it-alls, the Brights, live their exalted lives, and where all the house rules and punishments descend from.

Now, Albert J. Knock, of whom I have posted before, put it like this: ” … The line of differentiation between the masses and the Remnant is set invariably by quality, not by circumstance. The Remnant are those who by force of intellect are able to apprehend these principles, and by force of character are able, at least measurably, to cleave to them. The masses are those who are unable to do either.”

So, in the 3 story rooming house metaphor, all us easy going folks on the first floor are the “masses” as noted above, and the folks on the 2nd floor of the rooming house are the remnant, the elite who “by force of intellect are able to apprehend these principles, and by force of character are able, at least measurably, to cleave to them“. Those are the ones who learned to handle stairs and doorknobs …

Fulton Sheen puts it like this: “… The first level is the subhuman, or the animal, in which a man is content to live only for his body, for his flesh and its pleasures; when a whole society lives thus, we have what Sorokin has called a “sensate culture”. If reason is used at all on this lowest level, it is only to discover new techniques for providing thrills and amusements for the animal nature.

Man can also live on a second, or higher, level, the rational; here he will pursue a good pagan life and will defend the natural virtues, but without great enthusiasm. Under the inspiration of reason alone, he is tolerant, philanthropic; he favors the underdog and contributes to community enterprises, but he refuses to believe that there is a knowledge beyond the reach of his own intellect or a strength exceeding his own will.”

But what about that 3rd floor, that no one seems to think or talk about …

I am thinking that the awareness of the existence of the 3rd floor starts only when the sword of the imagination is turned away from all the ills, evils, injustices, and trials of our neighbors and our current society.

The possibility of a 3rd floor is perceived when we stop thinking about “fixing” what is manifestly wrong with the “real” world, and first begin to turn that sword inward upon ourselves, cutting out the evil which we start to perceive in the worship of self, the evils which are only powerful in the complete absence of humility and meekness.

“Lord place in me a humble and contrite heart”…

The lenses of my heart sure see a different world than they did 47 years ago



Time for a haircut …

Life in a small town

Another Coat-tails post …

Found, with amusement, at

David Warren remarks on the stellar performance of our current prime minister and his lip smacking kissers at the CBC. Really folks, its not just my imagination … we truly do live in this wonderful Winter Wonderland where fantasy is always more important than reality and truth is whatever the sparkly vampires over at the Holy CBC say it is, right?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean, eh?


Joe ..

True, Patriot Love …. quick grab a cheek, … or something …

Je me souviens …


Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Meanwhile, On Other Fronts …

Meanwhile, on other fronts …

001-a-bellcay-bahamas-national-parkI hear that  Justin Trudeau and family had a wonderful Christmas/NewYears vacation in company with the Aga Khan at his private island in the Bahamas.

Time to have a coffee and ponder why a posh vacation at the Aga Kahn’s private island, Bellcay,  following Justin’s  “granting” of millions to the Aga Khan Foundation qualifies Justin as an appropriate representative for the “middle class” and “small business” in Canada.

Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is the hereditary spiritual leader and absolute ruler of the world’s 15 (some estimates place the number at 25) million Shia Ismaili Muslims and also happens to be a multimillionaire philanthropist. and his foundation seems to do a lot of good stuff  in hard hit parts of the world. For a lot more information please visit the blog site Ismailimail

These folks are some of the good guys by any measure, regardless of their faith, or perhaps its really because of their faith.  Nizari teachings emphasize human reasoning (Ijtihad, the individual use of one’s reason when using both the Quran and Hadith as resources), pluralism (the acceptance of racial, ethnic, cultural and intra-religious differences) and social justice. Ismailis are often referred to as the Muslim diplomatic and business elite. They started out as traders but now work in banking and real estate and are steadily permeating the law, engineering and medical professions. [2]


Justin and his wife having a photo op at Mr. Kahn’s summer cottage in 2015

The federal government under Justin Trudeau has contributed millions of taxpayer dollars to the Aga Khan Foundation to help fund its international development projects. Were they better spent in east Asia and Africa than here in Canada? Who knows.

Maybe Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV is trying to teach Justin how be a better leader, how to build up a loyal base of millions of followers so Justin can also become a multimillionaire philanthropist, doing real good in the world?

The Aga Khan’s family have been fully engaged in the real world since at least 1818. They appear to be a hugely successful family in business, as philanthropists  and also in the spiritual dimension, putting into practice the concept of “giving back”.

Justin, on the other hand, as a party leader in the House of Commons, earned a salary of $224,000 in 2015  (an MP’s base salary is $167,400, while a party leader makes an additional $56,800), according to a 2015 list of Parliamentary indemnities, salaries and allowances,  and his net worth is reported to be between 1 and 2 million dollars.

As prime minister, Justin is entitled to $334,800 for this year, not including a $2,000 car allowance. and his speaking fees garnered him more than $450,000 in his highest-earning year. While this is certainly NOT chump change, it also doesn’t begin to compare to the wealth influence  and accomplishments of the Aga Khan and the millions of Shia Ismaili Muslims around the world.  Justin just doesn’t seem to shine as brightly. In the world of the big fish Justin is a minnow and where does that analogy leave the rest of us.

I also wonder if Justin’s values are also acceptable Muslim values? I would bet not.  Justin Trudeau said in a statement issued Dec. 13 on the occasion of the Aga Khan’s 80th birthday. “I am proud to call His Highness both a mentor and friend. He has shown time and time again that no matter our faith, where we were born, what colour is our skin, or what language we speak, we are equal members of this world.

001-a-justin-trudeau-in-a-kiffeya1478026125322That may be true, under certain circumstances (like “if you paid your Jizya”) and maybe if you are a multimillionaire, perhaps.

But, if one is the Imam and Supreme Ruler of 25 million Muslims, and one is no doubt aware of the concept of  al-Taqiyya,  is there any way WE can be sure that Justin understands the possibilities or even that we have any reason to trust that he knows what he is saying and doing.

Do we believe that Justin understands that all the residents of Dar al-Harb, the  “Realm of the Heathens” are most definitely NOT “equal members of this world” as Justin so naively puts it … he seems in this statement to be out of touch with reality.

Even his language in this statement smacks of school yard charm, ignorance and an utter lack of any real understanding of Islam’s 1400 year old war against Dar al-Harb.

Castro and the trudeaus

Fidel, Margaret, and Pierre in better days…

Notwithstanding all of the above, His Highness and recently deceased Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro are and were long time close friends of the Trudeau family. In fact, His Highness and Mr. Castro were pall bearers at Justin’s daddy’s (Mr. Pierre Trudeau’s) funeral.

Let’s also remember that it was under Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin and Jean Chretien, that the Canadian Government came out of the closet and fully endorsed homosexuality and abortion programs as rights and health care programs. “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation” right, Pierre?

Are these the sort of “values” that any righteous Muslim or Imam (or any righteous Christian) would embrace?

001-a-the-state-has-no-placeIt’s a pretty safe bet that Liberals in general and Justin in particular would definitely fall under the heading of “Unbeliever” in the eyes of any Muslim, but especially a Muslim Imam. So the “Unbeliever” makes a “Christmas” vacation visit to the private island of the absolute ruler of one of the larger divisions of Islam. Cognitive Dissonance Anyone?

Anyway, Justin’s most recent visit from the Aga Khan was in May 2016. The most recent grant from the Federal Government to the Foundation was a five-year, $55-million project to improve health services in Afghanistan that was announced in December 2015 under the Trudeau government.

In fact, The Prince Karim Aga Khan IV’s  Foundation has been a significant recipient of Canadian foreign aid (taxpayer’s dollars, eh?), receiving $310 million for 16 projects since 2004.  that’s about 26 million a year on average. Let’s see … $310 million as Jizya … Hmmm …. are Canadians “Dhimmi”?  Not yet, obviously, and is it even possible for a government to pay the taxes for their population? And would this be even close to a reasonable tax rate, being way less than the federal income tax rate. Silly idea, right?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with the Aga Khan on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 17, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with the Aga Khan on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 17, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

In May 2015 Justin had a visit from the Aga.Kahn.   Hmmm … May 2015 visit – December 2015 –  55 million dollars of taxpayer money for the Aga Kahn.  May 2016 visit – still looking and digging but I am optimistic that some sort of monetary transaction to some “independent” organization will pop up.  And this is all part of Canada’s foreign aide and development budget, right? Meanwhile, the Federal Government is cutting health care spending to the provinces, perhaps to put pressure on them about joining the Liberal Global Warming program?

The Ottawa-based Aga Khan Foundation, which supports development projects in Africa and Asia, has received tens of millions of dollars from the federal government.  The foundation is a registered government lobbyist and the Canadian Government also provided $30 million of taxpayer’s money for the group’s headquarters in Ottawa. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this, just business as usual in Ottawa.

justin-trudeau11So, now we have a wonderful scene to envision.  Justin was accused in the media of running a Pay-To-Play scheme for folks with a little spare change to buy some face time and present their needs and ideas.  So how much did the Aga Khan pay for his visit, or is he just an old family friend who can drop in anytime and ask for a grant?


Boy Justin and some of his chums. From left to right; Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. Timothy Harris, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Mark Brantley. (St Kitts and Nevis Observer)

The PMO was initially extremely secretive about the whereabouts of Justin, until the National Post broke the story and then and only then did  the the PMO confirm that Trudeau, his family and a few friends and employees were invited to join the Aga Khan on Bell Island for the holidays. “As you are aware, his Highness and the Prime Minister have been close family friends for many years,” a statement sent to media said, while noting Trudeau would repay the cost of flights to and from Nassau for himself and his family.

However, The flight manifest for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “Christmas”  vacation to the Caribbean, released to the Conservatives through an access to information request, was redacted to leave off the names of family members and a nanny who traveled on the government-owned Challenger jet.  What’s to hide if everything is on the up-n-up?


Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, is the grandson and was the heir of Mowlana Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah. As the direct descendant and inheritor of the Aga Khan III can we assume that Aga Khan IV believes as his grandfather did?

But let’s get back to Justin’s friend and mentor, the Aga Khan. Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, KBE, CC (Persian: شاه کریم حسینی، آقاخان چهارم‎‎; Aga Khan is also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan;[1] born 13 December 1936) is the 49th and current Imam of Nizari Ismailism, a denomination of Isma’ilism within Shia Islam consisting of an estimated 25 million adherents (about 20% of the world’s Shia Muslim population).[2][3][4][5]

The Aga Khan is a British[6] business magnate,[2][7][8][9] racehorse owner and breeder.[7][10] He has held this position of Imam, under the title of Aga Khan IV, since 11 July 1957,[11] when, at the age of 20, he succeeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III

Now, the very private and secretive Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is on record as saying:


it is my deep conviction that a singular step should be taken, a magnificent relationship developed on which so much could be built if the West will cease to look at the Islamic architectural heritage simply as a matter of scholastic interest and admiration. On the contrary, give to it recognition of a different dimension, a dimension of the future. Enhance it, enrich it and enliven it, put at its disposal your talents, your knowledge and your creativity.

I do not wish to imply that the West is solely responsible for what is happening to Islamic environments. I am saying that you could do much more, as you are already doing for your own architectural heritage, to help revive the culture of Islam. Creativity knows no frontiers: it is not of the East nor the West, of the North nor the South, but it sometimes needs awakening, to be set alight, to be shown a purpose. I believe such a time is now.”



A Koran manuscript is displayed at the University of Birmingham on July 24, 2015 in Birmingham, England. The two leaves of parchment have recently been carbon dated at a laboratory at the University of Oxford and are thought to date back to the early seventh century, close to the time of the Prophet Muhammed.

So Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, as well as being the Imam of 20 million Muslims (? some sources say as many as 25 million which is almost as many as there are Canadians, eh?) , is also “a close family friend” of Boy Justin. I suppose that friendship would include more than a little back-scratching in “reviving the culture of Islam“.

The Aga Khan IV is that person who believes “… there is no one greater than MYSELF. If you think of God, then it is MYSELF. If you think of Pir, Then too it is ME. If you think about Imam, then too it is ME. And your beloved Master is also ME. There is no one except MYSELF“. I can’t see how a faithful Muslim of any status including an Imam could see themselves as God. I just don’t buy it.

But I  (who am not Muslim but rather a Christian) look around the world at all the trouble spots and wars, and violence, and in almost every single instance these “hot spots” and “conflicts” involve Islam. Curious thing that.

Again, I wonder if Pierre, or Justin ever encountered the concept of  al-Taqiyya: deception; the Islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies. 


New Islamic State

True, the Sunnis (ISIS or ISIL) are in a bitter war of extermination against the Shia Muslims.  It was in another time — more than 1,300 years ago — in a land known as the Islamic State that, after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, a succession crisis divided Muslims; and the widening schism continues to play out today as ISIS or ISIL carves its bloody notion of a new Islamic State on the same soil these feuds were first fought, lashing out at targets both within the Muslim world and in the West. Again, we see clearly that these folks are serious about their beliefs. The seem quite willing to die for them or because of them.


Iraqi Shiite fighters from a Popular Mobilization militia fire their weapons as they advance near the town of Tall Abtah, south of Tall Afar, on Nov. 30, 2016. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP/Getty Images)

Succession can be a tough adjustment for any group, but is especially emotional when a departing leader of a nascent religion is particularly strong, effective or loved.

A dispute over how to replace Muhammad as the leader of the Muslim world after his death in 632 — and increasingly after the deaths of subsequent leaders — led to competing iterations of the Islamic faith, diverting followers into two major branches — the Sunni and the Shia. and they have been fighting this bitter war of succession for 1300 years.

While doctrinal distinctions created the schism, evolving geopolitical notions make it an important matter for world attention.  The split began in the early history of Islam, but is now continued in the bitter war in the Middle East.

Does Justin want to bring that war here? Rhetorical question to be sure but that is the reality which Justin and his father before him have been playing with for two generations.  Here’s just a little bit of “History” for folks who might think the world was created by dad … (Justin?).

The most significant return to history for the Ismailis was in the mid-nineteenth century. The Khojas, a Muslim sect of mainly traders around Bombay, had refused in 1827 to make their customary payments to the head of their sect, Hasan Ali Shah, the son of the Persian Shah, Fath-Ali Shah Qajar.

The Shah had appointed Hasan Ali as governor of Mahallat and Qom in 1818, giving him the title of Aga Khan. The Aga Khan dispatched emissaries to Bombay and most secessionists relented. This post is worth a read – yes it is long – but it presents very necessary background to the current “friend and mentor” of our prime minister.


Having led an unsuccessful revolt against the Shah and then offered some help to the British in the closing stages of the First Anglo-Afghan War (1841-2), the Aga Khan went to Bombay and set himself up as the effective head of the Khoja community.

In April 1866, a group of secessionists filed suit in the High Court of Bombay asking that the Aga Khan have an injunction levied against him to stop him “interfering in the management of the trust property and affairs of the Khoja community.”

Judgment was rendered in November 1866: the Khojas were Ismailis, who had been converted four-hundred years previously by a Persian missionary, and were “still bound by ties of spiritual allegiance to the hereditary Imams of the Ismailis,” descended from the Lords of Alamut, the Fatimid Caliphs, and ultimately the Prophet Muhammad.

This led to the discovery of other Ismaili populations in southern Arabia, Russia, and Afghanistan.”


So, what significance is there for Canadians that their Prime Minister is using Canadian Taxpayer’s dollars to fund and support the works of the leader of the 25 million strong Nizari Ismailis branch of the Islamic Caliphate, the Dar al-Islam, who have been at war for 1400 non-stop years with Dar al-Harb the  “Realm of the Heathens”  (that would be us I would guess)?

What is right or wrong with being a Muslim believer? What is right or wrong with being a Christian believer? What is right or wrong with being a Secular Humanist Progressive?  I suppose one might posit that: Only a believer can truly understand or appreciate another believer, and that my experience of Muslims is that they take their faith much more seriously than much of the nominally “Christian” West. I find much to admire about Nizari Ismailism,  less so regarding Justin and the Liberals, and also things I question about both.  But God is God and he wants only the good for us, so I will pray on it.




Politics and Economics

Enemy of the State … or Public Enemy #1

It is considered provocative and even rude in fashionable circles, amongst the brights, and bureaucrats, chattering classes, the myriad glitterati of the Pink Tribe everywhere to declaim that Liberal Progressives are the sworn mortal enemies of peace, prosperity, and freedom.

Yet, it is difficult for a thinking person to see it otherwise. As my blog subtitle once noted “cognitive dissonance in a progressive tyranny”, while all the world denies it, the hard evidence on the ground, the “real” reality of daily existence says otherwise.

Today, reading an American financial newsletter I subscribe to I find an excellent articulation of the disquiet I have been feeling for several years regarding U.S. “interests” and coming on the heels of the election of Progressive Anti-Oil governments at both the federal and provincial level I really want to share this article with you but what you should really do is go look up Byron King, (BK) he writes interesting stuff. I am posting teaser bits here.

It’s been a week since President Obama announced that he officially disapproved the application by TransCanada Corp. to build the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL) project. I thought I’d get over it. No, I’m still perturbed. You should be, too. … The massive, 1,200-mile project would have carried about 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast.” BK

Keystone-e1447444672529What is Keystone XL, you ask?  The simple answer is “It’s a big ole pipe”.  BUT, around here, the entire saga is a glowing neon testament to the truly cosmic stupidity of all things eastern liberal and progressive, in the same vein as The National Energy Program, PETROCAN, CBC and Canadian Windmills.

“In essence, l’affaire KXL has been an unseemly, seven-year ordeal that will go down in history as perhaps the nadir of U.S. comity with our great neighbor to the north. In the end, Obama turned the concept of North American energy security on its head. Obama’s perfidy undermines one of the key economic resources, and sources of national wealth and foreign currency, of Canada. He may as well have told Canada to “Drop Dead.”” BK

Oil sand deposits of western Canada are among the largest single sources of accessible hydrocarbon energy on the planet.  Now, after almost 100 years of research and development (long story), Canada is at a technical and economic point from which that nation is capable of developing these vast resources, in fact they are world leaders in this field.

It’s not as if Keystone XL is some sort of one-off blue sky idea, totally out of the far blue north. The U.S. is already crisscrossed by tens of thousands of miles of pipelines, carrying oil and gas. The U.S. is totally plugged-in to Canada and Mexico, as the map below shows. Indeed, one can barely discern the difference that Keystone XL would make within the current geography of the continent.


Keystone XL is intended to move 800,000 barrels per day, which is well over twice what currently flows through the magnificent Alaska Pipeline, for example. Is it just me, or does anyone else see any inconsistencies in the picture presented here?

AlaskaPipeline-e1447444783580Fortunately, the U.S. only has one president at a time. Obama is president just now. He has his beliefs and his advisers, and he has his handlers just as does our own Boy Justin.

He wants to kill Keystone XL. He beat about the Bush for seven years, and then pulled the trigger just a few weeks before a major climate conference in Paris, which wonderful city is currently being tied up in knots by a bunch of ISIS wannabe’s if the media are to believed, you never know. Is Paris Burning? Who asked that question?

Clearly, the U.S. President is not thinking in terms of “Energy Security” or “National Security” using the logic which prevailed in the national discussion for the last 150 years. He is operating on his own level of thought, marching to his own drummer. He wants to impress the world with his ability to control U.S. energy development. He wants to “lead” on “climate change,” to use his own words. That’s “leadership” in his head in his world.

Eventually, Americans will elect another president, a different president, maybe even a thinking president. Maybe there will be fewer “Low Information voters”. Who knows? Perhaps that next president will have a better understanding of their national interest. Then we may see Keystone come back.

In the meantime, the oil sands are not going anywhere, the “other” pipeline is moving what would have gone to U.S. refineries out east to Canadian refineries, and we are getting 8 or 10 100+ car trains per day of oil tankers  where we might get only 2 8 years ago. They are steadily running past my place about two blocks away. I sleep well hearing the comforting rumble of Canadian Oil staying in Canada as the winter approaches, and the silver lining of all this is that Red Rachel and her merry band of Knottheads are going to wear the blame for the economic catastrophe. Hell, if we are lucky, some of this shit might just stick to Boy Justin’s blankets as well.

May you live in interesting times …




Disclaimer for the nit pickers: we take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately

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Disparate Data in the Eather … part 4

(continued from part 3) … Using low-yield weapons and airbursts, this figure drops to as little as 700 fatalities! This makes using nuclear weapons thinkable for the first time since the 1940s. The B61-12 only encourages this trend further.


So what has all this to do with Canadian nukes? Well, here’s a clue:  f35-2-bays The F-35A CTOL (conventional take off and landing) will be capable of carrying two B61-12 nuclear bombs, one in each bay.  See that little Canadian flag on the side of the fuselage. That’s the Canadian F-35 we mentioned in part 2 of this series. This aircraft is intended to be one of the primary delivery systems for the new B61-12 guided tactical nuclear bomb.

So as I mentioned in the first paragraph in part 1, I think we are looking at the opening moves in Canada re-joining the international nuclear club. Compared to Iran and North Korea we are a much better candidate (better looking too).  Who would you rather your daughter go on a date with, a North Korean, an Iranian,  or a nice clean cut Canadian. That’s really a no-brainer right?

Would having a nuclear capable Canada help NATO and the US if the US becomes deeply involved in a standoff in the South China Sea? This has all happened before. I have a personal memory of a Canadian “fighter” jet from the 60’s and 70’s. It was called the CF-104 and entered Canadian service in March 1962. I knew a pilot. He transferred from CF-104 to Sea Kings after having to eject from an exploding CF-104 on takeoff (early 70’s). He still thought it was a great jet but it was more relaxing flying Sea Kings. Whatever, all pilots are kinda “out there”. The CF-104 was originally designed as a supersonic interceptor aircraft, but it was used primarily for low-level strike and reconnaissance by the RCAF. CF-104 Tiger

Eight CF-104 squadrons were originally stationed in Europe as part of Canada’s NATO commitment. This was reduced to six in 1967, with a further reduction to three squadrons in 1970, back when the Liberals were bleeding the Forces to death by fiscal attrition under Hauptsturmführer Paul Hellyer. Up to 1971, this included a nuclear strike role that would see Canadian aircraft armed with US-supplied nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict with Warsaw Pact forces.

Low level attack runs in the CF-104 were done visually at 100 feet AGL and at speeds up to 600Kts. Low level evasive maneuvers could increase speeds to supersonic. The 104 was very difficult to attack owing to its small size, speed, and low altitude capability.

Dave Jurkowski, former CF-104 and CF-18 pilot is quoted “Because of our speed, size and lower level operations, no Canadian Zipper driver was ever ‘shot down’ by either air or ground threats in the three Red Flag Exercises in which we participated.”

So the contemplation of and preparation for a nuclear strike role is not new to the Canadian Armed Forces and the last time was under the Liberals. Pay special attention to the operational history section of this article in Wikipedia.baden-28a

We are again adding a nuclear strike role with a nuclear capable stealth strike aircraft to our arsenal. In spite of those Liberal promises to keep Canada nuclear free, they have no history of keeping any of their promises if they are not convenient.  There is no way that Harper’s Conservatives would feel bound by the promises of a mob of chestless pink tribe socialists.

Speculating about the future … does Canada need Iron Dome to defend nuclear strike assets in a Middle East context, such as a Canadian Expeditionary Force stationed in Israel?

It wouldn’t be out of character. Canada has always been a staunch defender of Israel‘s right not only to exist but to thrive. I don’t know how Israel would feel being associated with a bunch of baby murdering progressives but needs must when the devil drives.

Israel hasn’t got a lot of friends these days, now that the Americans have thrown them under the bus. The Iron Dome deal represents just another example of significant transfer of Israeli defense technology to Canada. We used Israeli systems even back in the 70’s when all our night vision equipment came from Israel. They were just about the only systems we had that were not older than the crews manning them.

A left front view of two multinational variable-swept-winged Tornado aircraft taking off at the Farnborough Air Show.

A left front view of two multinational variable-swept-winged Tornado aircraft taking off at the Farnborough Air Show.

It is reasonable to suppose that Canada and Great Britain could easily work together in this sort of expedition as both have massive common experience in the Sand Box and share a common heritage.

The Brits fly the Tornado which is also a planned platform for the new B61-12. Any one want to lay odds on an integrated Israeli, British, Canadian combined arms force with tactical nuclear capability protected by Iron Dome, handing the Iranians their collective asses on a plate in any regional conflict, even without US involvement?

The notion that we can rely on the US under regimes like Obama’s or perhaps Billery’s is delusional at best and downright suicidal at worst.

Just a thought.



Nitpickers, ya know the drill.

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Disparate Data in the Eather … part 3

(continued from part 2)

Third, a development with no apparent connection to Canada, BUT …B61-12windtunnel

We recently read of the B61-12: The New Guided Standoff Nuclear Bomb.  This is a nice little slide show designed to provoke the usual knee jerk reaction from all the usual pink tribe media types. Hans M. Kristensen, of the Federation of American Scientists, states that this new B61-12 program “signals that it is acceptable for Russia to modernize its non-strategic nuclear weapons as well. However Russia is already modernizing as fast as it can.   So how about a little background information, eh?

2 paragraphs of background note: One should note that the Federation of American Scientists, is a front organization for Project Plowshares, a left wing propaganda organization established in 1981 by the San Francisco-based philanthropist, artist and activist Sally Lilienthal (1919-2006), who had formerly served on the board of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California during the 1960s and 70s, and had co-founded the Northern California Committee of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in 1971.

From its inception, the Ploughshares Fund’s purpose was to support the nuclear-freeze movement, a Soviet-sponsored initiative that sought to further solidify the nuclear and military superiority which the USSR had gained during the post-Vietnam War era. In other words, the Federation of American Scientists and Project Plowshares, actually work for the Russians, the Tides foundation, and George Soros. And always have for that matter. So which side is their bread buttered on. Which side is yours? Was it Stalin that praised the “useful idiots”?

Anyway, enough background!  A new Bomb, well explained in the slide show by Mr. Kristensen. We can make allowances for a few minor discrepancies attributable to his obvious affiliations and point of view. I wonder if Mr. Kristensen ever met Mr. Solzhenitsyn?  Well, no matter.  The B61-12: The New Guided Standoff Nuclear Bomb  is described as “The most dangerous bomb in the US arsenal“.


5 paragraphs of info about what makes Nukes deadly: What makes the B61-12 bomb the most dangerous nuclear weapon in America’s arsenal is its usability. This usability derives from a combination of its accuracy and low-yield. In terms of the former, the B61-12 is America’s first nuclear-guided bomb, As Hans Kristensen of FAS notes, “We do not have a nuclear-guided bomb in our arsenal today…. It [the B61-12] is a new weapon.”

Indeed, according to Kristensen, existing U.S. nuclear bombs have circular error probabilities (CEP) of between 110-170 meters. The B61-12’s CEP is just 30 meters. The B61-12 also has a low-yield. As noted above, the bomb has a maximum yield of 50 kilotons. However, this yield can be lowered as needed for any particular mission. In fact, the bomb’s explosive force can be reduced electronically through a dial-a-yield system. This combination of accuracy and low-yield make the B61-12 the most usable nuclear bomb in America’s arsenal.

That’s because accuracy is the most important determinate of a nuclear weapon’s lethality (Yield of warhead^2/3/ CEP^2). As one scholar explains: “Making a weapon twice as accurate has the same effect on lethality as making the warhead eight times as powerful. Phrased another way, making the missile twice as precise would only require one-eighth the explosive power to maintain the same lethality.” Furthermore, radiological fallout operates according to Newton’s inverse square law.

In practical terms, all this means that the more accurate the bomb, the lower the yield that is needed to destroy any specific target. A lower-yield and more accurate bomb can therefore be used without having to fear the mass, indiscriminate killing of civilians through explosive force or radioactive fallout. Lieber and Press have documented this nicely.

Indeed, using a Pentagon computer model, they estimated that a U.S. counterforce strike against China’s ICBM silos using high-yield weapons detonated at ground blast would still kill anywhere between 3-4 million people. Using low-yield weapons and airbursts, this figure drops to as little as 700 fatalities! This makes using nuclear weapons thinkable for the first time since the 1940s. The B61-12 only encourages this trend further.


So what has all this to do with Canadian nukes? Well, here’s a clue:  The F-35A CTOL (conventional take off and landing) will be capable of carrying two B61-12 nuclear bombs, one in each bay.  Just a thought.



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Disparate Data in the Eather … part 2

Serendip is a satisfying landscape for wandering …  (continued from part 1)

Second, missile defense systems … Canada seems to be walking down a rather un-Canadian path.

The last great manifestation of Liberal “defense policy” was the cancellation of the Sea King replacement program. I routinely flew in Sea Kings in the 70’s as a photographer and rescue swimmer. It was dangerous back then and I can just imagine what it is like now. Suffice to say that one can ALWAYS trust a Liberal to stab you in the back if they think they might look good doing it.  Anyway, missile defense systems …

Over the last 9 years the Conservatives, under Stephan Harper have charted a different course. This course has been fraught with problems and has not moved as quickly or decisively as the Conservatives would like thanks to media propaganda and resistance from the socialist 5th column in the opposition parties and the bureaucracy, but trying none-the-less.

Iron Dome Missile Defense SystemAnd we now have a new program starting.  Israeli Government subsidiary ELTA Systems Ltd. will work with Rheinmetall to bring new sensor capabilities to the Canadian Armed Forces.

On July 29, 2015 in Ottawa,  Canada’s Department of National Defence announced an improved radar system for the Canadian Army that will use cutting edge technology that is part of the successful Israeli Defence Force Iron Dome Air Defence system to defend against incoming rocket fire from Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Earlier this week, Defence Minister Jason Kenney unveiled a plan in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec to acquire Medium Range Radar for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

This represents another example of significant transfer of Israeli defence technology to Canada. The technology will provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the capability to quickly and accurately locate enemy forces weapons, as well as provide advanced aerial surveillance capability.

Rheinmetall Canada Inc. has won contracts to produce 10 Medium Range Radar systems and provide the associated in-service support, with a combined potential value of up to $243.3 million. Working alongside Rheinmetall is subcontractor ELTA Systems Ltd, a group and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries. ELTA Systems Ltd will deliver this radar technology to provide the CAF the ability to locate hostile weapons in concert with other acoustic and radar sensors Canada already possesses. These radar systems could save lives and assist and help achieve mission success.

Third, a development with no apparent connection to Canada, BUT … just a teaser …  We recently read of the B61-12: The New Guided Standoff Nuclear Bomb.  This is a nice little slide show designed to provoke the usual knee jerk reaction from all the usual pink tribe media types.

Now we move on to part 3 … lots more good stuff on nukes to come, which never really went out of fashion in Grey circles, even though the media declared that battle won. Now that the Pink Tribe 60’s hippies (can you spell “useful idiots”?) are dieing off we hope reality can re-assert itself.  Of course there is an election coming both in Canada and in the U.S. Who knows what abominations may be unleashed. I guess we will just have to pray.



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Disparate Data in the Eather … part 1

Serendip is a satisfying landscape for wandering … following little strange attractors …  Listening to Studio Ghibli music. My daughter tells me I should give readers some idea of where this is going. So, because I acknowledge that she is probably right about that, I will tell you that this is a post about how seemingly disconnected or unrelated pieces of information often can connect to form an unexpected picture. I am positing, based on the three items of data here laid out that Canada is moving to join the international club of nuclear powers. Shocking, right? ( The next 6 paragraphs are just personal background and anti-Liberal rant, a kind of “full disclosure” of my own anti-Liberal biases. Please feel free to skip them and go on to the data below the 3 stars.)

Strange Atractor_Poisson_Saturne This humble correspondent once earned his daily bread by scanning hundreds of bits and pieces of information from hundreds of contacts and correspondents (this was pre-www, and what is sometimes referred to in some circles as “humint“).

From this soup of data I would then collate and categorize and ponder and eventually write detailed briefing notes for senior officers which the Department of Justice called “Environmental Scans”.

These were little free standing gospels of what if, and what might, and perhaps, and by the way, to which my masters would attach more or less weight depending upon their understandings, catalyzed by other data to which I was not party. Saved quite a few hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

To do this successfully one must have a wide web of trusted, and even not so trusted, contacts developed over years and routinely stroked and rewarded with little bits of whatever the contacts are looking for. Those habits never went away any more than an understanding of “CW” communications does to the long time user.

So, here are a couple of items of interest, perhaps, or perhaps not, if one’s interests are more of a “magical” nature.  As previously mentioned, one can always get one’s reality ready made from Salon, the CBC, and Being Liberal, if it suites one’s fancy. Of course I suspect that those sorts of readers would never “waste” time reading anything I write. They are much more interested in prosecuting “Cecil’s Assassin”, for example than talking about, or even worse, actually doing anything about millions of babies murdered, dismembered and sold for parts by our government “health” ministries.

But, “who am I to judge”? I am just an intolerant, homophobic, bigot, right? HEY! The emperor is still naked! What about that? Strange what comes around. The very folks who were calling me a “baby killer” because I served in the military back in the 70’s are now the same constituency who are fully in support of murdering millions of babies and selling their body parts, in the name of “choice”. Strange world. By their works, and all that …


So what about “disparate data”?

First, “Fighter Jets” … the “Canadian F-35“. F-35 jpg

In some circles, some commentators pan the F-35 for not being as capable as other jets in the roles advertised for it. For example, Bill Whittle and his Trifecta compatriots  did a remarkable summary of what is actually going on in “The Psychology of Suck, Part Deux”: Static Systems Suck. They have a set of expectations associated with “Fighter Jet”.

If those expectations are in fact the actual parameters which define the success of the F-35 program then they are right to conclude that the only thing that makes sense is the discussion of “Why do government agencies mutate into immortal bureaucracies? Because the actual mission of ANY government program is to spend money.” Once you understand that the rest becomes clear. But are those the actual parameters defining this aircraft’s success?

If they are, then this is a highly entertaining video relating a phenomenon I have personally seen in action several times and been the victim of. Who knew?  Alberta Health is not alone!

Workers can be seen on the moving line and forward fuselage assembly areas for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Lockheed Martin Corp's factory located in Fort Worth, Texas in this October 13, 2011 handout photo provided by Lockheed Martin. REUTERS/Lockheed Martin/Randy A. Crites/Handout

Workers can be seen on the moving line and forward fuselage assembly areas for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Lockheed Martin Corp’s factory located in Fort Worth, Texas in this October 13, 2011 handout photo provided by Lockheed Martin. REUTERS/Lockheed Martin/Randy A. Crites/Handout

However, maybe those are not actually the REAL paramaters, but rather just a lot of disinformation, smoke and mirrors. In other circles you have industry professionals and media telling us that  this is the fighter jet of choice for Canada’s future needs. It doesn’t specify what those needs are. beyond the “renewal” of Canada’s fighter fleet.

According to Reuters, “Canada is poised to buy 65 Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, sources familiar with the process told Reuters, marking a major renewal of Canada’s fighter fleet and helping contain costs of the expensive defense program.

An 18-month independent review of Canada’s fighter jet needs (very expensive and provoked by the Opposition Parties for political reasons) has concluded that the government should skip a new competition and proceed with the original C$9 billion (actually C$8.22 billion) purchase, three sources said.”

And, while I am on the topic,  just how the hell does C$8.22 billion become C$9 billion in the media? Who the hell knows, but hey, what’s a few hundred million when you have a chance to smear Conservatives.

We all know that accuracy is a Grey tribe fetish for rocket scientists and engineers. WE Liberal media types don’t neeeed no stinkeen’ accuracy, right ? And this whole accuracy thing is just SO Grey Tribe, through and through. The Pink Feelings Folks will never get it, no matter what happens to them. For all of them it is all about “image” and “optics”. It’s all Cecil vs Babies.

Now, in the past, the Canadian Liberals routinely sent limited numbers of well trained but very poorly equipped military personnel into global hotspots, all in the mushy name of “Peacekeeping”.  What this usually translated as was a dropping a tiny group of Canadian soldiers in blue helmets with no weapons and extremely restrictive “rules of engagement” into the middle of a gun fight to “separate” the two sides. This gave the Liberal government “good optics” and global cover, but resulted in frequent death and or wounding of Canadian personnel. Just gotta respect Lester Pearson, who loved the adulation of the UN more than his own soldiers lives. But what else would one expect from a Liberal. The adulation, praise and recognition of all the right progressive audiences ARE the MOST important thing in life, right? So on to the next item …

along the way I decided that this original post is too long so I will split it up starting here with item 2 ….